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Life as a House Quotes

Life as a House is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Life as a House ended in 1970.

It features Rob Cowan as producer, Mark Isham in charge of musical score, and Vilmos Zsigmond as head of cinematography.

Life as a House is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Life as a House is 124 minutes long. Life as a House is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Kevin Kline as George, Hayden Christensen as Sam, Kristin Scott Thomas as Robin, Jena Malone as Alyssa, Mary Steenburgen as Colleen, Mike Weinberg as Adam Kimball, Jamey Sheridan as Peter Kimball, and John Pankow as Bryan Burke.

Life as a House Quotes

Hayden Christensen as Sam

  • (Hayden Christensen) "You knew you were dying from the start?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "We're all dying from the start. I just got moved to the head of the line."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Do you have any idea what its like to jack off in an armoire?"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Thank you for talking about me behind my back; that'll be useful in court."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Why don't you just go and beg some money off my Dad, so you can move into some place decent, with a real kitchen and a real bathroom."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I'd rather sell my nuts to a castrati."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I've been using since I was 12. You're also unbelievably stupid, you know that? You didn't give a s*** about anything I did up until now."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Well, I'll apologize for everything but today. Today I give a s***."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Whats wrong with your back? Do you have to have surgery on it or what? Because those pills you are taking are for a lot of pain. And you seem to be going though them pretty quick, that's all"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Your not still taking any,are you?"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "No. But i count them. In a sock isn't exactly new,you know."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I'm having a problem with cancer."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I don't know what that means. What kind of problem?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "The kind where there isn't any answer."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I still don't know what it means."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Sam I wanted us to -- You know,spend a few months together. Here. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Something bad to force something good."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "So your dying. And you told mom today."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "f*** you, ok f*** you."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "You knew you were dying from the start?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "We're all dying from the start. I just got pushed to the head of the line."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "But you lied to me."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I would've lied to myself if i thought I'd believe it."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "so this whole thing -- this whole summer, having me here,was for your sake. You selfish f***. Having me here trying to get me to like you."
  • (Kevin Kline) "No,Sam I wasn't trying to get you to like me. I was trying to get you to love me."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Well,congratulations -- Because you f***ing pulled it off."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I like how it feels to not feel."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I know the feeling."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "How do you become something you're not?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "What do you want to become?"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "What I'm not."
  • (Kevin Kline) "What are you now?"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I'm nothing."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I'm not even listening."

Kevin Kline as George

  • (Kevin Kline) "You're the most beautiful woman I have ever known."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "What?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Not just physically. Even your anger's perfect."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Your mom and the boys could come by anytime."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "What? To check up on me?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "I'll be there to check up on you."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Why would you be there?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Well, I live there."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "You live in Cory's parents cabin in Tahoe?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "What are you talking about? Who's Corey?"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Corey's my friend, I'm going to spend the summer, ok?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "No, you're not going anywhere."
  • (Kevin Kline) "You're spending the summer with me."
  • (Kevin Kline) "You're a great architect, and a miserable human being."
  • (John Pankow) "You're not even a f***ing architect, and you're a miserable human being."
  • (Kevin Kline) "You're right. You win."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Build this house with me."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I put a gun to my father's head once. Ever think like that? He was passed out. Had just been yelling at my mom over nothing. Under-cooked meat. I went to my room, I held the barrel right up to his ear, and then I chickened out again. Of course it was a BB gun but still it would have hurt like hell."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I'm having a problem with cancer"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I don't know what that means. What kind of a problem?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "The kind where there is no answer"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I still don't know what that means"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Take that thumbtack out of your chin."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Why?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "It bugs me."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "You snore at night. That really bugs me. Can I take you out?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "It's not my back that's killing me."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I have hated this house from the moment my father put it in my name. Imagine, 29 years of hating what you're living in, hating what you are. This is the end of it, Sam. I'm finally building something of my own. Something I can be proud to give you."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Don't. I don't want it."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Fine. You can do what you want with it. All I want you to remember is that we built a house together."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "You didn't build s***. You're just tearing your father down."
  • (Kevin Kline) "That's right. It feels good."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Hindsight. It's like foresight without a future."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I can tell you I love you as many times as you can stand to hear it, but all it does is remind us that love is not enough."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Do I still Love you? Absolutely. There is not a doubt in my mind. Through all my mind, my ego -- I was always faithful in my Love for you. That I made you doubt it, that is the great mistake of a Life full of mistakes. The truth doesn't set us free, Robin. I can tell you I Love you as many times as you can stand to hear it and all that does, the only thing, is remind us -- that Love is not enough. Not even close."
  • (Kevin Kline) "What would you do if you had three or four months to live?"
  • (Nurse #1) "Um -- I'd eat a lot of red meat?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Good for you."
  • (Nurse #1) "What would you do?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Build a house."
  • (Kevin Kline) "When does school let out?"
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Friday. Tomorrow. Oh, God. I hate the thought of him home all day."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I'll be by Saturday to pick him up."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "He doesn't want to spend the weekends with you anymore."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Not for the weekend. For the summer."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "One of you would end up dead."
  • (Kevin Kline) "You know the great thing, though, is that change can be so constant you don't even feel the difference until there is one. It can be so slow that you don't even notice that your life is better or worse, until it is. Or it can just blow you away, make you something different in an instant. It happened to me."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Sam, if you were a house, this is where you would want to be built. On rock, facing the sea, listening."
  • (Kevin Kline) "With every crash of every wave, I hear something now. I never listened before. I'm on the edge of a cliff, listening. Almost finished."
  • (Kevin Kline) "If you were a house, Sam, this is where you would want to be built: on rock, facing the sea. Listening. Listening."
  • (Kevin Kline) "My dad used to play this game -- I never really understood what it was until after he was gone --"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I was holding for somebody else; it wasn't even mine."
  • (Kevin Kline) "THE GAME was to make me smaller than he was. Smaller. Always smaller. No matter what. He could be almost invisible as a human being, but -- I still had to be smaller. So that i-if I got good grades in school, then I was a p***** for not playing football, or-or if I -- cut my hair for him, it was never short enough. Or if I shaved my head then I looked like a psycho. I never won the game, never. And if he couldn't -- make me smaller with words --"
  • (Hayden Christensen) "-- I'll have to pay him back."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Sam -- I won't ever hit you. Ever. I don't want you smaller. I want you to be happy and you're not. Not here with me, not home with your mother, not alone, not anywhere. You're what I was most of my life, Sam. I see it in your eyes, in your sleep, in your answer to everything. You're barely alive."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I'm not even listening."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I always thought of myself as a house. I was always what I lived in. It didn't need to be big; it didn't need to be beautiful; it just needed to be mine. I became what I was meant to be. I built myself a life -- I built myself a house."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Why did you do that?"
  • (Jena Malone) "When you were dating my mom you seemed like a really good kisser. Oh god, she'd die if she found out."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Let's shut up and let her live."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I've not been touched in years."
  • (Nurse #1) "Really? No, I mean -- not a friend? Your, your mother, I mean -- people have to be touched, everyone gets touched by somebody they love."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I know. It's weird, isn't it?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Tell them how you made me fall in love with you."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "I smiled at him."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Watch out for the smile boys."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I always thought of myself as a house. I was always what I lived in. It didn't need to be big. It didn't even need to be beautiful. It just needed to be mine. I became what I was meant to be. I built myself a life. I built myself a house."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I almost saw Catalina."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Go get in the truck."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Go f*** yourself."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Listen to me -- Listen. I want that thing out of your chin, okay? You got nipple rings, navel rings; those come out, too. And there's no makeup at my house. No glue sniffing, no huffing, no pills, no grass. You've worn out your welcome at this house, Sam. This may well be the worst summer of your entire life, but you've earned it. Now go pick up the suitcase, get in the truck, now."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "I'll hate you for the rest of my life."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Well, you can't even begin to know how much I hate my father. Think of it as a family tradition."

Mary Steenburgen as Colleen

  • (Mary Steenburgen) "I'd be more comfortable if he slept in the guest room."
  • (Jena Malone) "Well I'd be more comfortable if you hadn't slept with Josh. George would be more comfortable if he wasn't dying."
  • (Mary Steenburgen) "Does it give you some sort of perverse pleasure to expose your -- penis in front of my 16-year-old daughter?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "My -- exposure does not face your windows."
  • (Mary Steenburgen) "George, this is the third time."
  • (Kevin Kline) "The plumber's due out tomorrow."
  • (Mary Steenburgen) "You will just have to explain that to the police."
  • (Kevin Kline) "You were the one neighbor I could tolerate."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Colleen. Just how far out that window did you have to stick your head to be able to see my dick?"

Mike Weinberg as Adam Kimball

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Kristin Scott Thomas as Robin

  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Oh, I dreamed about your house last night."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Finished or unfinished?"
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "It was perfect George. Amazing"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Didn't you once dream that you could lick people well?"
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "You are inconsiderate and absolutely devoid of emotion."
  • (Kevin Kline) "You are the most beautiful woman that I have ever known."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "What?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "I don't mean just physically. Even your anger is perfect."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "What kind of mother can't stand her own son?"

Jena Malone as Alyssa

  • (Jena Malone) "Look, I thought I was helping you."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "It would help me if I could kiss you."
  • (Jena Malone) "No. Look I thought we were just friends."
  • (Hayden Christensen) "Well, what you think you know doesn't necessarily have much to do with reality. I mean I hope I'm not the first one to tell you this."

John Pankow as Bryan Burke

  • (John Pankow) "How's your wife?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Well, uh, when we divorced a decade ago she was very, very angry. Now she's just hostile."

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