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Intro to Political Science Quotes

Intro to Political Science is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Intro to Political Science completed its run in 1970.

Intro to Political Science Quotes

  • (Troy Barnes) "Hey, guys. The final debate."
  • (Jeff Winger) "Yeah, about that. I'm out."
  • (Annie Edison) "Me too. I decided that someone who would do that to a friend doesn't deserve to be president."
  • (Troy Barnes) "Uh, yeah. I know that. You're missing the final debate. It's the biggest political showdown of all time."
  • (Magnitude) "Pop pop."
  • (Magnitude) "Pop pop."
  • (Magnitude) "Pop pop."
  • (Magnitude) "Pop pop."
  • (Jeff Winger) "Well, that's an important question. And it's important to students like Jeremy, who told me today that he is majoring in Astronomy and is supporting two children. It's an important question to Maria, who's a beautiful Latina born in Nicaragua, working in the cafeteria. What will I do, dean? Well, these people don't want me to say what I'll do. They want me to do what I'll say."
  • (Jeff Winger) "I'm sorry, Annie. I'm not the worker bee type. I'm more of a silverback gorilla with the claws of a lion, the teeth of a shark, and quiet dignity of a tortoise."
  • (Dean Pelton) "What is your platform -- Magnitude?"
  • (Magnitude) "Pop pop."
  • (Dean Pelton) "Same question."
  • (Magnitude) "Same answer: Pop pop."
  • (Special Agent Glenn Keenlan) "He's clean. Although I should probably warn you about this bootleg copy of "The Last Airbender"."
  • (Abed Nadir) "Where were you a week ago?"
  • (Dean Pelton) "Pierce, what's your platform?"
  • (Pierce Hawthorne) "My platform is one tall enough to push Vicki off of to her death."
  • (Dean Pelton) "Vicki? Well, it appears Vicki has dropped out of the race."
  • (Pierce Hawthorne) "Then, so do I. I only entered this to get back at Vicki for not lending me a pencil."

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