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Jack Frost (1997 film) Quotes

Jack Frost (1997 film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Jack Frost completed its run in 1970.

It features Jeremy Paige as producer, Chris Anderson in charge of musical score, and Dean Lent as head of cinematography.

Jack Frost (1997 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Jack Frost (1997 film) is 90 minutes long. Jack Frost (1997 film) is distributed by A-Pix Entertainment, Inc..

The cast includes: Brian Leckner as Deputy Pullman, Kelly Jean Peters as Sally, Jack Lindine as Jake, Darren O. Campbell as Tommy, Scott MacDonald as Jack Frost, Stephen Mendel as Agent Manners, Christopher Allport as Sam, Rob LaBelle as Stone, Eileen Seeley as Anne, F. William Parker as Paul Davrow, Shannon Elizabeth as Jill Metzner, Chip Heller as Deputy Foster, Zack Eginton as Ryan Tiler, Marsha Clark as Marla, Paul Keith as Doc Peters, and Nathan Hague as Billy Metzner.

Jack Frost (1997 film) Quotes

Shannon Elizabeth as Jill Metzner

  • (Shannon Elizabeth) "Come and get me when you're ready."
  • (Darren O. Campbell) "Yes. If I was any more ready, I'd explode."

Christopher Allport as Sam

  • (Christopher Allport) "Oatmeal is making him burn. Wait. What did you put in those oats?"
  • (Zack Eginton) "Sorry."
  • (Christopher Allport) "No. It's a good thing that you did."
  • (Zack Eginton) "I didn't want you to get cold."
  • (Christopher Allport) "What did you put in the oats?"
  • (Zack Eginton) "Anti-freeze."
  • (Christopher Allport) "It's over."
  • (Stephen Mendel) "It's starting."
  • (Christopher Allport) "Did you say 'it', Doc?"
  • (Paul Keith) "I beg your pardon?"
  • (Christopher Allport) "You said 'it', instead of 'he' or 'she'."
  • (Paul Keith) "That's just a figure of speech, Sam. Who- whoever did this is an animal -- metaphorically."
  • (Christopher Allport) "Come on, shoot it."
  • (Rob LaBelle) "Those are not your orders."
  • (Stephen Mendel) "Somebody remember to put out the cat."
  • (Christopher Allport) "Look, I just saw something that doesn't belong in this world, and it's out there killing my friends. Now, tell me what it is."
  • (Stephen Mendel) "Jack Frost."
  • (Christopher Allport) "No, Jack Frost died."
  • (Rob LaBelle) "Jack Frost changed."
  • (Christopher Allport) "Changed?"
  • (Christopher Allport) "Look, I need everybody here to work with me on this, alright? I need you to stay calm. I need you to trust these people."
  • (F. William Parker) "Why in hell should we trust these guys?"
  • (Stephen Mendel) "Because we might just be your only hope."
  • (Christopher Allport) "That's right."
  • (Christopher Allport) "Marla, I want you to call around, and get a hold of Jill Metzner. Oh, call the FBI in Denver, too. Some asshole named Manners."
  • (Christopher Allport) "Who are you?"
  • (Stephen Mendel) "I'm the asshole."

Scott MacDonald as Jack Frost

  • (Scott MacDonald) "I got a point to make."
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Look, Ma. I'm a Picasso."
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Ho ho ho. And what's your name little boy?"
  • (Scott MacDonald) "I can see your house from up here."
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Don't eat yellow snow."
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Say, pal, how about a smoke?"
  • (Unnamed) "Say, Frost, why don't you shut the hell up?"
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Filtered."
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Is it cold in here or is it just me?"
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Looks like Christmas came a little early this year. Well, I hope it was good for you honey. Oh, I must remember to send flowers."
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Somebody get the number of that truck."
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Looks like Deep Fried Jack's off the menu for tonight, huh?"
  • (Unnamed) "Jesus Christ."
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Gosh. I only axed you for a smoke."

Rob LaBelle as Stone

  • (Rob LaBelle) "What if he doesn't show?"
  • (Stephen Mendel) "Jack was never one to miss a party."
  • (Rob LaBelle) "We hadn't even tested the acid on an amoeba, let alone a human cell. This is a disaster."
  • (Stephen Mendel) "Disaster? You got to learn to look on the bright side of things."
  • (Rob LaBelle) "The bright side?"
  • (Stephen Mendel) "Sure. At least you know it works. It's just a shame that your guinea pig had to be a homicidal maniac like Jack Frost, who I now have to put back -- in a test tube."
  • (Rob LaBelle) "Do something."
  • (Stephen Mendel) "Like what? Teach him how to shoot better?"
  • (Rob LaBelle) "We know it's you, Jack."
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Bah humbug."

F. William Parker as Paul Davrow

  • (F. William Parker) "f***er's a snowman."

Kelly Jean Peters as Sally

  • (Kelly Jean Peters) "Don't you think we ought to put the tree lights on?"
  • (Jack Lindine) "Your son is in cold five hours. You want festivities?"
  • (Kelly Jean Peters) "I was only --"
  • (Jack Lindine) "Yeah, well don't."
  • (Kelly Jean Peters) "She's only talking back to you because she's upset."
  • (Jack Lindine) "Sally, when I want philosophy, I'll turn on "Oprah.""

Darren O. Campbell as Tommy

  • (Darren O. Campbell) "What the hell are you?"
  • (Scott MacDonald) "The world's most pissed-off snow cone."
  • (Darren O. Campbell) "I said, who's there?"
  • (Scott MacDonald) "Well it ain't f***ing Frosty."

Marsha Clark as Marla

  • (Marsha Clark) "You were right the first time, Sam; 'asshole.'"
  • (Marsha Clark) "Your place or mine?"
  • (Chip Heller) "Yours."
  • (Marsha Clark) "Come on."

Stephen Mendel as Agent Manners

  • (Stephen Mendel) "Have the MV's been moved?"
  • (Christopher Allport) "Motor vehicles?"
  • (Stephen Mendel) "Have the murder victims been moved yet?"
  • (Christopher Allport) "No, uh, Jake and Sally Metzner have not been moved yet."
  • (Stephen Mendel) "Fine. First take me to the crime scene. 'Scuse me, Jake and Sally's place. If everything checks out as I think it will, I'll have a task force in here by midnight."
  • (Christopher Allport) "Does this mean this case is being taken out of my hands?"
  • (Stephen Mendel) "It was never in them, Sheriff."
  • (Stephen Mendel) "Agent Manners."
  • (Christopher Allport) "FBI?"
  • (Stephen Mendel) "Sure. Why not?"

Zack Eginton as Ryan Tiler

  • (Zack Eginton) "I hope he breaks his face."
  • (Nathan Hague) "What did you say?"
  • (Zack Eginton) "Nothing."
  • (Nathan Hague) "Nobody says nothing behind my back."
  • (Zack Eginton) "I didn't do it."

Chip Heller as Deputy Foster

  • (Chip Heller) "What the Hell's eating him?"
  • (Christopher Allport) "I bet you it ain't his girlfriend."

Eileen Seeley as Anne

  • (Eileen Seeley) "I thought you destroyed those."
  • (Christopher Allport) "I wish it was that easy."
  • (Eileen Seeley) "Sam, he's gone, and he can't come back. The only place he exists now is in here."

Brian Leckner as Deputy Pullman

  • (Brian Leckner) "You don't reckon that we keep her up for the twelve days of Christmas, then?"

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