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Lawnmower Dog Quotes

Lawnmower Dog is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Lawnmower Dog ended in 1970.

Lawnmower Dog Quotes

  • (Rick) "It's a dream, Morty. We're in your dog's dream. The night the dogs captured us, after you cried and crapped your pants, we all went to sleep. Then I used my dream inceptors to put the two of us inside Snuffles' dream."
  • (Morty) "But I-it's been like a whole year."
  • (Rick) "It's been six hours. Dreams move one one-hundredth the speed of reality, and dog time is one-seventh human time. So, you know, every day here is like a minute. It's like Inception, Morty, so if it's confusing and stupid, then so is everyone's favorite movie."
  • (Morty) "Aw, man. I really liked this life. Well, at least I didn't really crap my pants."
  • (Rick) "No, no, that happened before you went to sleep, Morty. You're sleeping in your crap right now. Out of all the things that happened to you, that was the only real thing that, you know, is that you crapped your pants. I mean, it's a mess out there. I got some on my hands, Morty, and then I got it on the dream inceptor, and a piece fell in my mouth."
  • (Jerry Smith) "Hey, wait, hold on a second Rick. You wouldn't by any chance have some sort of crazy science thing you could whip up that could help make this dog a little smarter, would you?"
  • (Rick) "I thought the whole point of having a dog was to feel superior Jerry. If I were you I wouldn't pull that thread."
  • (Rick) "Allah euuh -- Akbar. We're gonna take control of this plane. We're gonna 9/11 it unless Morty Smith gets better grades in math."
  • (Snuffles) "Where are my testicles, Summer? Where are my testicles, Summer? They were removed, where have they gone?"
  • (Summer) "Oh, wow. That's an intense line of questioning, Snuffles."
  • (Snuffles) "Do not call me that. Snuffles was my slave name. You shall now call me Snowball, because my fur is pretty and white."
  • (Rick) "Aw, geez. Looks like Goldenfold has some predilections so shameful he buries them in the dreams of the people in his dreams, including a pervy attraction to your underage sister."
  • (Dream Summer) "Can you blame him? Come on, old man, little boy. Let's make an intergenerational sandwich."

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