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Let Us Be Gay Quotes

Let Us Be Gay is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Let Us Be Gay stopped airing in 1970.

It features Robert Z. Leonard as producer, and Norbert Brodine as head of cinematography.

Let Us Be Gay is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Let Us Be Gay is 79 mins. long. Let Us Be Gay is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Norma Shearer as Mrs. Katherine Brown, Wilfred Noy as Whitman, Marie Dressler as Mrs. Bouccicault, Hedda Hopper as Madge Livingston, Rod La Rocque as Bob Brown, Sally Eilers as Diane, Mary Gordon as Mrs. McIntyre, Raymond Hackett as Bruce Keene, and Tyrell Davis as Wallace Granger.

Let Us Be Gay Quotes

Sally Eilers as Diane

  • (Sally Eilers) "Oh, Bo-ob."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Too bad Mr. Brown can't be in two places at once."
  • (Sally Eilers) "Oh, pardon the intrusion. You weren't trying to vamp him, were you Kitty?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "And what would it mean to you if I were? Would it be a joke or a tragedy?"
  • (Sally Eilers) "You think I want him now? You can have him."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh, but I don't want him."
  • (Sally Eilers) "Oh yes, you do."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh, but you're quite wrong. I wouldn't have him again."
  • (Sally Eilers) "And neither would I."
  • (Rod La Rocque) "Would you please stop arguing about who is to have me and who isn't?"
  • (Sally Eilers) "Well, as far as I'm concerned, we're through."

Mary Gordon as Mrs. McIntyre

  • (Mary Gordon) "Are you gonna give him breakfast in bed again?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Yes. Why not, Mrs. McIntyre?"
  • (Mary Gordon) "Well, in my day husbands were different -- And if they didn't get up for breakfast on Sunday morning, they just weren't hungry."

Marie Dressler as Mrs. Bouccicault

  • (Marie Dressler) "Of course, the more we suffer in love, the happier we are."
  • (Marie Dressler) "When you quote me, make it agreeable."
  • (Norma Shearer) "No one would believe you said it, lamb."
  • (Townley) "One on you, my pet."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Don't come back in here with a wet bathing suit. Not that I mind you dripping and more emphasized. But, there's another guest arriving."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Oh, of course -- bridge tables in the wrong place, guests in the wrong place."
  • (Townley) "My word. The day has been a complete washout. Oh, Oh, I say. Not such a washout."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Oh, I know. You're looking at a woman. And a very beautiful woman. But she's not for you."
  • (Townley) "Selfish old lady. Who is she for?"
  • (Marie Dressler) "Well, that's my affair."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Oh, the younger generation will drive me crazy. When I was a girl and went to a man's room, at least I had the decency not to do it before the servants."
  • (Marie Dressler) "What's that?"
  • (Townley) "Nothing for you to know, my pet, except that I just avoided having pneumonia last night."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Too bad you didn't catch it."
  • (Townley) "Thank you, darling."
  • (Marie Dressler) "You're welcome."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Towney, is that you making that particularly bad noise?"
  • (Townley) "No. I'm making the tenor."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Well, stop it."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Don't stop. You make the rest of us sound so good."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Whitman."
  • (Wilfred Noy) "Yes, madam."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Did you tell Hadley to meet that 8:15 train from town?"
  • (Wilfred Noy) "Yes, but he telephoned from the station to say there was no train until 10:15."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Well, let him wait. It'll do him good."
  • (Wilfred Noy) "Very good, madam."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Towney, this is Mrs. Cortland-Brown. She's not as sweet as she looks. But, you'll think she is."
  • (Townley) "How do you do. I am nicer than I look; much."
  • (Norma Shearer) "How could you be?"
  • (Marie Dressler) "I hope you didn't forget the children by any chance."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Don't worry Bouccy, I left them in town with a nurse till Monday."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Well, that's a relief. I didn't want to ask you to leave 'em behind. Thought it might seem rude, but I'm glad you did."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Well, don't you suppose I know when to display my jewels and when not to?"
  • (Marie Dressler) "Tommy, this is Mrs. Cortland Brown. She's not as sweet as she looks. But, you'll think she is."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Kitty. Kitty. Keep your mind on the game."
  • (Norma Shearer) "I don't play bridge with my mind."
  • (Townley) "No? Uh, what do you use?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Just my hands."
  • (Marie Dressler) "What do you think?"
  • (Raymond Hackett) "Well, she has a very "come hither" look in her eye."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Oh, you think so?"
  • (Raymond Hackett) "Mmmm, you know so, you wise old owl."

Norma Shearer as Mrs. Katherine Brown

  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh, my soul. Who's going to pay my loses?"
  • (Townley) "I shall be delighted. I love to have beautiful women under obligation to me."
  • (Townley) "Uh, begin what?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Well, you see, uh, Bouccy has a certainly laid plan whereby I have to get a man. Now, would, uh, would that get you?"
  • (Townley) "I don't remember what you said, but you have got me."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh, I like this one. Bouccy, make it this one."
  • (Marie Dressler) "All right, practice on him."
  • (Townley) "She doesn't seem to need practice."
  • (Norma Shearer) "You must be a very smart person."
  • (Townley) "You found me out."
  • (Norma Shearer) "You know, if I were a man, I should fall in love with her at once."
  • (Norma Shearer) "How do you do. Oh, you magnificent long-legged Britisher. I've been avoiding you in Paris. But you are wonderful, aren't you?"
  • (Townley) "Yes, yes, we, we are, aren't we?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "I thought you said he was 'umble."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Hmm, hmm. This isn't the one."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh. You mean to say I have to say that all over again? Because that's the way I'm gonna begin."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Who's going to pay my losses?"
  • (Townley) "I shall be delighted. I love to have beautiful women under obligation to me."
  • (Norma Shearer) "If you take me on, you'll have to be a good loser as well as a good player."
  • (Rod La Rocque) "Depends upon what I'm losing, how good I am."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Am I disturbing anyone?"
  • (Townley) "Yes. Very successfully."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Why Bouccy, I thought your religion was "hands off.""
  • (Marie Dressler) "Well, it is. But it doesn't work when it strikes so near to home. She's my own grandchild."
  • (Townley) "Oh, uh, don't you like me as well as you thought you were going to before I came up?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "More. So far."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Bouccy."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Well, I thought it was high time for you to display your jewels."
  • (Norma Shearer) "I've been so gay, so-so full of; romances."
  • (Townley) "Kitty, there's something I wanted to ask you. Do you like yachts, moonlit nights, soft music?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "I can't think of anything I like better."
  • (Townley) "Well, that's all right, then. I've got a yacht that's waiting for someone just like you."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Now, Towney, are you trying to claim you've fallen in love with me? Or is this just your weekend charm?"
  • (Townley) "Both."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Bob, I'm not going back, I'm going on. I don't know just to what, but on. So, then, let's be gay about it."
  • (Norma Shearer) "How do you do? Oh, you magnificent, long-legged Britishers; I've been avoiding you in Paris. But, you are wonderful, aren't you?"
  • (Townley) "Cheerio, Brown."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Come on out, Towney."
  • (Townley) "I say, Brown, you are long-winded."
  • (Norma Shearer) "You, you mean to say I take that trick, Mr. Brown? It must have been an accident."
  • (Rod La Rocque) "You either played it very cleverly or very innocently. I'm not sure which."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh, innocence is not my long suit."

Hedda Hopper as Madge Livingston

  • (Hedda Hopper) "Forgive me for leaving the table, Bouccy, but I couldn't stay and listen to another one of those stories."
  • (Marie Dressler) "I don't think anyone noticed you left the table, my dear."
  • (Hedda Hopper) "Wallace, dear, if what we have isn't perfect, if it isn't the most heartfelt thing in this world, it doesn't justify itself."
  • (Tyrell Davis) "It, uh, it doesn't."

Wilfred Noy as Whitman

  • (Wilfred Noy) "I told her it would be cooler in here."
  • (Perkins - the Maid) "It would be just as well if you minded your own business. It's bad enough trying to keep up with her motions, hopping around all over the place without you changing her mind for her."
  • (Wilfred Noy) "I've been changing her mind for her for 20 years, and I expect to keep on doing so. Without any suggestions from you."
  • (Wilfred Noy) "That suite hasn't been opened all this summer, madame. You gave orders to have it closed."
  • (Marie Dressler) "Bosh. I did nothing of the sort. Well, open it."
  • (Wilfred Noy) "Oh, Perkins. Mrs. Brown is leaving on the 11 o'clock train. It might be as well for you to assist her."
  • (Perkins - the Maid) "That's just where I'm going, and without any suggestions from you."

Rod La Rocque as Bob Brown

  • (Rod La Rocque) "Oh, Kitty. You can't be as hard as you seem."
  • (Norma Shearer) "You didn't expect me to be soft, did you Bob?"
  • (Rod La Rocque) "But you're making them misunderstand you. They think you're a hard-boiled woman of the world. Now, is that what you want them to think?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "I think it's all a very interesting situation. But for heaven's sake, let's be gay about it."
  • (Rod La Rocque) "Oh, Kitty, how can you be a party to such an --"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Is the word affair? Because if it is, it's mine and nobody elses."
  • (Rod La Rocque) "You've certainly changed."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Ha-ha. I hope so. Three years in Paris ought to improve any woman. Like you, I've been amusing myself with anything and everything that came my way. I know how a man feels about those things now."
  • (Rod La Rocque) "Stop bluffing. You haven't said a real thing tonight."

Raymond Hackett as Bruce Keene

  • (Raymond Hackett) "Did you think that was clever?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "I didn't hear it. I was looking at you."

Tyrell Davis as Wallace Granger

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