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John Q. Quotes

John Q. is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . John Q. ended its run in 1970.

It features Mark Burg as producer, Aaron Zigman in charge of musical score, and Rogier Stoffers as head of cinematography.

John Q. is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of John Q. is 116 minutes long. John Q. is distributed by New Line Cinema.

John Q. Quotes

  • (Mitch) "YOU STUPID BITCH."
  • (Julie Bird) "That's for beating the s*** out of me."
  • (Julie Bird) "That is for being an asshole. And this, this is for calling me a bitch."
  • (Lester) "Oo I felt that one."
  • (Julie Bird) "I'm not gonna be your Barbie any more."
  • (Lester) "All that ass and muscles to go with it. Man, I knew damn well that wasn't no blonde."
  • (Lester) "John -- you're my hero."
  • (Max Conlin) "So what? Are you just gonna go in there and "off" yourself?"
  • (John Q. Archibald) "Only one thing is gonna stop me."
  • (Max Conlin) "Yeah, and what is that?"
  • (John Q. Archibald) "If Mitch is B positive."
  • (Mitch) "Oh Hell no. Uh-uh. No way baby."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "See you in the funny papers."
  • (Mike Archibald) "Dad. Thank you."
  • (Mitch) "This country man, can't go anywhere without getting' mugged, or murdered or stabbed. Kids killin' their classmates, drivebys, ya know, I won't even go into a post office any more."
  • (Steve Maguire) "Shut up, Mitch."
  • (Dr. Turner) "No, you shut up. I hate the little bastard but he's right. You know how easy it is to get a gun in the country? In five minutes, boom, gun show."
  • (Dr. Turner) "Shut up. Enough already. I've heard all the bitching and moaning I can stand for one day all right? Look, if you want to regard me as some kind of blood-sucking vampire, then fine, great, I'll be the bad guy."
  • (Dr. Turner) "but who's holding the f***ing gun?"
  • (Rebecca Payne) "If you give in to this guy, there's gonna be guns in every hospital in the country. What, you think Mr. Archibald's the only one who has a sick child? Have you checked out the HIV ward? There's a whole floor full. People get sick, they die. That's the way it goes. I'm faced with decisions like this every single day."
  • (Chief Gus Monroe) "The fact remains, though, that there's a man threatening to kill innocent people because you refuse to help a son."
  • (Rebecca Payne) "The fact is that there are 50 million people in this country without medical insurance. If you like to change it, you should call your congressman."
  • (Unnamed) "We got sound. Boss. We got sound."
  • (Tuck Lampley) "What about picture? We need picture."
  • (Unnamed) "Hold on boss, I'm gonna make you famous."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "Just try to stay awake for a minute, son, I need to tell you a few things."
  • (Mike Archibald) "Okay, Dad."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "You always listen to your mother, understand? Do what she tells you to do. She's your best friend. Tell her you love her every day. You're too young for girls right now but there's gonna come a time, and when it does, you treat them like princesses, because that's what they are. When you say you're gonna do something, you do it. Because your word is your bond, son, that's all you have. And money, you make money if you get a chance. Even if you gotta sell out every once in a while, you make as much money as you can. Don't be stupid like your father; everything is so much easier with money, son. Don't smoke. Be kind to people. If somebody chooses you, you stand up, you be a man. And you stay away from the bad things, son. Please, don't be caught up in the bad things; there are so many great things out there for you. I'll never leave you. I'm always with you, right there"
  • (John Q. Archibald) ". I love you son."
  • (Mike Archibald) "No goodbyes, you know I don't like goodbyes. See you later."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "The hospital is under new management now. Free health care for everyone."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "Who was driving?"
  • (Mitch) "Huh?"
  • (John Q. Archibald) "The car. Who was driving?"
  • (Mitch) "I was. What's that got to do with anything?"
  • (John Q. Archibald) "Why's your girl all banged up and you're not?"
  • (Mitch) "What do you call this?"
  • (Mitch) "What are you laughing at?"
  • (Lester) "Somebody get this fool a band-aid. I don't want you to bleed to death."
  • (Mitch) "Screw you man. This s*** hurts."
  • (Julie Bird) "His airbag went off and mine didn't."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "What kind of car do you drive?"
  • (Mitch) "Mercedes 500."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "You drive a Mercedes 500? Oh. What year?"
  • (Mitch) "1986. It's a classic."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "Mercedes didn't make passenger side air-bags til 1988."
  • (Lester) "Busted."
  • (Denise) "I would tell you what I think of you, but I am a Christian woman."
  • (Lester) "I get it, you a member of the Slapaho Tribe."
  • (Jimmy Palumbo) "I've got to be honest this whole thing sucks, it could've all been avoided incredibly easy, none of this had to happen if John could've been a millionaire or if his last name was Rockefeller, sometimes he doesn't understand what we hold sacred in this country isn't values, its "value" that's important, we've got haves and we've got have not we've got white collar, blue collar and then we've got no collar, inside the hospital we've got "luck surgery" and "out of luck surgery", there's a lot of people out there who don't have two hundred fifty grand in their bill fold, seeing a man like that backing into a corner it seems to me "something" is out of whack not "someone""
  • (Employee Manager) "Your policy has changed, Mr. Archibald."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "Changed to what?"
  • (Employee Manager) "Yeah, we recently switched carriers from a PPO to a HMO. It's a less expensive policy, but unfortunately, there are some restrictions."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "What kind of restrictions?"
  • (Employee Manager) "Here's how it works: Non-management part-time employees, such as yourself, only qualify for second tier catastrophic coverage."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "No, no. I'm not part-time. I'm full-time. It's just slow right now."
  • (Employee Manager) "Sure, but your coverage is based on hours worked and like I said, you only qualify for second tier. And that has a maximum payout limit of $20,000."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "What? Wha- I-I mean-I mean, you guys have been taking money out of my paycheck every week. I've been paying into this policy for years."
  • (Employee Manager) "Right. And that's why we're gonna cover you for the full twenty."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "You can't be right. I mean, come on. Alright, let me get this straight: You're telling me that you have dropped me from full-time to part-time. You switched carriers. Now you're telling me I'm not fully covered? Even though I got a policy that says I am?"
  • (Employee Manager) "It doesn't seem right, does it?"
  • (John Q. Archibald) "No, it doesn't seem right. I mean, my son is sick. If I'm not covered, I've got a serious problem."
  • (Employee Manager) "I understand that, uh, but there's nothing I can do. Look, you can file for an appeal."
  • (John Q. Archibald) "Yeah?"
  • (Employee Manager) "Here you go. That takes about seven working days."
  • (Denise) "They are releasing him, now you need to do something. DO YOU HEAR ME. DO SOMETHING."

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