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Krippendorf's Tribe Quotes

Krippendorf's Tribe is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Krippendorf's Tribe ended its run in 1970.

It features Larry Brezner as producer, Bruce Broughton in charge of musical score, and Dean Cundey as head of cinematography.

Krippendorf's Tribe is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Krippendorf's Tribe is 94 minutes long. Krippendorf's Tribe is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Natasha Lyonne as Shelly Krippendorf, Richard Dreyfuss as James Krippendorf, Gregory Smith as Mickey Krippendorf, Jenna Elfman as Veronica Micelli, Barbara Williams as Irene Harding, Doris Belack as President Porter, Mila Kunis as Mrs. Tournquist, Mila Kunis as Abbey Tournquist, and Lily Tomlin as Ruth Allen.

Krippendorf's Tribe Quotes

Lily Tomlin as Ruth Allen

  • (Lily Tomlin) "You. Me. Go Wasavi."

Jenna Elfman as Veronica Micelli

  • (Jenna Elfman) "Down-da-hatcha. Eat-ah-puke-ah."
  • (Jenna Elfman) "You can kiss my Neolithic butt."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Proud woman. I try to respect her feelings."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Oh, Miss Micelli, you forgot your goat."
  • (Jenna Elfman) "Professor. Come here."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Oh -- Tinker Bell."
  • (Jenna Elfman) "How do I stack up?"
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Well, as the Shelmickedmu would say, "Jagga banga." which roughly translates as, "More pigs than you can imagine.""
  • (Jenna Elfman) "It's so cool to be a globe-trotting fourteen-year-old."
  • (Jenna Elfman) "The Shelmickedmu deal with the same problems we deal with every day: loneliness -- despair -- extreme sexual tension."
  • (Jenna Elfman) "Oh, Pumpkin, do you remember me from yesterday? I'm Veronica Micelli and I've brought this nice reporter."

Richard Dreyfuss as James Krippendorf

  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Another brandy, Professor Micelli?"
  • (Jenna Elfman) "I'd don't think I should."
  • (Jenna Elfman) "No, just a little bit more."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Excuse me. Who is the adult in this room? -- Don't answer that."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "You-ah bitch."
  • (Jenna Elfman) "He says it's a very large and frightening country, filled with many things he thought existed only in myth."
  • (Unnamed) "And he said all of that in three syllables?"
  • (Jenna Elfman) "It's a very concise language, Larry."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Mickey, put the rake down and get on the bus. You can finish killing your pet when you get home."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Excuse me, ah, what exactly is the older brother doing?"
  • (Gregory Smith) "He is completing the ritual dance in which he asks the gods to protect the young boy from the many brides who will want him and his pig wealth."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Edmund, you're looking up to the gods with trepidation -- "Trepidation." -- "Trepidation." -- You're afraid you're brother is actually going to cut your wee-wee off."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Make me proud. Come home different."

Barbara Williams as Irene Harding

  • (Barbara Williams) "Get away from me, you voodoo twit."
  • (Barbara Williams) "Children. Your biological father is here."

Mila Kunis as Abbey Tournquist

  • (Mila Kunis) "Abbey, come out of there."
  • (Mila Kunis) "Not until I'm purified."

Gregory Smith as Mickey Krippendorf

  • (Gregory Smith) "Hey. The Shelmickedmu do not allow their pictures taken without the ritual paint."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Nicely put."
  • (Gregory Smith) "It is our way."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Yo."

Doris Belack as President Porter

  • (Doris Belack) "What are they called?"
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "What are they are called? They are called --"
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "They are called the "Shel -- mick -- edmu.""

Natasha Lyonne as Shelly Krippendorf

  • (Natasha Lyonne) "I just chased poultry through my backyard, looking like Tammy Faye Bakker. You owe me."
  • (Natasha Lyonne) "Let's see -- we've had the backyard circumcision, we've danced with the pigs to assure my fertility; that one really changed my life. What's the next step? Cannibalism? Hey, Mrs. O'Brien, you doing anything tonight? We're having a barbecue, wear some hot sauce."
  • (Natasha Lyonne) "You are pathetic."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "What?"
  • (Natasha Lyonne) "You said we weren't doing any more of these."
  • (Richard Dreyfuss) "Oh, give me a break, I'm dying with dignity out here."
  • (Natasha Lyonne) "Why don't you try living with some?"

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