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Imprint (film) Quotes

Imprint (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Imprint stopped airing in 1970.

It features Chris Eyre as producer, and Michael Linn as head of cinematography.

Imprint (film) is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States.

Imprint (film) Quotes

  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "When you meet my mother, you cannot turn up the charm. She'll see right through it."
  • (Jonathan Freeman) "What are you talking about? I'm naturally charming. 'Very nice to meet you, you must be Shayla's sister.'"
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "You cannot do that."
  • (Jonathan Freeman) "We'll see."
  • (Jonathan Freeman) "Apple? What the hell does that mean?"
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "Red on the outside, white on the inside."
  • (Rebecca Stonefeather) "You've changed so much."
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "Yes, I've changed. I grew up. You know, maybe white government would like to see us disappear off the face of the earth but that doesn't change the fact that our biggest problems are self-inflicted."
  • (Rebecca Stonefeather) "You're right. Our biggest problems are self-inflicted by people like you. Who have the wisdom and spirit to bring about change but instead choose to turn your back on your people."
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "You think he's innocent, don't you?"
  • (Rebecca Stonefeather) "I've known the family a long time. He was a sweet boy."
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "People change."
  • (Tom Greyhorse) "-- It's called respect, Jon."
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "Sometimes I wish I still believed in that sorta thing, you know? It'd be great to think that we live on."
  • (Tom Greyhorse) "We live on. We do."
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "Mom thinks Dad is dying, and I'm not ready. If we lived on then at least I know I'd see him again."
  • (Lakota Tribal Policeman) "There's no sign anything happened here, although she did kill a refrigerator."
  • (Rebecca Stonefeather) "I remember a little girl who used to save all of her change in a jar because she wanted something to hand the man outside the supermarket."
  • (Medicine Man) "Can you hear them? Can you hear the cries?"
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "No. I'm sorry, I don't hear anything."
  • (Medicine Man) "But you have heard voices and you have seen visions?"
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "Are you saying something happened at my house?"
  • (Medicine Man) "I do not know the message. The message is only for you."
  • (Rebecca Stonefeather) "What did you do, escape from the turntables? Bad horse."
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "He must miss home."
  • (Rebecca Stonefeather) "No, he's happy there. Lots of mares."
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "You think a ghost did this?"
  • (Tom Greyhorse) "A spirit."
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "And a spirit spray painted my car?"
  • (Rebecca Stonefeather) "He looked pretty good in uniform eh?"
  • (Medicine Man) "I listen to the screams of the wounded and dying carried on the wind across the prarie. It was about this time when the white men attacked, they slaughtered them. They slaughtered defenseless men, women and children. Their blood spilled here on this ground. We forget about these things, but the trees; they remember. The rocks and the earth -- they remember when we forget. The story forever imprinted, imprinted on this land. If we listen they will guide us, give us visions, tell us stories. Past, present and future all touch one another. Time doesn't exist. For spirits, time doesn't exist."
  • (Medicine Man) "What happened to your head?"
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "I tried listening."
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "Right before I left for college, we promised ourselves we'd take a father-daughter trip across country. Just you and me, seeing it all. But it got -- I got too busy and it was too late. I let my father down. I was afraid that you'd die before I could make it up to you. But my father -- is dead. He died the night he killed my brother. What did you do with Nathaniel? What did you do with Nathaniel. Where is he."
  • (Rebecca Stonefeather) "When will you be back?"
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "I don't know."
  • (Rebecca Stonefeather) "Take your time. We'll be here."
  • (Jonathan Freeman) "What the hell do you think you're doing? You pull this s*** now, now after everything I've done for you?"
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "You did this to yourself."
  • (Jonathan Freeman) "Did what? Goddamit, Shayla, these people aren't worth it."
  • (Shayla Stonefeather) "These people?"
  • (Jonathan Freeman) "People like Robbie White Shirt, you know what I mean."

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