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Lakshya (film) Quotes

Lakshya (film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Lakshya stopped airing in 1970.

It features Ritesh Sidhwani as producer, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy in charge of musical score, and Christopher Popp as head of cinematography.

Lakshya (film) is recorded in Hindi and originally aired in India. Each episode of Lakshya (film) is 185 minutes long. Lakshya (film) is distributed by Excel Entertainment.

The cast includes: Sushant Singh as Capt. Jalal Akbar, Vishal Vijay as Capt. Saket Ahluwalia, Dogra Regt., Amitabh Bachchan as Col. Sunil Damle, Aditya Srivastav as Pradeep, Om Puri as Subedar Maj. Pritam Singh, M K Raina as Akhilesh Dutta, and Prashant Chainani as Lt. Vishal Srivastav.

Lakshya (film) Quotes

M K Raina as Akhilesh Dutta

  • (M K Raina) "That boy is very confused."
  • (Romila "Romi" Dutta) "That's his only problem, Dad. He just can't decide what he wants to do. His life doesn't have -- What's it called? That --"
  • (M K Raina) "An aim."
  • (Romila "Romi" Dutta) "Aim. That's the word. He has no aim in life; but the day he finds his calling, wait and watch how far he goes."

Om Puri as Subedar Maj. Pritam Singh

  • (Om Puri) "People tell us that war is bad. I ask them, "Who knows this more than a soldier?""
  • (Karan Shergill) "Then why have wars?"
  • (Om Puri) "Sir, the Almighty made only one Earth, but Man's greed divided it. This became mine, that became yours. I'm glad the moon is up in the sky. We would have cut it to bits had it been down here."

Sushant Singh as Capt. Jalal Akbar

  • (Unnamed) "Hello, Gaznavi 3. Why has the firing stopped? Gaznavi 3, come in. Why has the firing stopped?"
  • (Sushant Singh) "The firing has stopped because Gaznabi has reached his destiny. Leave now or, I swear by Allah, we won't spare you."
  • (Unnamed) "What's that? Swear by Allah? Are you a Muslim?"
  • (Sushant Singh) "For you, I am just an Indian."
  • (Sushant Singh) "Where are you from?"
  • (Karan Shergill) "Delhi."
  • (Sushant Singh) "Mm, the capital. I'm from Maliyabad. Ever heard of it?"
  • (Karan Shergill) "Yes, sir."
  • (Sushant Singh) "Where?"
  • (Karan Shergill) "Just now, sir, from you."

Prashant Chainani as Lt. Vishal Srivastav

  • (Prashant Chainani) "What's the matter? Where's your energy? Didn't your mother feed you? You need to have fire in the belly."

Amitabh Bachchan as Col. Sunil Damle

  • (Amitabh Bachchan) "Sahab Dharamvir Singh, organize some of your men and give these fallen soldiers a decent burial."
  • (Subedar Dharamvir Singh) "Yes, sir."
  • (Amitabh Bachchan) "What's the matter? Pradeep?"
  • (Aditya Srivastav) "Sir, I think that -- everyone is reminded of the condition in which -- they've -- returned dead bodies of our soldiers."
  • (Amitabh Bachchan) "I see. I see. That difference divides us, and it should stay that way. Imagine what kind of army refuses to accept the bodies of their own fallen officers and soldiers. Shall we become like them? We're the Indian Army. We maintain decency -- even in our enmity. Sahab Dharamvir Singh, give these men a proper burial -- with due respect."

Vishal Vijay as Capt. Saket Ahluwalia, Dogra Regt.

  • (Romila "Romi" Dutta) "What's going on, man?"
  • (Alwyn) "Mushko, Dras, Kaksar, Batalik; same story everywhere."
  • (Romila "Romi" Dutta) "I don't understand. Why do wars happen? What are so many people dying for? When will we understand? We can't solve issues through war but through peace, and by understanding --"
  • (Vishal Vijay) "JUST SHUT UP. Just shut up."
  • (Vishal Vijay) "Go give this lecture on peace and understanding somewhere else. Get Lost."
  • (Alwyn) "Look, I think you've misunderstood us --"
  • (Vishal Vijay) "You want peace and understanding? Well, I'm for peace and understanding, too. What should we do? Stand by with folded hands before them? Dress up our country on a platter and go over and GIVE it to them? You want peace. Captain Abeer Saxena also wanted peace and understanding. He didn't go attack another country. It was his country that was attacked. That road, that patch of earth that he lay dying on is a part of India's land. To India it belongs. First, go -- have a look at his dead body, THEN give these lectures. Go look at him."

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