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Imperium: Augustus Quotes

Imperium: Augustus is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Imperium: Augustus stopped airing in 1970.

It features Luca Bernabei as producer, Pino Donaggio in charge of musical score, and Giovanni Galasso as head of cinematography.

Imperium: Augustus is recorded in English language and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Imperium: Augustus is 200 minutes long. Imperium: Augustus is distributed by S.A.V.

The cast includes: Peter O'Toole as Augustus, Vittoria Belvedere as Julia, Anna Valle as Cleopatra, Giampiero Judica as Scipio, Juan Diego Botto as Iullus, Elena Ballesteros as Octavius, Russell Barr as Maecenas, Ken Duken as Agrippa, Antonio Petrocelli as Brutus, Gottfried John as Cicero, Massimo Ghini as Mark Antony, Charlotte Rampling as Livia, Michele Bevilacqua as Tiberius, Valeria D'Obici as Atia, Elena Ballesteros as Octavia, and Martina Stella as Young Livia.

Imperium: Augustus Quotes

Peter O'Toole as Augustus

  • (Peter O'Toole) "Octavia? Octavia. I sent the carriage --"
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "Yes, you did."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "But you're walking."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "Yes, I am."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Why?"
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "I decided to walk on foot, so all of Rome can see the woman who was betrayed by her child brother."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Julia, did you know?"
  • (Peter O'Toole) "I am the master of nothing. Why didn't I listen to Julia? Why didn't you say it too, Livia; that I couldn't master the future; think how happy could have been."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "I've sent him away, Julia. You don't have to worry about him anymore."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "Am I supposed to thank you, father?"
  • (Peter O'Toole) "No, I'll be content if you don't hate me."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "My grandsons. Gaius and Lucius. Beautiful, aren't they? Devil see them, the pair of them- they take after their mother."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "They do not. They take after their father and their grandfather. Come along boys, your grandfather is far too busy being "king" to play with his grandsons."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Julia, I'm not a king- there are no "kings" in Rome."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "You've not changed from your wedding dress?"
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "I thought that maybe, if I slept in it, when I next awoke it would be gone like a bad dream."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "You're not finished dressing --"
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "Actually I am, it's the current style. Would you have me weave my dresses as I did when I was a little girl?"
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Perhaps, with a little more wool."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Cleopatra and Antony met Agrippa and I for battle at the coast of Actium. They had only one thought in mind; to kill us."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Tiberius is your son, not mine. Julia is my daughter, not yours."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Agrippa is dead. Death is no longer an "idea" to me, Julia. It is a man, standing in a hall, outside in the streets, in the fields -- waiting. He has a face, and he's asking me questions."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "The empire took both our lives, daughter. You were right all along. Forgive me."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "I lost the man I loved the most today."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Not just the man, Augustus. You loved him more then any woman too."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "No. I did love you, Livia."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Yes? But then?"
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Then? Well, then you made life so complicated."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "It was the price I had to pay. That night men awoke to find their death sentences posted in the Forum. And Agrippa, poor Agrippa was forced to slaughter all of my enemies. It was the price I had to pay for the security of Rome. That night my life was taken from me; it was my destiny, the risk I had to take and I took it. All of this will happen again unless someone who is worthy of the name Caesar -- succeeds me But we won't let that happen. Tonight, Julia, you and I will give birth to a new Rome, we will assure that it is your sons who rule Rome when I have died, not Livia's son. You gave life to your sons once, Julia, now give it to them again. For them and for the good of Rome."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Livia, when did you stop loving me?"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "My love hasn't -- Died, exactly. It's just evolved."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Into what?"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Duty."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Iullus Antonius blames me for his father's death, he thinks I destroyed the republic, he thinks I'm a tyrant."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "You are a tyrant."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Did I play my role well, in the comdey of life?"
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "The gods will tell you father."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Applause, please."

Russell Barr as Maecenas

  • (Russell Barr) "But without a crown, they will destroy you -- I am sorry, my friend -- I love you -- But I -- I will not watch them destroy you."
  • (Russell Barr) "Dear soldiers. I have prepared us all drinks and space to rest after our long weary day of fighting --"
  • (Ken Duken) "We? What did you do all day? Sleep?"
  • (Russell Barr) "Declare war against Cleopatra --"
  • (Ken Duken) "Of course, and Mark Antony will lead his armies against us to protect her."
  • (Russell Barr) "Clever boy. Is a politician born?"
  • (Russell Barr) "We are three kings. Octavius, the leader. Agrippa, the soldier, and Maecenas, the --"
  • (Ken Duken) "Mouth?"
  • (Russell Barr) "- Maecenas, the politician."
  • (Russell Barr) "A rise. Let us all promise now: that we will let nothing never destroy this friendship."
  • (Unnamed) "Never."
  • (Russell Barr) "This soldier's tongue cuts deeper then his sword could ever wound me."
  • (Russell Barr) "Brilliant speech."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "You wrote it."
  • (Russell Barr) "Of course."

Juan Diego Botto as Iullus

  • (Juan Diego Botto) "I will have revenge for my father's death, and Julia will be my sword."
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "I love you."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "But Iullus, my father --"
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "Wouldn't approve? What else does he want from you? Didn't it satisfy him enough to have married you to old Agrippa in order to beget an heir from your marriage bed?"
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "I was faithful to Agrippa until he died --"
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "So, come to my bed."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "I can't, Agrippa --"
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "He's dead, Julia. And you've mourned that beloved, so-called husband for months. You've done your duty for Rome."
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "She blames her father, even said she wants him dead -- But I don't believe her, she'd never hurt him."
  • (Giampiero Judica) "She doesn't have to."
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "I love her."
  • (Giampiero Judica) "Stop telling me that."
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "It's true."
  • (Giampiero Judica) "Really?"
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "Yes."
  • (Giampiero Judica) "Then if you truly love her, you'll do it. Augustus will not yield."
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "But surely --"
  • (Giampiero Judica) "Your noblity won't protect you, you're father made that mistake. There is only one way; he must die."
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "I would lose her, she would never forgive me --"
  • (Giampiero Judica) "You'd be saving her. Do you really think Livia is ever going to let Julia's children rule over the empire when Augustus dies? The children will be killed too, you know it's evitable. And when she realizes that, she will thank you."
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "We failed once."
  • (Giampiero Judica) "We were stupid, out in the open with the mob, the guards and Julia to stop us -- Will she let you into her house?"
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "Tonight."
  • (Giampiero Judica) "Then the gods have handed us the sword."
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "I did it for you."

Ken Duken as Agrippa

  • (Ken Duken) "This spring will quench the thirst of 50,000 or more Romans everyday and water the fields streching for miles around Rome."
  • (Russell Barr) "No, thanks. I prefer to have something a little more lively."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "To furture harvests."
  • (Ken Duken) "Now no one can bribe Rome again by cutting off it's food supply."
  • (Russell Barr) "It's all very lovely, Agrippa. At least we'll be able to get some lovely fountains out of it."
  • (Ken Duken) "Politicians are run by swords, legions; that is the only language Rome understands."
  • (Russell Barr) "You know nothing of Rome, country boy."
  • (Ken Duken) "And you know nothing of life."
  • (Ken Duken) "If you send your legions against Antony, you'll start another civil war."
  • (Russell Barr) "Do you want him to ignore the betrayal of his sister? Ignore this?"
  • (Ken Duken) "Do you want him to be the one who bring Roman against Roman again?"
  • (Russell Barr) "Don't go in there without a plan, country boy."
  • (Ken Duken) "We've become the thing we hate, or does killing starving civilians make us heroes?"
  • (Ken Duken) "Cutting yourself when drawing my sword is not an injury in combat."
  • (Ken Duken) "I'll not deliver you to Caesar dead."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "Bad for your career?"
  • (Ken Duken) "Hurry up. Looking at you naked is beyond the call of duty."

Elena Ballesteros as Octavius

  • (Elena Ballesteros) "I'd spare your life if I could, Antony."
  • (Massimo Ghini) "I wasn't begging for your mercy."
  • (Massimo Ghini) "I have lived well. I have no hatred or envy for Caesar's son. I wonder if your father had foresaw this end."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "No -- and neither did I."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "Livia, you look well. How is Tiberius, that son of yours?"
  • (Martina Stella) "And what is it that lies in your wife's belly? Do soothsayers predict a boy or a girl?"
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "The Egyptian relgion declares that to die of a snake bite will secure immortality. Did you know that, Agrippa?"
  • (Russell Barr) "Never mind that. History -- History will never forget this moment. At last, every legion in Rome listens to the command of a single man. The peace of Rome is assured, to the one, absolute ruler of the Roman Empire."
  • (Ken Duken) "So, that was you plan all along, Octavius? To wear a crown on your head."
  • (Russell Barr) "In order to keep the nobles from tearing Rome apart he must be king. He will be declared -- "Augustus"."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "She's watching me."
  • (Ken Duken) "Who?"
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "The woman I'll marry."
  • (Ken Duken) "Where?"
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "Somewhere."
  • (Ken Duken) "Quick. Open your wounds so that your hero's blood is easier to see."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "Did you see her?"
  • (Ken Duken) "Pretty."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "The great soldier of the future, Marcus Agrippa has arrived --"
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "-- and he's already slain the heart of my sister."

Michele Bevilacqua as Tiberius

  • (Michele Bevilacqua) "Mother, no. I'm your son, not Augustus', as Julia is his daughter, not yours."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Exactly, which is why you must marry Julia."
  • (Michele Bevilacqua) "I don't love her, and she doesn't love me either."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Love has nothing to do with it."
  • (Michele Bevilacqua) "I love my wife. I always have."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Yes, Tiberius. You told me that when you married the stupid little thing, but she is of no use to us. You will divorce her, and marry Julia. Do that, and you'll be emperor."
  • (Michele Bevilacqua) "I don't want to be emperor."
  • (Michele Bevilacqua) "Besides, there are Gaius and Lucius, Julia and Agrippa's boys. They come before me."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "They're weak children --"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "They may die."
  • (Michele Bevilacqua) "Mother, you wouldn't --"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Wouldn't what?"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "I was just saying they've always had colds and fevers. They may die."
  • (Michele Bevilacqua) "I'll find Iullus and kill him."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "No, you won't. You'll go back to the boarder and continue playing "soldier" or I'll have father throw you in prison as a deserter."
  • (Michele Bevilacqua) "My duty is to maintain authority over Rome's legions; you undermine that with your adultery which you don't even attempt to conceal. I can not live with that."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "Then do us both a favour and fall on your sword."
  • (Michele Bevilacqua) "People call you a god, but they a wrong. You destroy everything you love."

Anna Valle as Cleopatra

  • (Anna Valle) "Why don't we silence that boy by placing his head on a stick?"

Gottfried John as Cicero

  • (Gottfried John) "Caesar and I, as you know had our differences -- But surely you must know, I didn't kill him."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "How could think such a thing?"

Charlotte Rampling as Livia

  • (Charlotte Rampling) "I came as soon as I heard. The assassin was not from Rome so we can't trace his employer."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Marcus Agrippa is dead."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Yes, there is a dangerous under carriage in the young noblity."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Did you hear what I said, Livia? He was my dear friend, my daughter's husband, the father of my grandchildren and he is dead."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Yes and your enemies are waiting for the right moment to kill you. This is the moment. Agrippa, your heir apparent, is dead and you too nearly died today -- Where does that leave the empire tomorrow?"
  • (Peter O'Toole) "At the stumbling feet of your son, I suppose, exactly where you WANT IT?"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "You must marry Tiberius."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "I can't stand him."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "I'm not asking you to love him."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "Good, cause I won't."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Shut up, the pair of you. If a fight is what you want give me three days notice to place the bets."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Why haven't you told them?"
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "You know?"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Yes, why does that surprise you? Go and tell them now before they embarrass us in public."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "How do I tell them their father is dead, Livia?"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "They barely knew him."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "Marcus Agrippa was a good father and a loving husband."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Oh, come now Julia. Don't play the poor young widow to me."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "You are a merciless woman."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Perhaps. It is necessary."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "You don't believe the rumours, do you?"
  • (Peter O'Toole) "No, Livia. Even you aren't that cruel."

Giampiero Judica as Scipio

  • (Giampiero Judica) "Hail to our queen."
  • (Giampiero Judica) "Hail to our queen."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "Scipio. Don't holler so loud."
  • (Giampiero Judica) "No worries, we're in disguise. You don't want your father to arrest us for scandal in Rome, do you?"
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "You do scandalize Rome."
  • (Phoebe) "Which is why you love us. Your father caught us one time."
  • (Giampiero Judica) "He called us "naughty children"."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "He's absolutely right."
  • (Juan Diego Botto) "Indeed. Augustus is always right."

Vittoria Belvedere as Julia

  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "Have I ever been anything more to you then a instrument to fulfill your destiny."
  • (Peter O'Toole) "I have never loved anyone in my life as much as I love you."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "Then why are you taking my life away from me?"
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Julia, I want you to be happy, but you have to remember that you aren't just my daughter; you are the daughter of the Empire. As Rome's princess, your body and soul belongs to state, and the state is the body of world; if Rome falls, civilization falls."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "Who will love Gaius and Lucius? You? You are not capable of real love, only your dream; your perfect Roman Empire. You should have killed me when I was born, father. Instead you tortured me slowly, with never ending pain."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "They call you Augustus -- But you are not a god."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "I will be by your side always, father."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "You already have what you wanted of me, father. Heirs. My sons. Now let me live my life."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "You are not master of the future. You conquered the world --"
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "But you lost your soul."
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "Tiberius. I was not informed that you were returning to Rome."
  • (Michele Bevilacqua) "You mean "warned"?"
  • (Vittoria Belvedere) "Why should I need to be "warned"?"
  • (Michele Bevilacqua) "The northen boarder is as far away as your father could send me, but reports of your affair with Iullus arrive regulary -- In explisite detail."

Massimo Ghini as Mark Antony

  • (Massimo Ghini) "Ten of them came at us with daggers, I don't know why I'm alive."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "They must have not wished you dead."
  • (Massimo Ghini) "Do you know how to make a new world? By destroying the old."
  • (Massimo Ghini) "Write your enemies names on this list."
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "I have no names."
  • (Massimo Ghini) "You have no balls."
  • (Massimo Ghini) "A man may die from many things, but lack of courage is always fatal."

Valeria D'Obici as Atia

  • (Valeria D'Obici) "Whose glory is Octavia's marriage?"
  • (Elena Ballesteros) "For Rome."
  • (Valeria D'Obici) "Rome, who is he? I don't know him. Does he have a sister too?"
  • (Valeria D'Obici) "Whose destiny is Octavia's marriage to insure?"
  • (Peter O'Toole) "Rome's"
  • (Valeria D'Obici) "Rome, I don't know him. Does he have a sister too?"

Antonio Petrocelli as Brutus

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Martina Stella as Young Livia

  • (Martina Stella) "We women can be dangerous creatures."

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