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It's Coming Quotes

It's Coming is a television show that debuted in 1970 . It's Coming completed its run in 1970.

It's Coming Quotes

  • (Peter Petrelli) "This isn't your fight. I need you to stay --"
  • (Claire Bennet) "Stay what?"
  • (Peter Petrelli) "Innocent."
  • (Nathan Petrelli) "I thought the man was dead. I don't even know what to do with my life, now that he's alive."
  • (Mohinder Suresh) "It starts with light, and it ends with light. And in between, there is darkness. Nothing there is beyond hope; nothing that can be sworn impossible; nothing left unimagined, since Zeus, father of the Olympians, made night from midday, hiding the light of the shining sun, and raining dark fear down upon men."
  • (Sylar) "You saved my life once, Elle; gave me the will to live. Don't you see I owe you?"
  • (Elle Bishop) "I only saved you so we could use you, like a lab rat."
  • (Sylar) "You were just following orders -- But I forgive you. Now you need to forgive yourself."
  • (Elle Bishop) "Keep it up, you'll be a gunslinger in no time."
  • (Hiro Nakamura) "Ando, why are you so old?"
  • (Hiro Nakamura) "And why am I so old?"
  • (Ando Masahashi) "How old do you think you are?"
  • (Hiro Nakamura) "What are you talking about? I'm ten."
  • (Tracy Strauss) "For your plan to succeed, you need a public face. Now, normally that would be you. Problem is, the world thinks you're dead."
  • (Arthur Petrelli) "A thorny issue, I admit."
  • (Tracy Strauss) "But I think Nathan can be that face. The bad news: he's on the fence. The good news: I can push him over. You scratch my back, and I will make sure he lands on the right side."
  • (Mohinder Suresh) "When the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, strange fascination takes root in the heart. And suddenly, anything is possible. Its power is undeniable; its beauty mesmerizing; its lure biblical; its meaning unknowable. And as quickly as it comes, it disappears, leaving us to dwell on our own insignificance, in the face of God."
  • (Sylar) "We're all at war with ourselves; that's what it means to be human. Trick is figuring out how to be on the winning side."
  • (Arthur Petrelli) "It's coming."
  • (Peter Petrelli) "You got two choices: let her go or you die."
  • (Flint) "You and what army?"
  • (Tracy Strauss) "You are a U.S. Senator. You've got an entire constituency riding on you for having a clear vision for what you believe in. You gotta snap the hell out of this. You have to get yourself together."
  • (Hiro Nakamura) "This is the source of all knowledge."
  • (Claire Bennet) "When Sylar attacked me, he saw something. He took off the top of my head -- He said I was different from everyone else; special. I didn't understand what that meant until today -- I think I'm the catalyst."
  • (Claire Bennet) "Don't you know? I'm the defensive player of the year."
  • (Arthur Petrelli) "You had one job to do, and now I have to come clean up your mess. That's what I get for sending a boy to do a man's job."

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