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Hud (1963 film) Quotes

Hud (1963 film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Hud stopped airing in 1970.

It features Irving Ravetch as producer, Elmer Bernstein in charge of musical score, and James Wong Howe as head of cinematography.

Hud (1963 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Hud (1963 film) is 112 minutes long. Hud (1963 film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Melvyn Douglas as Homer Bannon, Melvyn Douglas as Hud Bannon, Brandon deWilde as Lonnie Bannon, and Patricia Neal as Alma Brown.

Hud (1963 film) Quotes

Brandon deWilde as Lonnie Bannon

  • (Unnamed) "I know what you're feeling, my boy. Look at it this way, he's gone to a better place."
  • (Brandon deWilde) "I don't think so -- not unless dirt is a better place than air."
  • (Brandon deWilde) "It's a lonely old night isn't it?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Ain't they all?"
  • (Brandon deWilde) "OK, thanks for the lift."
  • (Brandon deWilde) "Probably you think I'm a jerk."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "You don't care what I think."
  • (Brandon deWilde) "This probably gonna hand you a big laugh, but I do."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "You have another little drink and I'll have another little drink. Then maybe we can work up some real family feeling here."
  • (Brandon deWilde) "It didn't take long."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "It don't take long to kill things, not like it does to grow."
  • (Brandon deWilde) "I wouldn't mind driving her the long way home."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "You ought to take a crack at that. Get all the good you can out of seventeen 'cause it sure wears out in one hell of a hurry."

Melvyn Douglas as Homer Bannon

  • (Melvyn Douglas) "My momma used to love me, but she died."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Man like that sounds no better than a heel."
  • (Patricia Neal) "Aren't you all?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Honey don't go shooting all the dogs 'cause one of 'em's got fleas."
  • (Patricia Neal) "I was married to Ed for six years. Only thing he was ever good for was to scratch my back where I couldn't reach it."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "You still got that itch?"
  • (Patricia Neal) "Off and on."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Well let me know when it gets to bothering you."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Happens to everybody. Horses, dogs, men. Nobody gets out of life alive."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "You know something Fantan? This world is so full of crap, a man's gonna get into it sooner or later whether he's careful or not."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "I'll remember you, honey. You're the one that got away."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "That's your solution for getting out of a tight? To pass bad beef on to my neighbors who wouldn't know what they was getting? Or maybe risk starting an epidemic in the entire country?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "This country is run on epidemics, where you been? Price fixing, crooked TV shows, inflated expense accounts. How many honest men you know? Why you separate the saints from the sinners, you're lucky to wind up with Abraham Lincoln. Now I want out of this spread what I put into it, and I say let us dip our bread into some of that gravy while it is still hot."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "You're an unprincipled man Hud."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Don't let that worry you none. You got enough for both of us."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Hud, how'd a man like you come to be a son to me?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Little by little the look of the country changes because of the men we admire. You're just going to have to make up your own mind one day about what's right and wrong."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "You gonna let them shoot your cows out from under you on account of a schoolbook disease?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "You don't look out for yourself, the only helping hand you'll ever get is when they lower the box."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "You're half native already. I've never seen you in a pair of shoes since you have work here."
  • (Patricia Neal) "I wore'em once. I think to get married in. White satin pumps. I don't have'em anymore or the man either."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "I'll kill them two myself -- seein' as how I raised them -- Lord, I've chased them longhorns for many a mile."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "I'll do anything to make you trade him."
  • (Patricia Neal) "No thanks. I've done my time with one cold-blooded bastard, I'm not looking for another."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Too late, honey, you already found him."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "It don't take long to kill things, not like it takes to grow."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "The only question I ever ask any woman is "What time is your husband coming home?""
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "-- My nephew's diabetic, but don't worry; I'll cool his temperature but good."
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "Relax; you'll be able to charge a stud fee for yourself, after that story gets around town."

Patricia Neal as Alma Brown

  • (Patricia Neal) "Why do you always park that thing in my flowers?"
  • (Melvyn Douglas) "If you don't like it, then don't plant them where I park."

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