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In a Mirror, Darkly Quotes

In a Mirror, Darkly is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . In a Mirror, Darkly completed its run in 1970.

It features Kevin Kiner, and Dennis McCarthy in charge of musical score.

In a Mirror, Darkly Quotes

  • (Lieutenant Hoshi Sato) "Can you imagine the look on the Emperor's face when he sees this ship? You'll be declared hero of the Empire. Starfleet'll have to give you a command of your own."
  • (Commander Archer) "I already have a command of my own."
  • (Major Malcolm Reed) "Perhaps it was a pet, owned by one of the original crew."
  • (Dr. Phlox) "Unless one of them owned a velociraptor, I find it extremely unlikely."
  • (Lieutenant Hoshi Sato) "These people had some strange ideas about uniforms."
  • (Commander Archer) "You're relieved, Admiral."
  • (Lt. Commander T'Pol) "I'm surprised you're not exhausted from all the beds you've jumped into recently."
  • (Lieutenant Hoshi Sato) "Commander Tucker told me I should give you a few pointers in that area."
  • (Lt. Commander T'Pol) "I notice you've been making extensive use of the library database."
  • (Dr. Phlox) "I was merely researching classical literature. I wanted to compare our major works with their counterparts in the other universe. I skimmed a few of the more -- celebrated narratives. The stories were similar in some respects, but their characters were -- weak, and compassionate. With the exception of Shakespeare, of course. From what I could tell, his plays were equally grim in both universes."
  • (Commander Archer) "A lot of the names are the same, but -- their history has been rewritten. Instead of building an Empire, Earth -- became part of an interspecies alliance."
  • (Lieutenant Hoshi Sato) ""The United Federation of Planets"?"
  • (Commander Archer) "Hm -- More like a Federation of fools."
  • (Lieutenant Hoshi Sato) "I hope you're not planning on getting sick anytime soon. In case you haven't noticed; your doctor is an alien."
  • (Lt. Commander T'Pol) "What's Major Reed's condition?"
  • (Dr. Phlox) "Hm -- At this point, he could go either way. No doubt there'll be several discreet celebrations if he should expire."
  • (Commander Archer) "Great men are not peacemakers. Great men are conquerors."
  • (Lt. Commander T'Pol) "It may take centuries, but Humanity will pay for its arrogance."
  • (Commander Archer) "From what I'm told, the maximum setting -- can actually disintegrate a person. I've been looking forward to trying it."
  • (Lieutenant Hoshi Sato) "It'll only take a day for the fleet to return to Earth. Do you think the commanders will support you?"
  • (Commander Archer) "They're loyal to the Emperor. They don't really care who it is."

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