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James Dean (2001 film) Quotes

James Dean is a TV program that was first aired in 2001 on TNT (U.S. TV network). James Dean ended its run in 1970.

It features George W. Perkins (television producer) as producer, John Frizzell (composer) as theme composer, and Robbie Greenberg as head of cinematography.

Each episode of James Dean is 120 minutes long.

The cast includes: James Franco as James Dean, Michael Moriarty as Winton Dean, and Samuel Gould as Martin Landau.

James Dean Quotes

James Franco as James Dean

  • (Rolf Wütherich) "See that piece on you in the LA Times?"
  • (James Franco) "No, why? I get hammered?"
  • (Rolf Wütherich) "Opposite. They said you're gonna get bigger than Brando and Clift together. Can you believe it?"
  • (James Franco) ""I'm playing the drums. Go to hell.""
  • (James Franco) "I need to talk to you."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Ethel's waiting for me."
  • (James Franco) "Well, then why don't you let her wait."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Now, hold on, young man. Don't take that attitude with me."
  • (James Franco) "No, I need to talk to you right now."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "But I don't have to --"
  • (James Franco) "No, look. Everybody thinks I'm great except you."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Well, fine, listen to them --"
  • (James Franco) "Don't you read the papers? I'm in the papers. Everybody wants to meet me except you. Why? Why is that?"
  • (Michael Moriarty) "The stupidest mistake you've ever made --"
  • (James Franco) "Just shut up and listen to me. Why don't you talk to me? You're my father."
  • (James Franco) "Please."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "I deserve some damn respect --"
  • (James Franco) "Dad, I was 9 years old. 9 years old. Now open your mouth and talk to me."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Just calm down."
  • (James Franco) "You talk to me. Dad, please. Talk to me, please."
  • (Rolf Wütherich) "Watch that Ford."
  • (Rolf Wütherich) "He's turning left."
  • (James Franco) "He's gotta see us."

Michael Moriarty as Winton Dean

  • (Michael Moriarty) "That's a nice car."
  • (James Franco) "Yeah, it's alluminum. They only made 30."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Must have cost a lot."
  • (James Franco) "Well, I got a lot."

Samuel Gould as Martin Landau

  • (Samuel Gould) "You never know. I mean look at me; when I tried out for "Tennesse Williams" I thought I was terrible."
  • (James Franco) "You were terrible -- you didn't get the part"
  • (Samuel Gould) "Just a detail."

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