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King Kong Escapes Quotes

King Kong Escapes is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . King Kong Escapes completed its run in 1970.

It features Tomoyuki Tanaka as producer, Akira Ifukube in charge of musical score, and Hajime Koizumi as head of cinematography.

King Kong Escapes is recorded in Japanese language and originally aired in Japan. Each episode of King Kong Escapes is 104 minutes (Japan) long. King Kong Escapes is distributed by Toho (Japan).

The cast includes: Hideyo Amamoto as Dr. Who, Mie Hama as Madame Piranha, Rhodes Reason as Commander Carl Nelson, Akira Takarada as Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura, Osman Yusuf as First Submariner, and Ikio Sawamura as Mondo Islander.

King Kong Escapes Quotes

Mie Hama as Madame Piranha

  • (Mie Hama) "Can you get Kong to obey you? You should consider that."
  • (Hideyo Amamoto) "You should know that I do."
  • (Mie Hama) "You're a failure."
  • (Hideyo Amamoto) "Not a chance of that."
  • (Mie Hama) "Kong was apparently gentle with Miss Watson, may I ask why?"
  • (Mie Hama) "Miss Watson, do you know a reason you could tell them?"
  • (Rhodes Reason) "It's very easy for us to understand. You see, as ridiculous as it may sound, Kong is a male and, uh, Miss Watson is -- Well, see for yourselves, gentlemen."
  • (Mie Hama) "You can control Kong as Nelson did. The woman is his secret. Susan Watson could get Kong to do anything she asked. Might I ask, what do we do with Wason and Neslon when we're through?"
  • (Hideyo Amamoto) "That is quite easy. Merely a deadly detail."
  • (Mie Hama) "I'll support you 30 days more. How you do it is your concern."

Hideyo Amamoto as Dr. Who

  • (Hideyo Amamoto) "This could be our last chance to get Kong. At sea, our robot Kong cannot get him. On ground, the machine will take the real Kong without any doubt."
  • (Mie Hama) "I'm not concerned about which one wins."
  • (Hideyo Amamoto) "Can Kong stay in the water a long time?"
  • (Akira Takarada) "Yes, he can swim a little. More than you can."

Akira Takarada as Lt. Commander Jiro Nomura

  • (Akira Takarada) "I don't know. Do you really think we could locate Kong?"
  • (Rhodes Reason) "I'm sure we'll find him -- as long as they haven't taken him to the North Pole."
  • (Akira Takarada) "Wish we could have talked to the old one sooner."
  • (Rhodes Reason) "He told us enough. I've an idea who the kidnapper is. It must be my old friend, that international Judas, Dr. Who."
  • (Lieutenant Susan Watson) "Kong. Kong. King Kong."
  • (Akira Takarada) "Don't call."
  • (Rhodes Reason) "Yeah, let him go."
  • (Lieutenant Susan Watson) "But he's going."
  • (Rhodes Reason) "He's going home. I think he's had enough of what we call civilization."

Rhodes Reason as Commander Carl Nelson

  • (Reporter) "Uh, at the meeting of the scientific community this morning, it was decided to send the explorer out again. Is this for the purpose of capturing Kong?"
  • (Rhodes Reason) "No, not to capture him, but to study him in his natural habitat. It would be, to say the least, difficult to care for him here in New York."
  • (Rhodes Reason) "He said an Oriental skeleton, a devil who lies like a gutter rat, kidnapped Kong and took him away into the skies."
  • (Rhodes Reason) "This is Mondo Island, the home of Kong. And in addition to Kong, there are mammoth reptiles living on the island that have long since become extinct on other continents. This island could be called a living museum of the prehistoric age."

Ikio Sawamura as Mondo Islander

  • (Ikio Sawamura) "Wong Kong. Wong Kong."
  • (Rhodes Reason) "Wong -- That means King. The natives call him King Kong. He said we're trespassing on Kong's home."
  • (Lieutenant Susan Watson) "You mean he actually exists?"
  • (Rhodes Reason) "We'll soon find out."

Osman Yusuf as First Submariner

  • (Osman Yusuf) "Lieutenant."
  • (Lieutenant Susan Watson) "Good morning."
  • (Unnamed) "Boy, with a good looking nurse like that on board, I wouldn't mind running a fever."
  • (Lieutenant Susan Watson) "Just remember, sailor. I've got lots of castor oil in sick bay. And you too."
  • (Unnamed) "Y-yes, Sir. Ma'am. Lieutenant."

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