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Immortal (2004 film) Quotes

Immortal (2004 film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Immortal ended in 1970.

It features Charles Gassot as producer, Sigur Rós in charge of musical score, and Pascal Gennesseaux as head of cinematography.

Immortal (2004 film) is distributed by First Look Pictures (U.S.).

The cast includes: Linda Hardy as Jill Bioskop, Thomas Kretschmann as Nikopol, Thomas M. Pollard as Horus, Jacques Bonnaffé as Allgood, and Charlotte Rampling as Elma Turner.

Immortal (2004 film) Quotes

Linda Hardy as Jill Bioskop

  • (Linda Hardy) "That wasn't a very smart thing to do. The blue of my tears stains human skin for good."
  • (Thomas Kretschmann) "I feel blue -- for you."
  • (Hotel Receptionist) "How is Dr. Elma Turner?"
  • (Linda Hardy) "Never been better."
  • (Hotel Receptionist) "Welcome to the Western Hysteria Hotel, 39th floor, room 12. Any friend of Dr. Turner is a friend of mine."
  • (Linda Hardy) "I am a professional guinea pig."
  • (Linda Hardy) ""Tout cela ne vaut pas le poison qui découle De tes yeux, de tes yeux verts, Lacs où mon âme tremble et se voit à l'envers -- Mes songes viennent en foule Pour se désaltérer à ces gouffres amers." English translation: All that is not equal to the poison which flows from your eyes, from your green eyes, lakes where my soul trembles and sees its evil side. My dreams come in multitude to slake their thirst in those bitter gulfs."
  • (Thomas Kretschmann) "But all that is not worth the prodigy of your saliva, Jill, that bites my soul, and dizzies it, and swirls it down, remorselessly, rolling it, fainting to the underworld."
  • (Linda Hardy) "I should have shot you when I first met you."
  • (Thomas Kretschmann) "There's still time."

Thomas M. Pollard as Horus

  • (Thomas M. Pollard) "Young women like her are rare. Extremely rare. There are only a few of them in the entire universe. No one knows why they appear in one world or another. They don't even know who they are themselves, and the power they have."
  • (Thomas Kretschmann) "What power?"
  • (Thomas M. Pollard) "The greatest power of all. The power to procreate with God."
  • (Thomas M. Pollard) "Children, my human children, I am back."

Thomas Kretschmann as Nikopol

  • (Thomas Kretschmann) "Ceaselessly by my side moves the Demon. He swims around me like impalpable air. I swallow and feel it burn my lungs. And fill them with eternal desire and guilt."
  • (Thomas Kretschmann) "f*** you."
  • (Thomas M. Pollard) "Right, but let's f*** her again first."
  • (Thomas Kretschmann) "Remember the sign we saw, my soul. That beautiful, soft summer morning -- round a turning in the path. A disgusting carcass on a bed scattered with stones. Its legs in the air like a woman in need -- burning its wedding poisons -- like a fountain with its rhythmic sobs. I could hear it clearly with a long murmuring sound, but I touch my body in vain to find the wound. I am the vampire of my own heart. One of the great outcasts condemned to eternal laughter who can no longer smile. Am I dead? I must be dead."
  • (Thomas Kretschmann) "Horus, where the f*** are you? I need you, I need you now."
  • (Thomas Kretschmann) "You piece of s***. Your objectives are s***. Your filthy rapist god ambitions are s***. You're full of s***, Horus."
  • (Thomas M. Pollard) "Coming from a human, remarks like that don't carry much weight."

Jacques Bonnaffé as Allgood

  • (Jacques Bonnaffé) "Neutral. Neutral doesn't exist. There's only men and women, humans and aliens -- the integrated and the rejected. The whole f***ing universe is split in two."
  • (Jacques Bonnaffé) "What a bitch. What A Bitch."
  • (Lily Liang) "A bitch, but a fast learner about politics."
  • (Jacques Bonnaffé) "That's what I mean; a whore --"

Charlotte Rampling as Elma Turner

  • (Charlotte Rampling) "How many meals do you have a day?"
  • (Linda Hardy) "Two a week."

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