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It's a Boy Girl Thing Quotes

It's a Boy Girl Thing is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . It's a Boy Girl Thing completed its run in 1970.

It features Steve Hamilton Shaw as producer, Christian Henson in charge of musical score, and Steve Danyluk as head of cinematography.

It's a Boy Girl Thing is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of It's a Boy Girl Thing is 93 minutes long. It's a Boy Girl Thing is distributed by Icon Entertainment International.

The cast includes: Samaire Armstrong as Nell Bedworth, Kevin Zegers as Woody, Brooke D'Orsay as Breanna, and Alex Nussbaum as Mr. Zbornak.

It's a Boy Girl Thing Quotes

Kevin Zegers as Woody

  • (Kevin Zegers) "Can we just keep playing football, please?"
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "Sure, as long as you keep my dick out of your butt."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Nice penis."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "What exactly is it that people like me don't get?"
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "People like ME."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Then educate me, PLEASE."
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "Okay. We like to play ball. Maybe we're even pretty good at it. So -- maybe we get accepted at some second-rate, s***-kicker college, or maybe we go work for our dad at the spatula store. Who knows. But what we don't get is a great job, a big apartment in the city, and a Yale education."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and -- temperate. Rough winds -- blah blah blah -- There's something in there I can't remember. And, uh -- yadda yadda yadda. I'm sorry, I -- I'm no Shakespeare. My guess, Romeo wasn't much of a quarterback either, right?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Think about it, Harry. Are you willing to trade the love of a good woman for the cheap thrill of a tawdry one-night stand?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Nice grab, Horse. How's it hangin'?"
  • (Unnamed) "To the floor, my friend. Now what's say we shift this baby into warp drive, huh? Wancha to feel the wind blowin' through the hair in your fine, muscular ass."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "So we've got the wrong lives, but sometimes you just got to get on with life. Let things fall into place."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "That no racket. That's Mystikal."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "You look like a common prostitute."
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "Damn -- I was going for high class hooker."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Ah, it's tough enough getting these damn things off. How the hell does anyone know how to get these freaking things on?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Tits? Oh my God. I have tits. I have TWO tits."

Samaire Armstrong as Nell Bedworth

  • (Samaire Armstrong) "Well, there is one thing that I do in case of emergencies. Sort of let's the air out of the old tire, if you know what I'm saying. First, I close my eyes, and I think of you. Pssst. Works every time."
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "I'm a loser, I'm trouble and I'm stupid. It's basic genetics. Can't help it."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Funny -- never took you for a quitter."
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "Ladies, looks like you and me is going au naturel."
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "Gross. I have to touch it? Ooooo."
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "Come here, dumb jock."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Try and stop me, pencil-neck."
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "The bard was a bender. Who woulda thought?"
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "But chew on this: While archetypal outsiders such as myself rarely fit comfortably into high school environments, THIS is as good as your life will get: The big football star and his vacuous cheerleader girlfriend."
  • (Brooke D'Orsay) "HEAD cheerleader."
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "Hm. Because, let's face it, the old grey matter ain't exactly top-range, now is it, Woodster. So you'll end up with a job in Spachlor World, with your Dad, and probably marry Breanna here, but soon you start drinking to numb this aching feeling you have inside. And, you fast-forward a few years, and you're a drunk, fat, depressed guy at a bar talking about the good old days, while your little wife, whose looks and stuff have gone to doodoo, is propping up her own self-esteam by indulging in squalid sexual encounters with your friends behind your back."
  • (Kevin Zegers) "What friends?"
  • (Samaire Armstrong) "I'm guessing most of 'em. Have a good day."

Brooke D'Orsay as Breanna

  • (Brooke D'Orsay) "Okay girls, we have a green light on the Brazilian Wax."

Alex Nussbaum as Mr. Zbornak

  • (Alex Nussbaum) "Let's get your learn on."
  • (Alex Nussbaum) "Woody, you -- you crying?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "Yeah."
  • (Alex Nussbaum) "What's -- what's wrong?"
  • (Kevin Zegers) "I'm sorry. I just found out I lost my virginity in a trailer park."

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