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Little Big League Quotes

Little Big League is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Little Big League stopped airing in 1970.

It features Steven Nicolaides as producer, Stanley Clarke in charge of musical score, and Donald E. Thorin as head of cinematography.

Little Big League is recorded in English and originally aired in United States (Minnesota). Each episode of Little Big League is 119 minutes long. Little Big League is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Luke Edwards as Billy Heywood, John Ashton as Mac, Joseph Latimore as Lonnie Ritter, Timothy Busfield as Lou Collins, Scott Patterson as Mike McGrevey, Dennis Farina as George O'Farrell, Wolfgang Bodison as Spencer Hamilton, Antonio Lewis Todd as Mickey Scales, Miles Feulner as Joey, Jason Robards as Thomas Heywood, Jonathan Silverman as Jim Bowers, and Michael Papajohn as Tucker Kain.

Little Big League Quotes

Miles Feulner as Joey

  • (Miles Feulner) "If I owned the Twins, I wouldn't even show up here. I'd just hire a bunch of scientists to do my homework. I mean, if you're rich you don't have to be smart. That's the whole beauty of this country."
  • (Miles Feulner) "You what you should do? You should start Webman."
  • (Luke Edwards) "I had a feeling you were going to say that."
  • (Miles Feulner) "Man. When my Grandfather died, all I got was a sweater."
  • (Miles Feulner) "You should start Webman. He always beats the Rangers."
  • (Luke Edwards) "He always beats everybody. That's why he's 3-7."

Luke Edwards as Billy Heywood

  • (Roberts) "Excuse me Mr. Heywood. But um, they're still here."
  • (Luke Edwards) "Who?"
  • (Roberts) "Everybody."
  • (Luke Edwards) "If Joe can paint a house in three hours and Sam can paint the same house in five hours, how long will it take to paint it together?"
  • (John Ashton) "Now wait a minute, you never said this was a word problem."
  • (Luke Edwards) "The Brooklyn Dodgers had a saying: "wait 'til next year.""
  • (Wolfgang Bodison) "That's it right there. 'Cause next year, we're gonna win it all, baby."
  • (Scott Patterson) "Give me some of that."
  • (Antonio Lewis Todd) "The Dodgers played in Brooklyn?"
  • (Luke Edwards) "What?"
  • (Antonio Lewis Todd) "Come on, blue. He didn't touch me, blue. That's brutal, my momma could make that call blue, come on."
  • (Luke Edwards) "He missed the tag. He missed the tag."
  • (Major League Umpire) "and what are you, Bob Uecker?"
  • (Luke Edwards) "That was a lousy call, you were out of position."
  • (Major League Umpire) "I saqw what I saw, so go sit down."
  • (Luke Edwards) "No, I'm not gonna sit down, because you're a big dork."
  • (Major League Umpire) "Oh yeah? Well, you're a little squirt with a big mouth, so why don't you get outta my face before I get mad?"
  • (Luke Edwards) "Come on, get mad. Pop a vein, you ugly, big"
  • (Luke Edwards) "-- blind, seeing-eye dog."
  • (Major League Umpire) "You're outta here, Heywood."
  • (Luke Edwards) "Yeah, that's right. Throw me out you big, fat"
  • (Luke Edwards) "-- and you're blind as a bat."
  • (Major League Umpire) "Get outta here."
  • (Luke Edwards) "Fine. Ever heard of Certs?"

Dennis Farina as George O'Farrell

  • (Dennis Farina) "Hey 'Blackout,' I didn't get you for your curve ball. I don't like your curve ball. As a matter of fact, I hate your curve. You know why? Because the damn thing don't curve."

Joseph Latimore as Lonnie Ritter

  • (Joseph Latimore) "Kids today are amazing. I played winter ball down in Venezuela, they had kids half his age, every one of them speaking Spanish. That's a hard language."
  • (Timothy Busfield) "They speak Spanish in Venezuela."
  • (Joseph Latimore) "I know. That's my point."

Jonathan Silverman as Jim Bowers

  • (Jonathan Silverman) "It's a scientific fact that a pig becomes a hog at 180 pounds."
  • (Wolfgang Bodison) "What's that make your wife?"
  • (Michael Papajohn) "Fat."
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "On behalf of the entire Apache Nation, we accept this olive branch of peace."
  • (Luke Edwards) "Thanks, I think."

John Ashton as Mac

  • (John Ashton) "You're a frickin' primadonna, McGreavy. You don't deserve to wear that uniform."
  • (Scott Patterson) "You know, you're right, Mac. I'm a disgrace to the Twins. I think you should trade me."
  • (John Ashton) "As soon as we find someone dumb enough to take you, that's EXACTLY what we're gonna do."
  • (Luke Edwards) "No we're not. We're not trading you."
  • (Scott Patterson) "So what are you going to do, bench me?"
  • (Luke Edwards) "Nope, play you. When it's your turn to pitch, you pitch. Nothing changes."
  • (Scott Patterson) "You know, I don't think that's such a good idea. I have a feeling my concentration's not going to be that good out there. I might tend to forget some of those scouting reports."
  • (Luke Edwards) "Well, that's up to you, you're the free agent. Hey Mac, what's the going rate for an absent-minded pitcher who can't get anybody out?"

Wolfgang Bodison as Spencer Hamilton

  • (Wolfgang Bodison) "Bite me."

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