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I Dream Quotes

I Dream is a Sitcom that debuted in 2004 on CBBC. I Dream ended in 2004.

I Dream aired for 13 episodes. I Dream is executive produced by Simon Fuller. I Dream is created by Simon Fuller.

Each episode of I Dream is 25 minutes long.

The cast includes: Christopher Lloyd as Professor Toone, Matt Di Angelo as Felix, Rachel Hyde-Harvey as Amy, Lorna Want as Natalie, George Wood as Ollie, Frankie Sandford as Frankie, Jay as Jay, Calvin Goldspink as Calvin, Helen Kurup as Khush, and Daisy Evans as Daisy.

I Dream Quotes

Matt Di Angelo as Felix

  • (Matt Di Angelo) "So what happens now, Prof? Do we co-operate with the press or do the whole"
  • (Matt Di Angelo) ""No Comment, No Comment." thing?"
  • (Christopher Lloyd) "Yes -- maybe --"
  • (Frankie Sandford) "Yea, but won't that just make them more curious about what your"
  • (Frankie Sandford) ""No comment"-ing about?"
  • (Matt Di Angelo) "Why do we get extra practice?"
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "Ollie said we need it. He said I was a walking disaster."
  • (Matt Di Angelo) "That's not true."
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "Thanks."
  • (Matt Di Angelo) "Your a disaster sitting too."
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "Thanks, I was beginning to forget how charming you were."

Lorna Want as Natalie

  • (Lorna Want) "Okay, so I'm gonna be the princess."
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "I thought this was an acting exercise."
  • (Lorna Want) "Oh, ha-ha. Well, if we're talking acting, why don't you play the mother? She's a nice woman."
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "Actually, I do want to play the mother. I have a great idea for her solo."
  • (Matt Di Angelo) "Why don't you just play the witch? You could save tons of money on make-up."
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "A-hah."
  • (Lorna Want) "You don't need top brands. You need something that defines you, says who you are. I mean, who are you?"
  • (Calvin Goldspink) "Uh, I'm Calvin."
  • (Frankie Sandford) "Sounds like a designer label to me."

Calvin Goldspink as Calvin

  • (Calvin Goldspink) "Girls like to talk to each other, don't they?"
  • (Frankie Sandford) "No, Calvin, whenever boys aren't around we're completely silent."
  • (Calvin Goldspink) "Oh -- right."

George Wood as Ollie

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Jay as Jay

  • (Jay) "Ollie, Can't Daisy do this? She's been plaiting since the day since she was born."
  • (Daisy Evans) "Well not quite, I was bored for a few months."
  • (George Wood) "What are you bothering with that weedy stuff for anyway? Felix has got to climb up it hasn't he? You need to plait this by 3'o clock."
  • (Jay) "Charming."

Rachel Hyde-Harvey as Amy

  • (Patrick) "How would everyone describe Felix? Amy?"
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "I can't without using bad language."
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "So how do you know about it?"
  • (Matt Di Angelo) "Connections."
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "Connections?"
  • (Matt Di Angelo) "Okay, I got the juice from a mate of a mate's dad, who's brother works in the same gym as Simon Cowell's hairdresser."
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "Wow, you are connected. Just like I'm connected to the duck billed platypus."
  • (Matt Di Angelo) "Are you always this sarcastic?"
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "Are you always this flirtatious?"
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "Yeah."

Helen Kurup as Khush

  • (Helen Kurup) "Do you play tennis, Natalie?"
  • (Lorna Want) "Yup, British junior pro tour."
  • (Rachel Hyde-Harvey) "You any good?"
  • (Lorna Want) "Let's put it this way, you don't get rank 17th best in Britain without a certain talent."
  • (Matt Di Angelo) "17th best in Britain? That's no then."

Christopher Lloyd as Professor Toone

  • (Unnamed) "Free the Avalon 5. Free the Avalon 5."
  • (Christopher Lloyd) "5? There's 6. Maybe we need a little less dancing and a bit more on the maths."

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