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Honor Among Thieves (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Quotes

Honor Among Thieves (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Honor Among Thieves completed its run in 1970.

It features Gregory Darryl Smith in charge of musical score.

Honor Among Thieves (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Quotes

  • (O'Brien) "Bilby trusted me. He put his life in my hands, and -- I killed him; just as surely as if I'd pulled that trigger myself."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "That's not fair. And you know it. You did what you had to do; your duty."
  • (O'Brien) "Is that what I'm supposed to tell myself?"
  • (Doctor Bashir) "It is the truth.; Look, I'm sorry that I don't have all the answers. All I know for sure -- is that I'm glad you're back."
  • (Liam Bilby) "Do you mind if I ask you something? Back home, wherever that is; do you have a family?"
  • (O'Brien) "Yeah."
  • (Liam Bilby) "Good. It's the most important thing."
  • (Liam Bilby) "Hey, what do you make of that, Chester? I've found me an honest man. Must be my lucky day."
  • (Gelnon) "I never realized how much the Dominion and the Orion Syndicate have in common. It seems that in both organizations, loyalty is everything."
  • (Liam Bilby) "The smart thing would be to kill you. But I guess I've already proved -- I'm not too smart."
  • (O'Brien) "You're setting them up to be murdered?"
  • (Chadwick) "You have things backwards. Bilby and his friends are the ones that murder people, not us."
  • (O'Brien) "Yeah; we just get Klingons to do it for us."
  • (Chadwick) "All I'm doing is following procedures and warning our allies about a possible assassination attempt. What happens after that is not my concern. But believe me, if the Klingons go after Raimus and the rest of the Orion Syndicate, I won't shed any tears."
  • (O'Brien) "I'm sure you won't."
  • (Raimus) "We mentioned we might ask you to do something for us."
  • (Liam Bilby) "Yeah, whatever you need."
  • (Gelnon) "Hmm; so accommodating. He reminds me of a Jem'Hadar."
  • (Liam Bilby) "It's the most important thing."
  • (O'Brien) "So do I get to go home now?"
  • (Chadwick) "Not until you find out what's going on."
  • (O'Brien) "I was afraid you were gonna say that."
  • (Flith) "Gentlemen; we just robbed the Bank of Bolias."
  • (Liam Bilby) "I was thinking about opening an account there."
  • (O'Brien) "Maybe you should go to a different bank."
  • (Liam Bilby) "How did I let this happen? I should've known. You were too good to be true."
  • (Liam Bilby) "Raimus met him when he was vacationing on Risa last year. Mr. "Starfleet" was in charge of the weather control system. Raimus offered him a very substantial amount of money to make it stop raining."
  • (Liam Bilby) "I think you look great, Connelly. What do you think, Krole?"
  • (Krole) "He looks fine."
  • (Liam Bilby) "What are you talking about? I took him to the same tailor that I use."
  • (Krole) "You look fine too."
  • (Liam Bilby) "I don't forget my friends. 'cause friends; they're like family. Nothing's more important. Nothing."

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