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In a Lonely Place Quotes

In a Lonely Place is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . In a Lonely Place stopped airing in 1970.

It features Robert Lord as producer, George Antheil in charge of musical score, and Burnett Guffey as head of cinematography.

In a Lonely Place is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of In a Lonely Place is 94 minutes long. In a Lonely Place is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Humphrey Bogart as Dixon Steele, Robert Warwick as Waiter, Gloria Grahame as Laurel Gray, Carl Benton Reid as Capt. Lochner, Martha Stewart as Mildred Atkinson, Art Smith as Mel Lippmann, Frank Lovejoy as Brub Nicolai, Morris Ankrum as Lloyd Barnes, and Jeff Donnell as Sylvia Nicolai.

In a Lonely Place Quotes

Humphrey Bogart as Dixon Steele

  • (Humphrey Bogart) "It's much easier to get people's names into the papers than to keep them out."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "You get to a lonely place in the road, and you begin to squeeze --"
  • (Frances Randolph) "What's the matter, don't you like to talk anymore?"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Not the people who have my number."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "I was born when she kissed me. I died when she left me. I lived a few weeks while she loved me."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "You know, when you first walked into the police station, I said to myself, "There she is; the one that's different. She's not coy or cute or corny. She's a good guy; I'm glad she's on my side. She speaks her mind and she knows what she wants.""
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Thank you, sir. But let me add: I also know what I don't want; and I don't want to be rushed."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Say, do me a favor, will you, pal?"
  • (Flower Shop Employee) "Yes, sir."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "I want to send two dozen white roses to a girl."
  • (Flower Shop Employee) "Yes, sir. Do you want to write a card?"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "No, there's no card. Her name's Mildred Atkinson."
  • (Flower Shop Employee) "Mildred Atkinson. Yes, sir. What's her address?"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "I don't know. Look it up in the papers. She was murdered last night."
  • (Flower Shop Employee) "Yes, sir."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "You know, Ms. Gray, you're one up on me; you can see into my apartment but I can't see into yours."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "I promise you, I won't take advantage of it."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "I would, if it were the other way around."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "I've been looking for someone a long time -- I didn't know her name or where she lived; I'd never seen her before. A girl was killed, and because of that, I found what I was looking for. Now I know your name, where you live, and how you look."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Oh, come in. Mr. Lippman, my agent."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Miss Gray, my alibi."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "There's no sacrifice too great for a chance at immortality."
  • (Robert Warwick) "Yes sir."
  • (Actress in Convertible) "Dix Steele. How are you? Don't you remember me?"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Sorry, can't say that I do."
  • (Actress in Convertible) "You wrote the last picture I did -- at Columbia"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Oh, I make it a point to never see pictures I write."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "You annoy me."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "If I do, it isn't intentional."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Go ahead and get some sleep and we'll have dinner together tonight."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "We'll have dinner tonight. But not together."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Oh, I love a picnic. Acres and acres of sand and all of it in your food."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Stop griping. Just lie still and inhale."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "What, sand?"
  • (Gloria Grahame) "No, air; and don't let it go to your head."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Anything you want to make you happy?"
  • (Gloria Grahame) "I wouldn't want anyone but you."
  • (Frances Randolph) "Remember how I used to read to you?"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Uh huh. Since then, I've learned to read by myself."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Remind me to buy you a new tie."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "It was his story against mine, but of course, I told my story better."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "There's no sacrifice too great for a chance at immortality."
  • (Robert Warwick) "Yes sir."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Nobody can call me the things he did."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "A blind, knuckle-headed squirrel. That's REAL bad."

Gloria Grahame as Laurel Gray

  • (Gloria Grahame) "Yesterday, this would've meant so much to us. Now it doesn't matter -- it doesn't matter at all."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "I lived a few weeks while you loved me. Goodbye, Dix."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "What happened to the grapefruit knife?"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "It was crooked and I straightened it."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Fool, it's supposed to be curved."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "What? Wonder what they'll think of next."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "I love the love scene; it's very good."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Well that's because they're not always telling each other how much in love they are. A good love scene should be about something else besides love. For instance, this one. Me fixing grapefruit. You sitting over there, dopey, half-asleep. Anyone looking at us could tell we're in love."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Why can't he be like other people?"
  • (Art Smith) "Like other people; would you have liked him? You knew he was dynamite; he has to explode sometimes. Years ago, I tried to make him go and see a psychiatrist. I thought he'd kill me. Always violent. Well it's as much a part of him as the color of his eyes, the shape of his head. He's Dix Steele. And if you want him, you've gotta take it all, the good with the bad. I've taken it for 20 years and I'd do it again."

Jeff Donnell as Sylvia Nicolai

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Art Smith as Mel Lippmann

  • (Art Smith) "What does it matter what I think? I'm the guy who tried to talk Selznick out of doing "Gone with the Wind"."

Martha Stewart as Mildred Atkinson

  • (Martha Stewart) "Oh I think it'll make a dreamy picture, Mr. Steele. What I call an epic."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "And what do you call an epic?"
  • (Martha Stewart) "Well, you know; a picture that's REAL long and has lots of things going on."
  • (Martha Stewart) "Before I started to go to work at Paul's, I used to think that actors made up their own lines."
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "When they get to be big stars, they usually do."

Carl Benton Reid as Capt. Lochner

  • (Carl Benton Reid) "I didn't expect you to give me more information -- but certain facts contradict your original statement."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "I wish you'd say what you mean."
  • (Carl Benton Reid) "Yes, let's do that. On the night of the Atkinson murder, you looked at Dixon Steele and said you didn't know him."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "I didn't."
  • (Carl Benton Reid) "Since then, you and he have been inseparable."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "He's writing a script. I'm doing the typing."
  • (Carl Benton Reid) "Do you receive a salary for this?"
  • (Gloria Grahame) "No. I'm doing it for love."
  • (Carl Benton Reid) "Are you in love with Mr. Steele?"
  • (Gloria Grahame) "For the record, I am in love with Mr. Steele."
  • (Carl Benton Reid) "Are you going to be married?"
  • (Gloria Grahame) "If we do, I'll send you an invitation; after all, it was you who first introduced us to each other."
  • (Carl Benton Reid) "Considering that you've never met Mr. Steele, you pay quite a bit of attention to him."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Hmm-hmm. I have at that."
  • (Carl Benton Reid) "Do you usually give such attention to your neighbors?"
  • (Gloria Grahame) "No."
  • (Carl Benton Reid) "Were you interested in Mr. Steele because he's a celebrity?"
  • (Gloria Grahame) "No, not at all. I noticed him because he looked interesting; I like his face."

Morris Ankrum as Lloyd Barnes

  • (2nd Hatcheck Girl) "Mr. X, you forgot to change your costume."
  • (Morris Ankrum) "This is not a costume, ignorant wench; it's the formal attire of a gentleman."

Frank Lovejoy as Brub Nicolai

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