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Life with Father (film) Quotes

Life with Father (film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Life with Father ended in 1970.

It features Robert Buckner as producer, Max Steiner in charge of musical score, and William V. Skall as head of cinematography.

Life with Father (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Life with Father (film) is 118 min. long. Life with Father (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Edmund Gwenn as Rev. Dr. Lloyd, Heather Wilde as Vinnie, Elizabeth Taylor as Mary, Jimmy Lydon as Clarence Day, Heather Wilde as Annie, Clara Blandick as Miss Wiggins, Martin Milner as John Day, Derek Scott as Harlan, and Johnny Calkins as Whitney.

Life with Father (film) Quotes

Heather Wilde as Vinnie

  • (Heather Wilde) "That's the loveliest ring you ever bought me. Now that I have this, you needn't buy me any more rings."
  • (Father) "Well, if you don't want anymore --"
  • (Heather Wilde) "What I'd really like now is a nice diamond necklace."
  • (Heather Wilde) "Why didn't you kneel in the church today?"
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "I -- I just couldn't."
  • (Heather Wilde) "Just because your father doesn't kneel, you must remember he wasn't brought up to kneel in church, but you were. Has it anything to do with Mary? I know that she is a Methodist."
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "Oh, no, mother. Methodists kneel, Mary told me. They don't get up and down so much, but they stay down longer."
  • (Father) "What's that doing in here?"
  • (Heather Wilde) "That's our new rubber plant."
  • (Father) "The place for rubber plants is on the equator. Take that object out, Catherine. You're not Catherine."
  • (Heather Wilde) "No, sir."
  • (Father) "Good. Never liked Catherine, anyway."
  • (Heather Wilde) "But Clare, they're just staying in that little room of Clarence's."
  • (Father) "The trouble is, they don't stay there. They stay in the bathroom. Every time I want to take a bath, it's full of giggling females washing their hair."
  • (Heather Wilde) "Is that suit of your father's too tight for you?"
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "No, it's not too tight."
  • (Heather Wilde) "Well, what is it?"
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "Mother, very peculiar things have happened since I started to wear this suit. I can't seem to make these clothes do anything Father wouldn't do."
  • (Heather Wilde) "Oh, that's nonsense. And not to kneel in church is a sacrilege."
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "Making Father's trousers kneel seemed like more of a sacrilege."
  • (Father) "What did you pay for it?"
  • (Heather Wilde) "I didn't pay anything. I charged it."
  • (Father) "I don't go to church to be preached at as though I were some lost sheep."
  • (Heather Wilde) "Clare, you don't seem to understand what the Church is for."
  • (Father) "Vinnie, if there's one place the Church should leave alone, it's a man's soul."

Jimmy Lydon as Clarence Day

  • (Father) "All a man has to do is be firm. You know how some times I have had to be firm with your mother."
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "Yes, but father, but what can you do when they cry?"
  • (Father) "Hmm -- well, uh -- that's quite a question. You just have to make them understand that what you are doing is for their good."
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "I see --"
  • (Father) "Now, Clarence, you know all about women."
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "But father --"
  • (Father) "Yes, Clarence?"
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "I thought you were going to tell me about --"
  • (Father) "About what?"
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "About -- women."
  • (Father) "Clarence, there are some things gentlemen don't discuss. I told you all you need to know."

Edmund Gwenn as Rev. Dr. Lloyd

  • (Edmund Gwenn) "Mrs. Day, your husband is a practical man. We've had to be practical about the new church. We have all the facts and figures."
  • (Father) "Oh? What's the property worth where we are now?"
  • (Edmund Gwenn) "Oh, let's see. Is it $40,000? I know the figure has a four in it."
  • (Father) "What's the new piece of property going to cost you?"
  • (Edmund Gwenn) "I think the figure I heard mentioned was $85,000. Or was it $185,000?"
  • (Father) "Dr. Lloyd, you preach that someday, we'll all have to answer to God."
  • (Edmund Gwenn) "We shall indeed."
  • (Father) "Well, I hope God doesn't ask you any questions with figures in them."
  • (Edmund Gwenn) "After considerable thought, we voted that our supporting members should each contribute a sum equal to the cost of their pew."
  • (Father) "I paid $5,000 for that pew."
  • (Heather Wilde) "Yes, Clare, that makes our contribution $5,000."
  • (Father) "That's robbery. Do you know what that pew is worth today? $3,000. That's what the last one sold for. I've taken a dead loss on that pew of $2,000 already. Frank Bags sold me that pew when the market was at its peak. He knew when to get out. And I'm warning you, Vinnie. If the market ever goes up, I'm going to unload that pew."

Elizabeth Taylor as Mary

  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "That's funny. The words are the same, but it's the wrong tune."
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "Oh, it can't be the wrong tune. We sing it exactly that way in church."
  • (Elizabeth Taylor) "We don't sing it that way in the Methodist Church. You see, we're Methodist."
  • (Jimmy Lydon) "Oh, that's too bad. Oh, I don't mean it's too bad that you're a Methodist. Anybody's got a right to be anything they want, but what I mean is, we're -- Episcopalians."

Derek Scott as Harlan

  • (Derek Scott) "I guess the minister is coming to baptize father so he won't have to go to hell."
  • (Johnny Calkins) "He can't be baptized in a house. You gotta have water."
  • (Derek Scott) "We have lots of water."
  • (Johnny Calkins) "Not the right kind."

Clara Blandick as Miss Wiggins

  • (Clara Blandick) "Sir, before I can let any girl go from this establishment, I must know the character of the home in which she will be employed."
  • (Father) "Madam, I am the character of my home."

Martin Milner as John Day

  • (Father) "You're going to every house where you sold a bottle of that concoction and buy it all back."
  • (Martin Milner) "But it's a dollar a bottle."
  • (Father) "I don't care how much it is. Here, I'll give you the money now. How many bottles did you sell?"
  • (Martin Milner) "A hundred and twenty-eight."
  • (Father) "A hundred and twenty-eight."
  • (Heather Wilde) "Clare, I always told you John would make a good businessman."
  • (Father) "Young man, you'll have to come down to my office with me. I'll give you the money to buy back that medicine. $128, and $10 more for Mrs. Sprague's dog, that's $138. But it's all coming out of your allowance. That means you'll not get another penny until the whole $138 is paid up."
  • (Martin Milner) "I'll be twenty-one years old."

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