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Honeymoon in Vegas Quotes

Honeymoon in Vegas is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Honeymoon in Vegas ended its run in 1970.

It features Mike Lobell as producer, David Newman (composer) in charge of musical score, and William A. Fraker as head of cinematography.

Honeymoon in Vegas is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Honeymoon in Vegas is 96 minutes long. Honeymoon in Vegas is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Nicolas Cage as Jack Singer, Burton Gilliam as Roy, Burton Gilliam as Roy Bacon, Sarah Jessica Parker as Betsy, Pat Morita as Mahi Mahi, James Caan as Tommy Korman, and Peter Boyle as Chief Orman.

Honeymoon in Vegas Quotes

Burton Gilliam as Roy Bacon

  • (Burton Gilliam) "Elvises, light your fires."
  • (Burton Gilliam) "We're the Flying Elvises. Utah chapter."

James Caan as Tommy Korman

  • (James Caan) "Now I shake your hand."

Pat Morita as Mahi Mahi

  • (Pat Morita) "Always remember to have good words come out of your mouth."
  • (Pat Morita) "My name Mahi. Mahi Mahi."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Like the fish?"
  • (Pat Morita) "Yeah. My father was a fisherman."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "My father left home when I was 5. That's why I'm named Jack, as in, "Jack tell your mother I'm just going out to get the paper.""

Nicolas Cage as Jack Singer

  • (Nicolas Cage) "Betsy, hi, so what's the story?"
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "I have to pack."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "We can leave. What did you work out?"
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Um, he's taking me to Hawaii. It's only for a few days."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Come on. You're so like blithe about this all of a sudden, like you don't give a damn."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Of course I give a damn but this was not my idea okay, Jack. Poker was not my idea."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Would you please stop crucifying me with this?"
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Where's my bag?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "He's going to jump all over you the second he gets there."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "I won't let him. Oh please, Jack, give me a little credit."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "He'll overcome you. What happens if you start screaming? It's like a jungle over there. He probably has servants and bodyguards and believe me they will drug you."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "His son is going to be there, Jack. His grandaughter Tiffany will be there."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "She knows the kid's name already. Listen, you'll be back Monday?"
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "I don't know. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Tuesday or Wednesday? That's almost a week."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "What, you expect us to fly back and forth to Hawaii in 2 days?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Us? Already it's us."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Oh don't be infantile. I'm trying to make the best of this."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "I dreamt about my mother again last night."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Was she vacuuming naked?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "No. She opened her eyes and I said, 'Mom, I'm gonna marry that girl,' and she smiled."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Really?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Yeah. Of course she was naked."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Yellow then red. Yellow then red. Yellow then red. Yellow then red. Yellow then red. Yellow then red. Yellow then red. Yellow then red. Yellow then red."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Do you know what a straight flush is? It's like -- unbeatable."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) ""Like unbeatable" is not unbeatable."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Hey, I know that now, okay."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Listen, Mahi, I don't have time for this horse s***."
  • (Nicolas Cage) "Did you get a job here?"
  • (Nicolas Cage) "People get married and then they do the most hideous, unbelievable things to each other."

Peter Boyle as Chief Orman

  • (Peter Boyle) "Do you find Chief Orman attractive?"

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