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In Time Quotes

In Time is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . In Time stopped airing in 1970.

It features Andrew Niccol, and Marc Abraham; Eric Newman as producer, Craig Armstrong (composer) in charge of musical score, and Roger Deakins as head of cinematography.

In Time is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Matt Bomer as Henry Hamilton, Justin Timberlake as Will Salas, Vincent Kartheiser as Philippe Weis, Amanda Seyfried as Sylvia Weis, Cillian Murphy as Raymond Leon, Yaya DaCosta as Greta, Collins Pennie as Timekeeper Jaeger, Alex Pettyfer as Fortis, Bella Heathcote as Michele Weis, and Ethan Peck as Constantin.

In Time Quotes

Alex Pettyfer as Fortis

  • (Alex Pettyfer) "The reason the Timekeepers leave me alone is, I have boundaries. I steal from my own people."

Amanda Seyfried as Sylvia Weis

  • (Amanda Seyfried) "How does anyone live like this?"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "You don't generally sleep in."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "Congratulations, you've taken years off my father's life."
  • (Ulysse) "Just like you do."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "Oh, give me a break father, there's an army in the house. If we can't stop one man from killing us, we should kill ourselves."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "What have we got?"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "A day. You can do a lot in a day."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "You couldn't spare a second, Father? I can't say I'm surprised --"
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "Give me your time. I need time."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Now you feel like sharing, huh?"
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "We look cute together."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "Will, if you get a lot of time, are you really gonna give it away?"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "I've only ever had a day. How much do you need? How can you live with yourself watching people die right next to you?"
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "You don't watch. You close your eyes. I can help you get all the time you want."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "I guess I got my wish: I did something foolish --"
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "You must despise us --"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "It's not your fault. We only have one life."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "We're trapped."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "No we're not."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "Told you there were bigger banks."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "You almost missed your calling --"

Justin Timberlake as Will Salas

  • (Justin Timberlake) "Trust me, he'll give up before we do."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "Are you sure about that?"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "No."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "This is called a trigger. You only pull it when you want to shoot something."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "I wanted to shoot something."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "You're from around here, aren't you?"
  • (Cillian Murphy) "I grew up here. I found a way to escape."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "And now, you make a living ensuring nobody else escapes."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Put it down, or I'll blow her head off."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Thank you."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Fifty-nine years."
  • (Unnamed) "Plus tax."
  • (Unnamed) "Price includes delivery."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Delivery?"
  • (Unnamed) "To wherever you wanna display it."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Display it? Hell, I'm gonna drive it."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "See? They won't jump."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "So much for your theory."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "s***."
  • (Maya) "Your late"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Need a minute"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "We're not going to make it -- Take my time. One of us can make it."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "Take MY time."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Hi, we're looking for a quiet place to stay."
  • (Hotel Clerk) "Mmm, how many rooms?"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "All of them."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "All these years, you had this in your back yard, and you never went in?"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "That's pretty good. But --"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Mine's better."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "Why did I play strip poker with you?"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Why did you?"

Yaya DaCosta as Greta

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Vincent Kartheiser as Philippe Weis

  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "Is that so? You might upset the balance for a generation. Two. But don't fool yourself. In the end, nothing will change. Because everyone wants to live forever. They all think they have a chance at immortality even though all the evidence is against it. They all think they will be the exception. But the truth is: For a few to be immortal, many must die."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "NO ONE should be immortal, if even one person has to die."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "I kept her safe --"
  • (Bella Heathcote) "You were suffocating her. You're suffocating us all."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "Timekeeper. After this regrettable incident it's really not necessary for you to come in person."
  • (Cillian Murphy) "I'm afraid it really is -- Necessary."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "When can we hope for a rescue?"
  • (Cillian Murphy) "I believe that's the point; she doesn't appear to want to be rescued."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "Mr Leon -- Raymond. May I call you Raymond?"
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "I blame myself. I invited the man into my home. He had so much time, how was I supposed to know? Of course, Sylvia brought this on herself by her lack of vigilance. That's why I always tried to keep her close. But she is clearly under Will Salas's control."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "If it's a matter of recourses, I'm -- Happy to make a contribution. It's a scandal what we pay our Timekeepers."
  • (Cillian Murphy) "I have issued a warrant for your daughter's arrest. If she contacts you and you assist her in any way, I will issue a warrant for your arrest."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "There's nothing I cannot buy. Now, how many of my years do you want?"
  • (Cillian Murphy) "There aren't enough years, even in your lifetime Mr. Weis. Goodnight."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "You'd steal from your own father."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "Is it stealing if it's already stolen?"
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "Even if you gave a year to a million people, you're just prolonging their agony."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "We're prolonging their lives."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "Flooding the wrong zone with a million years, it could cripple the system."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Let's hope so."
  • (Amanda Seyfried) "We're not meant to live like this. We're not meant to live forever. Although I do wonder, Father, if you've ever lived a day in your life."

Matt Bomer as Henry Hamilton

  • (Matt Bomer) "Don't waste my time."
  • (Matt Bomer) "How old are you? In real time?"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "28."
  • (Matt Bomer) "I'm 105."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "Good for you. You won't see 106, you have too many more nights like tonight."
  • (Matt Bomer) "You are right. But the day comes when you've had enough. Your mind can be spent, even if your body's not. We want to die. We need to."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "That's your problem? You've been alive too long? You ever known anyone who's died?"
  • (Matt Bomer) "For a few to be immortal, many must die."
  • (Justin Timberlake) "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
  • (Matt Bomer) "You really don't know, do you? Everyone can't live forever. Where would we put them? Why do you think there are time zones? Why do you think taxes and prices go up the same day in the ghetto? The cost of living keeps rising to make sure people keep dying. How else could there be men with a million years while most live day to day? But the truth is -- there's more than enough. No one has to die before their time. If you had as much time as I have on that clock, what would you do with it?"
  • (Justin Timberlake) "I'd stop watching it. I can tell you one thing. If I had all that time, I sure as hell wouldn't waste it."

Ethan Peck as Constantin

  • (Ethan Peck) "Sir -- do something."
  • (Vincent Kartheiser) "It's already done."

Collins Pennie as Timekeeper Jaeger

  • (Collins Pennie) "Must have thought it was a drive-thru."

Cillian Murphy as Raymond Leon

  • (Cillian Murphy) "Doesn't he understand he's hurting the very people he's trying to help?"

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