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Horror (2015 film) Quotes

Horror (2015 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Horror ended in 1970.

It features Jason Ludman, Oren Segal, Tara Subkoff, and Brendan Walsh as producer, Erika M. Anderson in charge of musical score, and Learan Kahanov as head of cinematography.

Horror (2015 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Horror (2015 film) is 97 minutes long. Horror (2015 film) is distributed by IFC Midnight.

Horror (2015 film) Quotes

  • (Georgie) "Okay, now something happy, please."
  • (Ava) "Oh, yeah. I kissed Christopher."
  • (Sofia) "Oh, my god."
  • (Ava) "It was weird. I mean, the kiss was not weird. His tongue in my mouth was."
  • (Sofia) "I know. The first time is kind of freaky."
  • (Ava) "Yeah. Didn't know what he was doing."
  • (Sofia) "He probably didn't either."
  • (Ava) "I know, right? It felt like he was cleaning my teeth."
  • (Cat) "I mean, you are a plastic surgeon's wet dream."
  • (Ava) "At least you see them. My parents don't even know I exist anymore. And they work all the time. I'm always alone."
  • (Sofia) "I hate being alone."
  • (Ava) "Whey they are home, they're on their phones. So I don't even know why they bother. They're like -- real-life zombies. I hate them."
  • (Georgie) "The four winds? That sounds like a fart."
  • (Alex Cox) "Hmm. I'm trying to have compassion for you, okay? For your confusion. 'Cause you daughter's missing. You wife is dead. You're taking it out on me. You're a sick, twisted f***."
  • (Lisa) "How did you get to be so extraordinary? Aah, oh, yeah. I wanna hear all about --"
  • (Harry Cox) "I can think of better things to do than to talk."
  • (Lisa) "I'm just excited to get to go away for our dirty weekend."
  • (Harry Cox) "What's a dirty weekend? What is that, a Brit expression?"
  • (Lisa) "No, Angelica told me about it. It's one of those weekends away. Somewhere you're not supposed to be with someone you're not supposed to be with."
  • (Alex Cox) "This is bulls***, Harry. It's our anniversary for Christ's sake. Are you with that 20-year-old art advisor? And what's she advising you on, really?"
  • (Harry Cox) "Come on, babe, please."
  • (Alex Cox) "Look, I may not be perfect -- but I'm as perfect as you're gonna get."
  • (Dr. White) "It's the 7th grade. Now how bad could just being there, learning something and paying attention, be?"
  • (Alex Cox) "I miss dressing up. Old days of all the excitement of getting ready. Just remember girls, getting ready is the best part. It's more fun than any party you're every gonna go to. Enjoy yourselves now while you're young. Doesn't last long."
  • (Georgie) "No matter what now, I'm always gonna be the fat tranny bitch. I could look as skinny as Sophia's mom. And when anyone looks me up, they're gonna see this picture. No matter what I do, I will always be the fat girl."
  • (Francesca) "If he's so rich, why does he dress like that? He looks like Hitler."
  • (Dr. White) "All you care about is yourselves, right? It's; it's easier that way, right?"
  • (Dr. White) "It's f***ing easier that way. Do you give a s*** about anybody, do you? Do you care about anyone?"
  • (Ava) "Really, swear she went home."
  • (Dr. White) "Are you an idiot? She didn't go home. I was just there. What part of that do you not understand?"
  • (Dr. White) "You're smiling? Why are you smiling?"
  • (Ava) "I'm not smiling."
  • (Dr. White) "Why are you smiling?"
  • (Ava) "I'm not --"
  • (Dr. White) "Where is she?"
  • (Dr. White) "Little bitches are capable of anything. Do you remember what you did to her last time? I should have pressed charges."
  • (Sam) "We're sorry okay?"
  • (Dr. White) "You know, you should all be institutionalized."
  • (Sam) "I'll go look for her."
  • (Dr. White) "It's so sick. It's just so sick. You know, really when you think about it, it's pretty sick, isn't it. The only way to get to you guys -- The only way to get to your little demented, squirreled up little heads --"
  • (Dr. White) "The only way to scare your selfish, spoiled and corrupt minds is to scare the s*** out of you. Little stunted brains."
  • (Dr. White) "Get back here."
  • (Dr. White) "Now it's just us, right? Why don't we just talk about things okay? Why don't we just talk about this calmly?"
  • (Sofia) "You put that knife down and leave this instant."
  • (Georgie) "I'm gonna call the police."
  • (Sofia) "This is crazy. You can't treat us this way. And if you think my mother isn't going to have my back, you're wrong. You messed her tits up and she's pissed."

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