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Jaws 3-D Quotes

Jaws 3-D is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Jaws 3-D ended in 1970.

It features Rupert Hitzig as producer, Alan Parker (musician) in charge of musical score, and James A. Contner as head of cinematography.

Jaws 3-D is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Jaws 3-D is 99 minutes long. Jaws 3-D is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Bess Armstrong as Kathryn Morgan, Dennis Quaid as Mike Brody, Louis Gossett, Jr. as Calvin Bouchard, P. H. Moriarty as Ted, Simon MacCorkindale as Philip FitzRoyce, P. H. Moriarty as Jack Tate, John Putch as Sean Brody, and Lea Thompson as Kelly Ann Bukowski.

Jaws 3-D Quotes

Louis Gossett, Jr. as Calvin Bouchard

  • (Louis Gossett, Jr.) "We are having dinner here."
  • (Louis Gossett, Jr.) "No grenades."
  • (Unnamed) "Why don't we blow it up?"
  • (Louis Gossett, Jr.) "Listen, nephew. There's a $2-1/2 million turbine that's not gonna go up in smoke because of some damn fish. Shut the pumps down."
  • (Louis Gossett, Jr.) "Was it the shark?"
  • (Bess Armstrong) "It was a shark. It was a shark with a bite radius about a yard across."
  • (Simon MacCorkindale) "Don't be silly. That would indicate a shark of some 35 feet in length."

Dennis Quaid as Mike Brody

  • (Dennis Quaid) "I see my brother nailed you, eh?"
  • (Lea Thompson) "Your brother?"
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Yeah, believe it or not."
  • (Bess Armstrong) "If he wouldn't have pulled that old crotch trick, he never would have won."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Yeah. That's his best move."
  • (Bess Armstrong) "It runs in the family."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "You put on weight, you need a shave, and you're too tall."
  • (John Putch) "Well, uh, two of out of three I can fix, huh?"
  • (Dennis Quaid) "I don't believe it. She got him in the water."
  • (Bess Armstrong) "Never underestimate the power, huh?"
  • (Dennis Quaid) "White sharks are dangerous. I know 'em. My father, my brother, myself. They're murders."

P. H. Moriarty as Jack Tate

  • (P. H. Moriarty) "Damn boat. I flooded the damn boat."

Bess Armstrong as Kathryn Morgan

  • (Bess Armstrong) "Our shark couldn't have killed Overman. Its mother did."
  • (Louis Gossett, Jr.) "You're talkin' about some damn shark's mother?"
  • (Bess Armstrong) "Overman was killed inside the park. The baby was caught inside the park. Its mother is inside the park."
  • (Bess Armstrong) "Overman was killed inside the park, the baby was caught inside the park, the mother is inside the park."
  • (Bess Armstrong) "He needs eyes in the back of his head, Calvin."

Simon MacCorkindale as Philip FitzRoyce

  • (Simon MacCorkindale) "But tell me, how do you contain the sharks in this part of the lagoon?"
  • (Louis Gossett, Jr.) "Well, you know, uh, it's that old shark screen, the bubble screen. You know, shark's don't like that. It's what they call, uh, marine segregation."
  • (Simon MacCorkindale) "Then perhaps we can have a drink and some dinner tonight?"
  • (Bess Armstrong) "Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. FitzRoyce, but that's a behavior I just don't do."

John Putch as Sean Brody

  • (John Putch) "I was this close doing it in the water last night, and that's a first."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "This close, huh?"

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