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Holiday Inn (film) Quotes

Holiday Inn (film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Holiday Inn ended in 1970.

It features Mark Sandrich as producer, Irving Berlin in charge of musical score, and David Abel as head of cinematography.

Holiday Inn (film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Marjorie Reynolds as Linda Mason, Walter Abel as Danny Reed, Bing Crosby as Jim Hardy, Fred Astaire as Ted Hanover, Louise Beavers as Mamie, Shelby Bacon as Vanderbilt, Marek Windheim as François, and Virginia Dale as Lila Dixon.

Holiday Inn (film) Quotes

Marjorie Reynolds as Linda Mason

  • (Marjorie Reynolds) "You sound sweet, but you don't make sense."
  • (Marjorie Reynolds) "My father was a lot like you, just a man with a family. Never amounted to much, didn't care. But as long as he was alive, we always had plenty to eat and clothes to keep us warm."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Were you happy?"
  • (Marjorie Reynolds) "Yes."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Then your father was a very successful man."
  • (Marjorie Reynolds) "You better go inside, it's cold and you don't have a coat --"
  • (Marjorie Reynolds) "Go on."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Well I don't need a coat anymore."

Louise Beavers as Mamie

  • (Louise Beavers) "Is your names Mamie?"
  • (Shelby Bacon) "No."
  • (Louise Beavers) "Get back in the kitchen."
  • (Louise Beavers) "Is your names Miss Linda?"
  • (Shelby Bacon) "No."
  • (Louise Beavers) "You could melt her heart right down to butter, if you'd only turn on the heat."

Fred Astaire as Ted Hanover

  • (Dance Extra) "What is this the daisy chain?"
  • (Fred Astaire) "Sorry, we're just looking for the back of a woman we don't know."
  • (Fred Astaire) "It's going to be easy; like peeling a turtle."
  • (Fred Astaire) "I like it here -- with you and Linda."
  • (Bing Crosby) "And we love having you. When are you leaving?"
  • (Fred Astaire) "Oh boy, do I go for those. Why they're great on -- on --"
  • (Fred Astaire) "-- or even plain."
  • (Fred Astaire) "Then I had a drink."
  • (Bing Crosby) "A drink? Boy you were fractured."

Walter Abel as Danny Reed

  • (Walter Abel) "How'd he get that far in five minutes?"
  • (Fred Astaire) "The lady must have been willing."
  • (Walter Abel) "The world can't do this to us."
  • (Walter Abel) "Happy New Year."
  • (Fred Astaire) "Oh, don't do that."
  • (Walter Abel) "François. Have you seen Mr. Hanover?"
  • (Marek Windheim) "Twice, sir. The first time he came from his dressing room he had a telegram in his hand. He ordered scotch and soda. A bottle of each."
  • (Walter Abel) "I know. I know."
  • (Marek Windheim) "The second time he came from his dressing room he asked which way is Connecticut."
  • (Walter Abel) "Connecticut?"
  • (Marek Windheim) "Connecticut. He said he had a friend there who knows about women too."
  • (Walter Abel) "Why didn't you stop him?"
  • (Marek Windheim) "How can I stop him sir when I don't know which way is Connecticut."
  • (Walter Abel) "Ted, if I'm not the best manager in the business, I'll eat a garage mechanic's shirt."
  • (Walter Abel) "If I'm not the best manager in the business, I'll eat a garage mechanic's shirt."

Virginia Dale as Lila Dixon

  • (Virginia Dale) "He gets a look."
  • (Fred Astaire) "He always has that look. It doesn't mean anything emotionally. It has something to do with his -- liver."
  • (Virginia Dale) "I love you -- and Jim."
  • (Fred Astaire) "Well, I love Jim too -- but let's not get too chummy."

Bing Crosby as Jim Hardy

  • (Bing Crosby) "For that kinda of money you oughta be able to go by way o' Medicine Hat."
  • (Bing Crosby) "She was sort of a medium built, medium height. With a nice evening gown on with a belt in the back. She's sorta built like the girl I knew from the corner drugstore who used to play pinball. Conshwella Schlepkiss. I remember she was high man three weeks in a row."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Lila's back in New York. I got a letter from her yesterday."
  • (Fred Astaire) "What happened to her millionaire?"
  • (Bing Crosby) "Slight mistake there. He didn't own millions, he owed them."
  • (Fred Astaire) "Poor girl. Always straying to greener pastures and finding spinach."
  • (Bing Crosby) "What brings you here on this bright and uninviting day?"
  • (Bing Crosby) "I don't need a coat, now."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Here, take a slug out of the mug."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Well what do you visualize, Ziggy?"
  • (Bing Crosby) "Right now I've got the ledger in an iron lung."

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