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Land of the Blind Quotes

Land of the Blind is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Land of the Blind ended its run in 1970.

It features Philippe Martinez as producer, Guy Farley in charge of musical score, and Emmanuel Kadosh as head of cinematography.

Land of the Blind is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Land of the Blind is 101 minutes long. Land of the Blind is distributed by Bauer Martinez Entertainment.

The cast includes: Donald Sutherland as Thorne, Ralph Fiennes as Joe, Lara Flynn Boyle as First Lady, Tom Hollander as Maximilian II, and Marc Warren as Pool.

Land of the Blind Quotes

Lara Flynn Boyle as First Lady

  • (Lara Flynn Boyle) "Is it really necessary to bother the president with the antics of these malcontents? We don't need to know every time there's a barbecue."
  • (Lara Flynn Boyle) "The condition of criminals is of no importance to the state."

Ralph Fiennes as Joe

  • (Ralph Fiennes) "I know that I have done questionable things, but my role in the assassination of the president is one that even now I cannot say I entirely regret."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "People are being sent to the re-education camps because they wear glasses. Children are rewarded for turning their parents into the secret police."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "I thought you said you'd never live in this gingerbread monstrosity."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Tell me about it. But I'm working all the time, it was easier for me to live here."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "Running a revolution keeps you busy huh?"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "You know it's nearly a full-time job. Give me just a minute will you?"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "You know I don't know how anybody wrote anything before there were computers. Can you imagine the struggle that Dickens or Tolstoy must have gone through writing those nine hundred-page novels with a pen?"
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "As far as I recall, you once wrote with even less."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "How do you remember it all like that, word for word?"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "My entertainment options are kind of limited."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "Have you memorized anything else?"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Shakespeare, books of the Bible --"
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "Nothing better than a big, juicy steak."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "How far does a man have to go to be thought so dangerous that he needs to be locked away, physically separated from the rest of the world, behind stone walls and iron bars? Clearly, it is a last resort."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "From the start, Junior ruled in the shadow of his late father. Papa Max had been a Grade A son of a bitch if ever there was one. Who would have thought we would look back on his reign as the good old days?"
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "For all his brutality, Papa Max was clever enough to make us believe that his tyranny was for our benefit. Junior, on the other hand, had been born day-old stupid and had been losing ground ever since."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "They say I am a war criminal, but everything I did, I did for my country."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "This wasn't my first choice."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "You wanna go fight terrorists?"
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "Yes, sir."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "You don't approve of what we do?"
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "Officially, sir, I have no opinion."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Then you should look into getting one."

Tom Hollander as Maximilian II

  • (Tom Hollander) "They'll remember you as a murderer."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "They'll remember me as a surgeon. A surgeon who cut a cancer from the State."
  • (Unnamed) "Sir, will you have someone come in and refill my water dish?"
  • (Tom Hollander) "Of course, Walter."
  • (Tom Hollander) "I am Maximilian the Second. I am the savior of the nation, I am the guardian of the people, I am the master of all the crawls upon the earth and swims in the sea. And you f***ers have f***ed me in the ass for the last time. I would like him"
  • (Tom Hollander) "eliminated, with extreme prejudice, like -- like -- Marlon Brando. Got it?"
  • (Tom Hollander) "We f***ed your wife before we killed her you know. She loved it. She squealed like the pig that she was. She dug her nails into my back, screaming for more."
  • (Tom Hollander) "Yeah, no, I was in the zone, what can I say?"

Donald Sutherland as Thorne

  • (Donald Sutherland) "We all gave up something for a better world."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "You gave up your son."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "You know, Joe, when our forefathers came to this country, they burned their ships on the shore. There was no turning back."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Study hard, citizen, and soon you will rejoin the general public."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Madame, can you think of any positive contributions your husband has made to this country during his time as president?"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Madame can you think of any reason why your husband should not be put to death for what he has done to this country?"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Let the record show that the witness was silent. No further questions."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "You want to kill a snake? Cut off its head."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "I didn't come to violence casually, you know. But you get to a point where you have no choice but to take up arms against your oppressors."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "True, but under Maximillian's rule we don't kill innocent bystanders"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Nobody standing by is innocent."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Ladies and gentlemen of the court, look upon the face of evil."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Come. Anoint yourselves."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "This prison used to be a hospital."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Hello Joe."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "I didn't think you'd remember me, sir."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Look at you, they made you an officer."
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "Yes sir. And I got married too."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Congratulations."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "D'you ever hear about the Oracle that warned Papa Max that one day his wife was gonna give birth to a son who was gonna kill him and destroy the empire?"
  • (Ralph Fiennes) "Yeah. I heard that."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "And they wonder why Junior is a psychopath. You would be too if your father tried to stick a coat-hanger through your head when you were a fetus."
  • (Unnamed) "You going to wear a uniform today Prisoner 7?"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "You ask me that every morning."
  • (Unnamed) "I ask you that every morning, and every morning you say no. So, you going to wear a uniform?"
  • (Donald Sutherland) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "You really are a pig. You know that, Thorne? A filthy f***ing pig. Give me the regular criminal any day. I've been thinking about it. When you going to give this silly s*** up? Hm?"
  • (Negotiator) "Now about your son, you'll be glad to know that after a lengthy search of many years, we've finally succeeded in locating him. I assume you want to see him? Alive? It's a very simple proposition we're offering. We will guarantee the safety of your son, and will arrange regular visits, for you, with him."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "In exchange for what?"
  • (Negotiator) "Just a few kind words on our behalf."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Go f*** yourself."

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