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How to Deal Quotes

How to Deal is a television show that first aired in 1970 . How to Deal completed its run in 1970.

It features Erica Huggins as producer.

How to Deal is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of How to Deal is 101 minutes long. How to Deal is distributed by New Line Cinema, and Focus Features.

The cast includes: Trent Ford as Macon, Mandy Moore as Halley, Laura Catalano as Lorna Queen, Nina Foch as Grandma Halley, Trent Ford as Macon Forrester, and John White as Michael Sherwood.

How to Deal Quotes

Trent Ford as Macon Forrester

  • (Trent Ford) "You're going to move closer to me so I can wrap my arms around your waist. And on the count of 3 -- 2 -- 1"
  • (Trent Ford) "You're a good kisser."
  • (Mandy Moore) "You tricked me. You Jedi Mind Tricked me."
  • (Trent Ford) "When I ask you to go out with me this Friday night you're gonna think you're the one asking me because you're gonna say 'yes Macon, I would love to go out with you because I know we'll have a totally great time together. In fact, I'd been hoping you'd ask me all week.'"
  • (Mandy Moore) "You wanna go out on a date with me?"
  • (Trent Ford) "See, I told you you'd ask me."
  • (Trent Ford) "So do you hate me?"
  • (Mandy Moore) "Not you, per se. I hate the way that your hair falls in your face. And I hate the way that your voice gets really low when you're serious."
  • (Mandy Moore) "And I hate the way that you bite your bottom lip when you're nervous. And the way your eyebrow goes"
  • (Mandy Moore) "like that. I hate that."
  • (Trent Ford) "So that's it? You just hate the way I walk and talk and look."
  • (Mandy Moore) "No. That Jedi mind trick thing? I hate that."
  • (Trent Ford) "Hey I'm back"
  • (Mandy Moore) "you really don't get it do you? and I don't want to wait for you to grow up."
  • (Trent Ford) "You're gonna let this slide, because it's only the first day, it was an honest mistake, and the fire got put out as quickly as it was started."
  • (Trent Ford) "Your afraid to go out with me because you might actually like me?"
  • (Mandy Moore) "No -- but that's a good theory I guess if you want to protect your fragile male ego because you can't handle rejection."
  • (Trent Ford) "Dun, Dun, Dun. Stand back. Leaf man to the rescue."
  • (Mandy Moore) "Where did you get that?"
  • (Trent Ford) "Well you know a guy's gotta pay for gas and bacon burgers somehow right?"
  • (Mandy Moore) "And toys because I imagine star wars figurines must get pretty expensive."
  • (Trent Ford) "I do not have any star wars figurines -- well -- not many. And I don't play with them -- much"

Mandy Moore as Halley

  • (Mandy Moore) "You will take a step toward me and on the count of 3 -- 2 -- 1"
  • (Mandy Moore) "We dance."
  • (Mandy Moore) "Oh Macon, I think I like you too much already to actually go out with you."
  • (Trent Ford) "What kind of logic is that?"
  • (Mandy Moore) "It's logical logic. Haven't you ever noticed that when two members of the opposite sex get together eventually someone ends up getting hurt?"
  • (Mandy Moore) "I imagine star wars figurines must be expensive"
  • (Trent Ford) "I don't have Star Wars figurines -- well, not many. But I don't play with them -- much."
  • (Mandy Moore) "First, you're going to take three steps towards me so you can put your hands on my waist. Then you're going to kiss me in 3 -- 2 --"
  • (Mandy Moore) "Let's just think of the day my parents divorce went through as "Big Ugly Hat Day"."
  • (Mandy Moore) "Some people fall in love. I had to crash into it."
  • (Mandy Moore) "You have to learn to walk. You have to learn to talk. You have to wear that totally ridiculous hat your grandma bought you. You have no say in the matter. And when you get a little older, even though you get to choose your hats, you don't get to choose what they put in those meatballs in the cafeteria, or when to fall in love. Sometimes things happens and you just have to deal."
  • (Mandy Moore) "Oh my god, no, no, no, I can not believe I didn't tell you this. The bimbo almost died of strangulation. Her wedding veil took on a life of its own and rebelled, and she had to like claw her way out and you know that woman could claw mom. It was so sad it was like, near death by wedding veil. So tragic isn't it?"

Nina Foch as Grandma Halley

  • (Nina Foch) "First loves are never really over. Nobody's perfect, Sweetheart. But that doesn't mean it wasn't worth your while."

Laura Catalano as Lorna Queen

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