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Journey to Babel Quotes

Journey to Babel is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Journey to Babel ended in 1970.

It features Gerald Fried in charge of musical score.

Journey to Babel Quotes

  • (Amanda) "When you were five years old and came home stiff-lipped, anguished, because the other boys tormented you, saying that you weren't really Vulcan, I watched you knowing that, inside -- that the human part of you was crying, and I cried, too. There must be some part of me in you, some part that I still can reach. If being Vulcan is more important to you, then you'll stand there speaking rules and regulations from Starfleet and Vulcan philosophy and -- and let your father die, and -- then I'll hate you for the rest of my life."
  • (Spock) "Mother --"
  • (Amanda) "Oh, go to him, now, please."
  • (Spock) "I cannot."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "I'm sorry about your father."
  • (Spock) "Yes, it could adversely affect our mission."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "Aren't you worried about him?"
  • (Spock) "Worry is a human emotion, Captain. I accept what has happened."
  • (Spock) "Sarek understands my reason."
  • (Amanda) "Well, I don't. It's not human. Oh, that's not a dirty word. You're human, too. Let that part of you come through. You're father's dying."
  • (Spock) "Mother, how can you have lived on Vulcan so long, married a Vulcan, raised a son on Vulcan, without understanding what it means to be a Vulcan?"
  • (Amanda) "Well, if this is what it means, I don't want to know."
  • (Amanda) "After all these years with humans, you still haven't learned to smile."
  • (Spock) "Humans smile with so little provocation."
  • (McCoy) "Shut up."
  • (McCoy) "Shh. Shh."
  • (McCoy) "Well, what do you know? I finally got the last word."
  • (Gav) "There will be payment for your slander, Sarek."
  • (Sarek) "Threats are illogical. And payment is usually expensive."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "Mr. Spock, we'll leave orbit in two hours. Would you care to beam down and visit your parents?"
  • (Spock) "Captain, Ambassador Sarek and his wife ARE my parents."
  • (McCoy) "Mrs. Sarek, you must understand the chances are extremely small to find a way to produce sufficient T-negative blood."
  • (Spock) "Indeed. I would estimate the odds --"
  • (Amanda) "Please don't."
  • (McCoy) "Where do you think you're going?"
  • (Spock) "I must see the captain."
  • (McCoy) "My patients don't walk out in the middle of an operation."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "How was he killed?"
  • (McCoy) "His neck was broken -- by an expert."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "Explain."
  • (McCoy) "Well, from the nature and location of the break, I'd say the killer knew exactly where to apply pressure to snap the neck instantly."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "Who aboard would have that knowledge?"
  • (Spock) "Vulcans. On Vulcan the method is called Tal-Shaya. It was considered a merciful form of execution in ancient times."
  • (Thelev) "You see, I had orders to self-destruct, too. Slow poison. Quite painless, actually, but there's no known antidote. I anticipate another 10 minutes of life."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "Get him to Sick Bay."
  • (Thelev) "I seem to have miscalculated."
  • (Sarek) "Tellarites do not argue for reasons. They simply argue."
  • (McCoy) "Spock, I've always suspected you were a little more human than you let on. Mrs. Sarek, I know about the rigorous training of the Vulcan youth, but tell me, did he ever run and play like the human children, even in secret?"
  • (Amanda) "Well, he, uh, he did have a pet Sehlat he was very fond of."
  • (McCoy) "Sehlat?"
  • (Amanda) "It's sort of a -- a fat teddy bear."
  • (McCoy) "A teddy bear?"
  • (Sarek) "Excuse me, Doctor. It has been a rather long day for my wife. Captain."
  • (Captain James T. Kirk) "Ambassador."
  • (McCoy) ""A teddy bear.""
  • (Spock) "Not precisely, Doctor. On Vulcan the "teddy bears" are alive, and they have 6-inch fangs"
  • (McCoy) "Dress uniforms; spit and polish. I don't know how much longer I'm gonna be able to stand this. I feel like my neck's in a sling."

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