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I Was an Adventuress Quotes

I Was an Adventuress is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . I Was an Adventuress completed its run in 1970.

It features Nunnally Johnson as producer, David Buttolph in charge of musical score, and Leon Shamroy as head of cinematography.

I Was an Adventuress is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of I Was an Adventuress is 81 min long. I Was an Adventuress is distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

The cast includes: Vera Zorina as Countess Tanya Vronsky, Sig Ruman as Herr Protz, Peter Lorre as Polo, Erich von Stroheim as Andre Desormeaux, and Richard Greene as Paul Vernay.

I Was an Adventuress Quotes

Erich von Stroheim as Andre Desormeaux

  • (Erich von Stroheim) "No luck huh? You have tramped all over Paris from the Port de la Villette to Montrouge and found no trace of her."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Yes, that's right. Oh, I've covered all the ballet schools. But how did you know?"
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "Your feet. Those ugly, tired peasant feet. They tell me the story. You see, I studied hands and feet. I can read them like you can read a book -- if you could read."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Oh, but I can read."
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "Of course, you can. You can read words but you can't read between them. Now, for instance"
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "To you, those are just a woman's feet. But I can tell you she's a vendeuse in one of the department stores; stood on her feet all day but she's not tired now. She's going to meet her sweetheart on some corner --"
  • (Peter Lorre) "Amazing."
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "Woman with the bunions --"
  • (Peter Lorre) "Yes?"
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "She has given up hope of meeting anyone."
  • (Peter Lorre) "Remarkable."
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "Tan Brogans -- American tourist. Big corn on the left little toe -- See?"

Vera Zorina as Countess Tanya Vronsky

  • (Vera Zorina) "I'm Countess Vronsky. I've heard the malicious gossip you've been spreading about me, Monsieur Duval"
  • (Vera Zorina) "I've warned you --"
  • (Richard Greene) "Just a minute. You've made a slight mistake -- you see I'm not Monsieur Duval."
  • (Vera Zorina) "You're not Monsieur Duval?"
  • (Richard Greene) "No. I'm not."
  • (Vera Zorina) "Oh, I'm terribly sorry"
  • (Richard Greene) "I wish I were -- so I could slap you right back."
  • (Vera Zorina) "I said I was sorry, Monsieur. I will do anything to make amends."
  • (Richard Greene) "Very well, then please stay out of my sight."
  • (Vera Zorina) "You are being insufferably rude"
  • (Richard Greene) "It's a pleasure."
  • (Vera Zorina) "I'm Countess Vronsky. I've heard some of the stories you've been spreading about me, Signor Rosselli"
  • (Vera Zorina) "I warn you against repeating any more of this malicious gossip"
  • (Sig Ruman) "I am not Signor Rosselli."
  • (Vera Zorina) "You're not Signor Rosselli?"
  • (Sig Ruman) "No. I've never even heard of him."
  • (Vera Zorina) "Oh. I've made a terrible mistake"
  • (Sig Ruman) "Oh, that's alright."
  • (Vera Zorina) "I don't know what to say"
  • (Sig Ruman) "Say nothing, Countess."
  • (Sig Ruman) "Even being slapped by such a beautiful woman is an event."
  • (Vera Zorina) "I only wish there was some way I could make amends."
  • (Sig Ruman) "There is"
  • (Sig Ruman) "You could dine with me"
  • (Vera Zorina) "But we haven't met yet, Signor --"
  • (Sig Ruman) "Oh, er, permit me to introduce myself. I am Herr Protz."
  • (Vera Zorina) "Herr Protz."
  • (Sig Ruman) "Tell me, Countess, is this your first visit to Venice?"
  • (Vera Zorina) "Oh, no. I've been here many times"
  • (Sig Ruman) "You like it?"
  • (Vera Zorina) "I love it."
  • (Peter Lorre) "What a ravishing woman."
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "Like a bouquet of spring flowers --"

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