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Layer Cake (film) Quotes

Layer Cake (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Layer Cake stopped airing in 1970.

It features Plain list, * Adam Bohling * David Reid * Matthew Vaughn as producer, Lisa Gerrard in charge of musical score, and Ben Davis (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Layer Cake (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Layer Cake (film) is 105 minutes long. Layer Cake (film) is distributed by Sony Pictures Classics.

The cast includes: Michael Gambon as Eddie Temple, Daniel Craig as XXXX, Dragan Mićanović as Dragan, Tom Hardy as Clarkie, Sienna Miller as Tammy, Ben Whishaw as Sidney, Jason Flemyng as Crazy Larry, George Harris as Morty, Tamer Hassan as Terry, Colm Meaney as Gene, Kenneth Cranham as Jimmy Price, Stephen Walters as Shanks, and Louis Emerick as Trevor.

Layer Cake (film) Quotes

Daniel Craig as XXXX

  • (Daniel Craig) "Dragan?"
  • (Dragan Mićanović) "Yes."
  • (Daniel Craig) "I've got an idea -- Why don't you come 'round for breakfast? I'll squeeze some orange juice and grind some coffee and we can talk about this like adults. How's that sound?"
  • (Dragan Mićanović) "Sounds very hospitable."
  • (Daniel Craig) "Do you know where I live?"
  • (Dragan Mićanović) "No."
  • (Daniel Craig) "Well, f*** off then."
  • (Daniel Craig) "Look at me. You're going to get us all shot."
  • (Daniel Craig) "Always remember that one day all this drug monkey business will be legal. They won't leave it to people like me -- not when they finally figure out how much money is to be made; not millions, f***ing billions. Recreational drugs PLC; giving the people what they want -- Good times today, Stupor tomorrow. But this is now, so until prohibition ends make hay whilst the sun shines."
  • (Daniel Craig) "I'm not a gangster. I'm a businessman whose commodity happens to be cocaine."
  • (Daniel Craig) "There were villains, locked away for twelve years for robbing a bank of ten grand, doing time with drippy hippies who were doing twelve months for smuggling two million quid's worth of puff. I mean, work it out, mate. We're in the wrong f***ing game."
  • (Daniel Craig) "I'm not a gangster, just a businessman. And my commodity happens to be cocaine."
  • (Daniel Craig) "I'll treat this lunch like a last supper, feign interest in his nostalgic tales, and get out."
  • (Daniel Craig) "That's a very expansive question."
  • (Kenneth Cranham) "Expansive?"
  • (Kenneth Cranham) "Tell me son, are you a homosexual? The day was when only homosexuals used words like "expansive"."
  • (Daniel Craig) "When I was born the world was a far simpler place. It was all just cops and robbers. But it wasn't for me. Then came the Summer of Love. Hasish and LSD arrived on the scene. There were villains locked away for twelve years for robbing a bank of ten grand, doing time with drippy hippies down six months for smuggling two million quid worth of puff. I mean work it out mate. We're in the wrong f***ing game. Drugs. Changed. Everything. Always remember that one day all this drug monkey business will all be legal. They won't leave it to people like me. Not once they figure out how much money is in it. Not millions. f***ing BILLIONS. Recreational Drugs PLC: "Giving People What They Want." Good times today, stupor tomorrow. But this is now. So while prohibition lasts, make hay while the sun shines. I'm not a gangster. I'm a businessman whose commodity happens to be cocaine. I mean ten years ago a bit of charlie was for pop stars or a celebrities birthday bash. It was demonized by Daily Mail Readers getting drunk in naff wine bars. Now they're my biggest clients. This is Clarkie. Double first at Cambridge in industrial chemistry. Only he's got to pay off his student loans somehow. Today I only deal in Kilos. And, depending on which tariff you use will cost you 28 grand, or fifteen years in prison. Which is more than a rapist. C'est la vie. It is vital that we work to a few golden rules: Always works in small teams. Keep a low profile. Never deal with anyone who doesn't come recommended. I mean it's like selling anything: washing machines, hand made rugs, blow jobs, as long as you don't take the piss people will always come back for more. And that's not to say that we don't have that special kind of magic that turns two kilos into three. But never get too greedy. Know and respect your enemy. It is only very very stupid people who think the law is stupid. And avoid like the plague, loud attention seeking wannabe gangsters who are in it for the glory, to be a face, to be a name. They don't mean to f*** up. They just do. Oh, and forgive me for stating the obvious, but stay away from the end user. They're guaranteed to bring you trouble. As do guns. I hate guns. And violence. But, as some Roman general once said. If you want peace, prepare for war. Morty, and his assistant Terry watch my back. Morty learned to be cautious the hard way. He did ten years inside. He's my bridge to the criminal world. And he insures that the traffic is one way."
  • (Daniel Craig) "Life is so f***ing good I can taste it in my spit."
  • (Daniel Craig) "The art of good business is being a good middleman. Putting people together"
  • (Daniel Craig) "Everyone wants to walk through a door marked "private." Therefore, have a good reason to be affluent."
  • (Daniel Craig) "A Roman general once said, "If you want peace, plan for war.""
  • (Daniel Craig) "I hate guns. Although that one is very pretty --"
  • (Daniel Craig) "My name? If you knew that, you'd be as clever as me."
  • (Daniel Craig) "When I was born, the world was a far simpler place. It was all just cops and robbers."

Tom Hardy as Clarkie

  • (Tom Hardy) "Where are we going, Morty?"
  • (George Harris) "Back to that boatyard. Somebody's about to get a f***ing slap."
  • (Tamer Hassan) "Yes, Morty. About f***ing time."

Stephen Walters as Shanks

  • (Stephen Walters) "DON'T -- be giving it the big -- fockin' innocent with me pal. Because I am NOT a fockin' prick.."

George Harris as Morty

  • (George Harris) "Why did you keep the gun?"
  • (Colm Meaney) "I know it sounds silly now, but it was my favorite."
  • (George Harris) "You better not let the other guns know you have a favorite."
  • (George Harris) "But let's just forget about all of that. Let's have a cup of tea, Mr. Hurst"
  • (George Harris) "Gene, let's listen to this s***. If he's lying, we'll both f***ing kill him."

Dragan Mićanović as Dragan

  • (Dragan Mićanović) "Don't piss in my pocket and tell me it's raining"
  • (Dragan Mićanović) "Don't piss in my pocket and tell me it's raining."

Michael Gambon as Eddie Temple

  • (Michael Gambon) "You're born, you take s***. You get out in the world, you take more s***. You climb a little higher, you take less s***. Till one day you're up in the rarefied atmosphere and you've forgotten what s*** even looks like. Welcome to the layer cake son."
  • (Michael Gambon) "England. Typical. Even drug dealers don't work weekends."
  • (Michael Gambon) "What the f*** is this? A vicar's tea party?"

Colm Meaney as Gene

  • (Colm Meaney) "If you have to kill someone, never ever tell a living soul."
  • (Colm Meaney) "Hey, these pills are going to be a nice catch for my retirement fund. So don't f*** up again, or you'll wish Dragon had shot you between the eyes."
  • (Colm Meaney) "Good luck."
  • (Colm Meaney) "You're going to need one of these."
  • (Daniel Craig) "f*** me, Gene. I f***in' hope not. Are you trying to scare the s*** out of me? I mean, I f***ing hate guns; Although that one is really pretty. What is that, Second World War?"
  • (Colm Meaney) "This what being a gangster gets you. You're not in there 'cause I like you."
  • (George Harris) "I'm beginning to feel left out."
  • (Colm Meaney) "Why? I seem to recall a friend of yours in intensive care after your little -- reunion."
  • (Colm Meaney) "In those days, being black was worse than being Irish."

Louis Emerick as Trevor

  • (Louis Emerick) "It's all about honour and respect with these head-banging nationalist outfits."

Kenneth Cranham as Jimmy Price

  • (Kenneth Cranham) "Details, details. Things to do. Things to get done. Don't bother me with details, just tell me when they're done. Who said that, son?"
  • (Daniel Craig) "Winston Churchill?"
  • (Kenneth Cranham) "Close. No, I said it. James Lionel Price."
  • (Kenneth Cranham) "Yeah, go on my son, do 'im."
  • (Kenneth Cranham) "Bugger."

Sienna Miller as Tammy

  • (Sienna Miller) "I was just rubbing the phone against my fanny. My, oh, my, it's fresh this morning. And look at my nipples, standing up like little soldiers. What is a poor girl to do?"

Jason Flemyng as Crazy Larry

  • (Jason Flemyng) "f***ing females is for poofs."

Ben Whishaw as Sidney

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