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I, Claudius (film) Quotes

I, Claudius (film) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . I, Claudius ended in 1970.

It features Alexander Korda as producer, Arthur Bliss in charge of musical score, and Georges Périnal as head of cinematography.

I, Claudius (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in UK.

The cast includes: Emlyn Williams as Caligula, Flora Robson as Livia, and Charles Laughton as Claudius.

I, Claudius (film) Quotes

Charles Laughton as Claudius

  • (Charles Laughton) "Caligula was murdered. He ruled by force, but a state such as I hope to establish cannot condone murder. For violence is an enemy to justice. And in the name of justice, I call upon the murderers of Caligula to step forward."
  • (Unnamed) "We killed a tyrant, Caesar."
  • (Charles Laughton) "But you broke your solemn oaths as Roman soldiers, to protect your Emperor. You didn't strike for your country. You killed in the name of your own private grudges. I was with you Cassius, when the tyrant kicked you, but you were not content with one single murder. You caused the death of Caliguls'a wife and of hundreds at the palace. What fate do you consider you deserve?"
  • (Unnamed) "Death, Claudius."
  • (Charles Laughton) "For that answer, I will take your families under my protection. But for the crime of murder, I must sentence you Cassius, and you Lupus, to; death. I will call upon the army to have that sentence executed."
  • (Charles Laughton) "It's good to see y-you're better, Caesar."
  • (Emlyn Williams) "I haven't been ill. I'm simply undergoing a change. It's the most momentous transformation that any human being has ever achieved. A prophecy is about to be fulfilled. I am being; reborn."
  • (Charles Laughton) "I hope your condition is not t-t-too painful."
  • (Emlyn Williams) "It is painful to be one's own mother. Well, idiot, can't you see any change in me?"
  • (Charles Laughton) "I was blind not to see it instantly. You're no longer human. May I be the first to worship you, as a g-g-g-god?"
  • (Emlyn Williams) "It took you a long time to perceive that I'm no longer human."
  • (Charles Laughton) "I only limp with my tongue, and stutter with my leg. Nature never quite finished me."

Emlyn Williams as Caligula

  • (Emlyn Williams) "I now honor this noble house by appointing Incitatus, the greatest race horse in the Empire, a member of the Senate."
  • (Emlyn Williams) "How wonderful to see you again, dear Uncle Claudius. I thought you were on your farm."
  • (Charles Laughton) "I was or-or-"
  • (Emlyn Williams) "You were or-or"
  • (Charles Laughton) "Ordered to attend."
  • (Emlyn Williams) "I hear you're teaching your pigs to read. Is that true?"
  • (Charles Laughton) "My pigs? Why?"
  • (Emlyn Williams) "So as to have readers for all the Roman histories you write."
  • (Emlyn Williams) "Uncle Claudius, I wasn't the Messiah after all, would you believe that? Could have knocked me over with a feather when they told me that."
  • (Emlyn Williams) "Grandmother, you remember my dear Uncle Claudius who prefers the society of pigs to that of the court?"
  • (Flora Robson) "I have asked Claudius to be present at these ceremonies, and to be my guest at dinner tonight."
  • (Emlyn Williams) "But grandmother, think of his table manners."
  • (Flora Robson) "Be silent, you impudent puppy. You take your uncle for a fool, but he's not. I sometimes think he pretends to be one, so as to make fools of us. Far from being a fool, he's the last decent man left alive in Rome. One can rely on him. If he makes a promise he keeps it. And when he swears to the truth, it is the truth. Am I right, Claudius?"
  • (Emlyn Williams) "Don't let him start talking, he might have a stroke."

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