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Judge Priest Quotes

Judge Priest is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Judge Priest ended in 1970.

It features Sol M. Wurtzel as producer, Cyril J. Mockridge in charge of musical score, and George Schneiderman as head of cinematography.

Judge Priest is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Judge Priest is 80 minutes long. Judge Priest is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Charley Grapewin as Sergeant Jimmy Bagby, Winter Hall as Judge Floyd Fairleigh, Stepin Fetchit as Jeff Poindexter, Berton Churchill as Senator Horace Maydew, Hattie McDaniel as Aunt Dilsey, and Tom Brown as Jerome Priest.

Judge Priest Quotes

Charley Grapewin as Sergeant Jimmy Bagby

  • (Charley Grapewin) "Have a snifter? Good corn."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "You can smell the feet of the boy that ploughed it."

Stepin Fetchit as Jeff Poindexter

  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Oh, Jeff. Jeff. Come on. Come on. Hurry up, here. Come on, here, when I holler at you. Where you been?"
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Yes sir, well, I was just, I was --"
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Say, listen. You want to, you want to earn that ole coon skin coat of mine?"
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "I can have that coon coat jacket? Thank you."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Hey, yeah, wait a minute, come back here. You can, if you do everything I tell you to. Ah, do you know a gentleman by the name of Mr. Horace Maydew?"
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Yes sir, that mean man in that cold house."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Yeah. Well, now, you see that he gets that."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "But, don't let him know how it got there."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "That's all I got to do? Thank you."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Say, wait a minute. Can, can you play Dixie on that thing, there?"
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "With that coon coat, yes, I play Dixie with Marching Through Georgia."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Wait, hey, Marchin' Through Georgia? Yeah, I got you out of one lynchin'."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Yes, with that coon coat, I know I was going to get."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "If I catch you playin' that Marchin' Through Georgia, I'll join the lynchers."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Here, come here, what, what do you use for bait?"
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Oh, I got hunk of beef liver."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Beef liver?"
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Yeah. Take the beef liver and put it on there and chuck it out there. Let them have the first piece, for nothin', see and then you put some more on there and chuck it out there and then they think they're going to get that for nothin' and then you catch 'em as long as you got the liver."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "I gotta have this good ole pretty vest, hangin' up in there, doin' nothin'."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "By Grant, well, placate you, I thought I told you to stay away from that vest."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "But, it just a got hung up on my arm."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "And you got my coat on there, too."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Yes, but, this ole skunk coat"
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Skunk coat."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "I mean possum."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "What do you mean, possum?"
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "A rabbit."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Rabbit? Say listen, every inch of that is raccoon. It better be raccoon. I took it off a rich Yankee."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Alright, come on with that beef liver, now."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Oh, the beef liver in the bait bag. I always keep it in here."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Hurry up now."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "That liver?"
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Oh, gee, don't tell, don't tell me you ain't got it?"
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Looks like that liver done walked off by itself."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Lord, I ain't gonna catch any catfish if I ain't got no bait. Take this dime, now. Hurry on back to town and get me that beef liver."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Alright."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Hurry up, now."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Alright, sir. Actually runnin' now."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "You gonna put your shoes on?"
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "I gonna save 'em in case my feet wear out. Then, I have 'em."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "As much sittin' around you do, it won't be your feet that will wear out."
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Hey, hey boy, wake up there. Sheriff, wake him up there. If anybody's going to sleep in this court, it'll be me."
  • (Sheriff Birdsong) "Hey, wake up."
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "What?"
  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Come here, boy. Come on over here. What's your name?"
  • (Stepin Fetchit) "Um, Jeff Poindexter."

Winter Hall as Judge Floyd Fairleigh

  • (Judge William 'Billy' Priest) "Your honor, as I recollect the procedure, at the time bein' I'm an ordinary member of the bar in good standing."
  • (Winter Hall) "Not ordinary, sir, but absolutely in good standing."

Hattie McDaniel as Aunt Dilsey

  • (Hattie McDaniel) "Praise the Lord, Mr. 'Rome. Is you in or is you in?"
  • (Tom Brown) "Hi, Aunt Dilsey."
  • (Hattie McDaniel) "How come you here? The Judge say you up there at that college learnin' to be a lawyer man."
  • (Tom Brown) "Aunt Dilsey, I got stomach trouble."
  • (Hattie McDaniel) "Lord, help you, white child. What them Yankees been feedin' you?"
  • (Tom Brown) "Not a darn thing. That's the trouble. What have you got for supper?"
  • (Hattie McDaniel) "Mr. 'Rome, you stay here. I is goin' to kill the high-steppin'ist rooster in the yard and a great big bowl of gravy and grits."
  • (Tom Brown) "And waffles?"
  • (Hattie McDaniel) "Don't you worry none, honey, you is home now."

Berton Churchill as Senator Horace Maydew

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