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Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High Quotes

Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High completed its run in 1970.

It features Rick Morales as producer, and Robert J. Kral in charge of musical score.

Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High is 78 minutes long. Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High is distributed by Warner Home Video.

The cast includes: Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, Anais Fairweather as Supergirl, Grey Griffin as Wonder Woman, Ashlyn Selich as Batgirl, Cristina Pucelli as Catwoman, Danica McKellar as Frost, Romi Dames as Lena Luthor, Teala Dunn as Bumblebee, Stephanie Sheh as Katana, Ashley Eckstein as Cheetah, and Meredith Salenger as Backlash.

Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High Quotes

Anais Fairweather as Supergirl

  • (Anais Fairweather) "I have an idea. Follow me."
  • (Romi Dames) "Retreating? So soon?"
  • (Cristina Pucelli) "You girls go ahead. We'll distract them."
  • (Romi Dames) "What is that? Is that?"
  • (Lashina) "Sounds like motors."
  • (Danica McKellar) "Who needs superpowers when you've got these? Yahoo."
  • (Anais Fairweather) "Lena's behind this?"
  • (Green Lantern) "What does she have against Super Hero High?"
  • (Grey Griffin) "She still holds a grudge after not being allowed to attend here."
  • (Green Lantern) "So what? She's getting back at them by stealing students?"
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "Maybe, but I doubt it. Lena never thinks small."
  • (Grey Griffin) "The only way we're gonna find out what's going on inside that school is to go to the school ourselves."
  • (Anais Fairweather) "But how? They know we'd never leave Super Hero High."
  • (Grey Griffin) "We need someone new, someone that hasn't been here long. Someone --"
  • (Anais Fairweather) "Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Tree. Really."
  • (Poison Ivy) "Are you okay?"
  • (Anais Fairweather) "This is what happens when friends fight. Other people get hurt."
  • (Poison Ivy) "You're right. I never wanted to, but there was this girl and she said you guys hated us."
  • (Anais Fairweather) "Hated you? I could never hate you. We love you guys, which is why we've been chasing you down all over the globe. We miss you and want to make sure you're okay."
  • (Anais Fairweather) "I'm sorry."
  • (Poison Ivy) "I know. I'm sorry."
  • (Anais Fairweather) "I love you."
  • (Poison Ivy) "Never again."
  • (Anais Fairweather) "Round and round she goes."
  • (Grey Griffin) "Where she stops --"
  • (Grey Griffin) "-- no one knows."

Tara Strong as Harley Quinn

  • (Principal Taller) "Well, isn't this lovely."
  • (Green Lantern) "Who's that?"
  • (Tara Strong) "Principal Taller. She's the headmistress here and loads more than that stick-in-the-mud at Super Hero High."
  • (Principal Taller) "The Rock of Eternity. And placed deep in the bowels --"
  • (Tara Strong) "Bowels?"
  • (Tara Strong) "Come on. Bowels? Seriously? It's funny."
  • (Anais Fairweather) "Bowels."
  • (Tara Strong) "Green Lantern. You came."
  • (Ashley Eckstein) "Well, well. Isn't it the newest Green Lantern. What brings you to our new school?"
  • (Danica McKellar) "Maybe she's tired of being like, what, the 10th Green Lantern at Super Hero High?"
  • (Green Lantern) "Second. Sheesh."
  • (Poison Ivy) "So, what is it, G.L? Why are you here?"
  • (Green Lantern) "Uh, uh --"
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "Stay calm. Just tell them you thought that they were right and they weren't getting a fair shot."
  • (Green Lantern) "Um, I just think you guys were right. Those other girls just think they're so cool, always doing better than everyone else and have you seen Wonder Woman's hair? Dandruff."
  • (Cristina Pucelli) "Totally true."
  • (Grey Griffin) "Hey."
  • (Green Lantern) "I just want to be somewhere I can figure out who I'm supposed to be without the pressure of those other girls."
  • (Ashley Eckstein) "Well then, welcome home."
  • (Green Lantern) "Thanks."

Grey Griffin as Wonder Woman

  • (Grey Griffin) "It'll take more than a few bricks to keep us contained. Supergirl?"
  • (Anais Fairweather) "One hole in the wall coming up."
  • (Grey Griffin) "What just happened?"
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "The only thing that could stop a punch from Supergirl, magic. Which would make sense. This whole place is kind of "magic central.""
  • (Anais Fairweather) "Couldn't figure that one out before I punched the wall?"
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "Sorry."
  • (Grey Griffin) "Wait. If Lena was impersonating Green Lantern, then where is Green Lantern?"
  • (Green Lantern) "Right here."
  • (Anais Fairweather) "Green Lantern."
  • (Grey Griffin) "Listen, Harley. Lena Luthor is using you to steal a bunch of things for -- Well, we don't know that part yet, but we don't want to see you guys get into trouble. You have to believe us."
  • (Tara Strong) "Oh, I believe you."
  • (Grey Griffin) "You do?"
  • (Tara Strong) "I've known pretty much from the start something was going on, but it sounded like a fun time."

Meredith Salenger as Backlash

  • (Principal Taller) "A new recruit?"
  • (Green Lantern) "Yes. I-I'm Green Lantern. I just couldn't stand it at the other school. I hope it's okay that I came over?"
  • (Principal Taller) "Of course, my dear. The more the merrier. Let me introduce to our foreign exchange student, Backlash. Backlash, this is Green Lantern."
  • (Meredith Salenger) "Oh, uh, hello."
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "She looks really familiar."
  • (Green Lantern) "Hi. It's nice to meet you."
  • (Meredith Salenger) "You too."
  • (Green Lantern) "Ow. Quite a grip you have there."
  • (Meredith Salenger) "Oh, sorry. I learned it in weight-lifting."
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "Lashina. That's why she looked familiar."
  • (Anais Fairweather) "Lashina? Really? Wow, she should totally wear her hair like that all the time. It looks really great."
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "It really does."
  • (Grey Griffin) "Really frames her face."

Teala Dunn as Bumblebee

  • (Teala Dunn) "After you."
  • (Stephanie Sheh) "No, no. I insist."
  • (Teala Dunn) "No, please."
  • (Tara Strong) "Oh, come on."
  • (Tara Strong) "A little friendly competition never hurt no one. That's one for me."

Ashlyn Selich as Batgirl

  • (Green Lantern) "This isn't creepy at all. Can you guys hear me?"
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "We hear you loud and clear, Green Lantern. With the comlink in your ear and the new Batgirl up-link contacts, you're five-five-five."
  • (Anais Fairweather) "She's 25? I didn't realize she was that old. Green Lantern, you look great."
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "It's an expression. It means she's perfect."
  • (Green Lantern) "Aw, that's so sweet of you to say. Thanks, Batgirl."
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "Catwoman, you and the other girls are so good at what you do that we have to work really hard just to keep up. You girls make us better heroes. We don't just respect you, we need you."
  • (Cristina Pucelli) "Really?"
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "Really."
  • (Cristina Pucelli) "You know, you aren't so bad -- for a bat."
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "And you're not so terrible -- for a cat."

Danica McKellar as Frost

  • (Danica McKellar) "So, decided to go back over to Super Hero High?"
  • (Green Lantern) "If by "decided" you mean Cheetah and Lena Luthor knocked me out and left us for dead in the Rock of Eternity, then yeah."
  • (Danica McKellar) "What? You're lying."
  • (Green Lantern) "If I'm lying, where's Cheetah and Principal Taller?"
  • (Danica McKellar) "You know, you might be right."
  • (Ashlyn Selich) "Let's do this together."

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