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Jane Eyre (2006 miniseries) Quotes

Jane Eyre is a Historical period drama that debuted in 2006 on BBC One. Jane Eyre ended in 2006.

Jane Eyre lasted 4 episodes. It features Diederick Santer as producer, Rob Lane as theme composer, and Mike Eley as head of cinematography. Jane Eyre is executive produced by Phillippa Giles.

Jane Eyre is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Jane Eyre is 240 minutes long. Jane Eyre is produced by WGBH-TV for BBC.

The cast includes: Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre, Andrew Buchan as St John Rivers, and Daniel Pirrie as Richard Mason.

Jane Eyre Quotes

Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre

  • (Ruth Wilson) "Hurry, Hannah. We must light the fires before they arrive."
  • (Hannah) "She wants fire in every room, in places where they never were."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "What's the use of five thousands pounds if you can't light a few fires at Christmas?"
  • (Andrew Buchan) "Twenty thousands."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "St. John, I'll not hear another word. We've been over it again and again. Our uncle left a nephew and three nieces. We must all profit from his will equally."
  • (Andrew Buchan) "Jane, you've never had money. You do not know what use you may put it to."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "And you've never been without family. I will have a brother and sisters, and a home."
  • (Andrew Buchan) "I'll be a brother to you, whether you share the money our uncle left you, you and only you, or not."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Leaving you with nothing, unable to realize your dreams and me with a fortune. I know enough about money to realize that will not make me happy"
  • (Andrew Buchan) "What of the future? If you should marry?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "I'll never marry."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "So this St. John person you've been mentioning so often. What of him?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Well, he's tall. He has blue eyes and a Grecian profile."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "He's handsome then, compared to me."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Oh, he's much more handsome than you. And he's a far better Christian of course than you ever were."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Well I thanked God last night for your sudden reappearance. The other night I cried out to Him in my despair. Called your name too. What about his brain this Rivers fellow? Find yourself getting bored when he speaks?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "He doesn't say very much, but what he says is to the point. His brain is first rate."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Did he study much? Taught you things?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Oh yes, he taught me languages."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "All right, why did he do that?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "He wanted me to go with him to Africa."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "He wanted you to marry him?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "He asked me to marry him."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "You're lying. You made this up to torment me."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "He asked me more than once."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Well I think you might take yourself off and go elsewhere. And why are you still here? You've done your duty. You've assured yourself that I am still living, still living a tenth of a life. You, heiress."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Jane, I want a wife. I want a wife, not a nursemaid to look after me. I want a wife to share my bed every night. All day if we wish. If I can't have that, I'd rather die. We're not the platonic sort, Jane."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Can you see me?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Then hear this Edward. Your life is not yours to give up. It is mine. All mine. And I forbid it."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Sir, I need to have a leave of absence for a week or two, to see a sick lady who's asked for me."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "What sick lady?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Her name is Reed. She's my uncle's wife."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Uncle? You told me you had no family."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "My aunt cast me out when I went away to school."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Why?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Because I was poor. And she did not like me."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "And she sent you to Lowood without so much as a word or a visit in nearly ten years. So why does she suddenly want to see you now?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Her son John is dead. He ruined himself. She's now struck down with his misfortune. I'll only be gone two weeks, I hope."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Two weeks? That's not possible."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "You have company, sir."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Very well. But promise me, you'll not stay with this undeserving aunt more than a week."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "I cannot promise you. She is dying. I cannot set a time on that."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Of course, you'll go. I haven't got the power to stop you. You must have some money. Can't travel without money. I haven't given you any salary yet, remember? How much have you, Jane, in whole the world?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Five shillings, sir."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Here, take fifty pounds."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "No, Sir. You only owe me fifteen. I have no change."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "I don't want change, Jane. You know that. Take your wages."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "You're right. Better not give you all that. You might stay away for three months. Here. There's ten. Wasn't that enough?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Yes, sir. But you still owe me five."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Then, come back for it."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Sir, I have to ask you something else, a matter of business. You have as good as said you intend to be married."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Really? That has been settled then, has it? You've decided that Miss Ingram is to be my bride. Now I see it. You're going to prevail upon that miserable family to find you a new situation. Ungrateful girl, admit it."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "No, sir. I've told you they do not like me, sir. To offer such a service -- I shall advertise."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Devil, you will. Advertise. I wish I'd only offered you a sovereign, not ten whole pounds. Give me back nine."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Jane, I have need of it."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "No, sir. I do not trust you."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "You think because I am poor, plain, obscure and little, that I have no heart?"
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Take my trunk on up to Thornfield, would you?"
  • (Unnamed) "Won't you ride, Miss? You've had a very long journey."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "No, I'm nearly home. It's my favorite walk."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "There you are. You're back. Ungrateful thing, I give you leave for a week and you're gone a whole month. I want my money back, since you have me so little in your thoughts."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "I said I was going to be gone for as long as I was needed. And I was. And you still owe me wages."

Andrew Buchan as St John Rivers

  • (Andrew Buchan) "We sail in six weeks. We must make marriage preparations."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Why can we not travel as brother and sister? As equals?"
  • (Andrew Buchan) "That would be impossible."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "St. John, you do not love me."
  • (Andrew Buchan) "Love is not an ingredient in this matter."
  • (Andrew Buchan) "I fear you have not forgotten your old association despite the harm he tried to do you."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "I'll never see any of them again. But I owe a debt to my friends at Thornfield Hall. In many ways, I started my life there. I became Jane Eyre."
  • (Andrew Buchan) "God made Jane Eyre. You surely don't give this man Rochester any credit for that."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "Of course not. I've always known myself. But he was the first to recognize me. And to love what he saw."
  • (Ruth Wilson) "I'll give you your answer St. John soon, don't worry. And if I go with you that will be my decision. You'll have him to thank for that."

Daniel Pirrie as Richard Mason

  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "Take care of him at your house. We'll head over in a day or two to see how he does."
  • (Doctor Carter) "Very well."
  • (Daniel Pirrie) "Edward --"
  • (Daniel Pirrie) "Take care of her as tenderly as you can."
  • (Edward Fairfax Rochester) "I'll do my best. As I always have and always will."

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