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Little Darlings Quotes

Little Darlings is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Little Darlings ended in 1970.

It features Stephen J. Friedman (producer) as producer, Charles Fox (composer) in charge of musical score, and Beda Batka as head of cinematography.

Little Darlings is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Little Darlings is 95 minutes long. Little Darlings is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Alexa Kenin as Dana, Kristy McNichol as Angel, Maggie Blye as Ms. Bright, Tatum O'Neal as Ferris, Cynthia Nixon as Sunshine, Krista Errickson as Cinder, Jenn Thompson as Penelope, Abby Bluestone as Chubby, Simone Schachter as Carrots, Armand Assante as Gary, and Matt Dillon as Randy.

Little Darlings Quotes

Kristy McNichol as Angel

  • (Kristy McNichol) "You just lost a hundred bucks sucker."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "I have to talk to you."
  • (Maggie Blye) "Uh huh, about what?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "I think you better straighten your act out. What's this crap about sex being nothing?"
  • (Maggie Blye) "I don't know. I don't understand. What do you mean?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "You've been hanging around creeps."
  • (Maggie Blye) "Angel. That's not a very nice thing to say to your mom."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "I'm gonna keep my eye on you."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "So what do we do now? I don't -- I mean, I don't know anything."
  • (Matt Dillon) "I don't know. I think I love you."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "You don't have to, you know."
  • (Matt Dillon) "I know."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "God I feel so lonesome."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "What's your name anyway?"
  • (Matt Dillon) "Who me?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Yeah you. I know my name."
  • (Matt Dillon) "Yeah? What is it?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Angel, but don't let the name fool you."
  • (Matt Dillon) "Who's fooling who?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "You're drunk."
  • (Matt Dillon) "You're cute."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Still haven't told me your name yet."
  • (Matt Dillon) "Oh yeah?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Yeah."
  • (Matt Dillon) "It's Randy. Don't let the name fool you."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "When did you lose your virginity? I just want to know."
  • (Maggie Blye) "Why? Now why do you want to know that? Curiosity? I know I must have been at least nineteen."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Nineteen?"
  • (Maggie Blye) "It was nothing. Still is nothing."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Do you feel different?"
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "No."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Was it what you thought it would be?"
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "No big deal."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "But now you're a woman."
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "My whole affair was a lie."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Come on."
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "He didn't even touch me."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "You know something?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Don't tell anyone."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Me and Randy --"
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "Gosh. Gosh."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Is that all you can say is "gosh"? I mean for somebody with a large vocabulary, supposedly."
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "We've really been idiots, you know."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "You're supposed to get turned on, stupid, not pass out."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "You live around here?"
  • (Matt Dillon) "Who me?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Yeah you. I know where I live."
  • (Matt Dillon) "I'm from Camp Tomahawk across the lake."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "So where'd you get the car?"
  • (Matt Dillon) "The car? I borrowed it."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "What about the girl?"
  • (Matt Dillon) "She came with the car."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "This is my friend Ferris Whitney -- my best friend."

Cynthia Nixon as Sunshine

  • (Cynthia Nixon) "Ferris, I'm kinda glad you and Gary didn't fool around. Kissing is more romantic."
  • (Krista Errickson) "What do you know?"
  • (Cynthia Nixon) "Nothing."
  • (Krista Errickson) "Oh, a third virgin. How quaint."
  • (Alexa Kenin) "Uh Cinder, better make that four."
  • (Simone Schachter) "Yeah, me too."
  • (Krista Errickson) "You're all positively cherubic."

Tatum O'Neal as Ferris

  • (Tatum O'Neal) "You sort of want me, don't you?"
  • (Armand Assante) "Ferris, maybe I do, but that's not the point. You see, to you, sex is poetry and phrases and everything you learned in books. You know, but when you're really in love --"
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "I am."
  • (Armand Assante) "Ferris, I'm not a prince. I'm a teacher. You know, in a year you're gonna look at me and you're gonna wonder how you could have even thought of loving me."
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "That's not true."
  • (Armand Assante) "Unfortunately, it is."
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "What if next year I came back and I still felt the same way? I'll be old then. Do you realize that I am almost the only virgin in camp? Every girl knows this secret life except me. Look at it this way. It'd be a learning experience."
  • (Armand Assante) "Come on."
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "Where are you going?"
  • (Armand Assante) "I'm taking you back."
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "Couldn't I spend the night here just for appearances? If I were twenty-one?"
  • (Armand Assante) "I think I'd fall madly in love with you."

Alexa Kenin as Dana

  • (Alexa Kenin) "Now remember, don't be scared. That's the most important thing. And uh, don't -- don't talk about your past. That turns men off."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "I don't have a past, idiot."
  • (Alexa Kenin) "Oh, that unmatched form and feature of blown youth blasted with ecstasy. Oh, woe is me to have seen what I have seen, to see what I see."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Now what are you mouthing off about?"
  • (Alexa Kenin) "Those are Ophelia's lines to Hamlet. Don't you know anything?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "I know one thing. Looking at a bunch of creeps skinny dipping may turn you all on -- but I think it's crap."
  • (Alexa Kenin) "And don't worry. It's not THAT bad. If it was, everyone wouldn't be doing it."
  • (Alexa Kenin) "So what happened? Come on, tell us, come on, come on, come on."
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "He compared us to Romeo and Juliet. We had some chilled champagne."
  • (Alexa Kenin) "An aphrodisiac. I told you about those."
  • (Cynthia Nixon) "Did, did it hurt?"
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "No."
  • (Krista Errickson) "Such a child."
  • (Jenn Thompson) "Did you see him naked?"
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "No. It was dark."
  • (Cynthia Nixon) "Don't be disgusting."
  • (Abby Bluestone) "Then how'd he?"
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "He didn't want to embarrass me so he turned off the light."
  • (Simone Schachter) "Oh, I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die."
  • (Alexa Kenin) "How cavalier. Come on, come on, come on."
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "It was perfect. The darkness enveloped us."
  • (Alexa Kenin) "This is better than books. I gotta tell you. This is great."
  • (Krista Errickson) "The truth always is."

Krista Errickson as Cinder

  • (Krista Errickson) "No you wouldn't have the guts."
  • (Krista Errickson) "Ferris probably isn't gay, just sexually immature."
  • (Alexa Kenin) "Whoa."
  • (Krista Errickson) "I bet she'd go all the way if she had the chance. Right?"
  • (Tatum O'Neal) "Sure. I'm ready."
  • (Krista Errickson) "Angel Vs. Farris. Who ever loses there virginity first Wins."
  • (Krista Errickson) "What about you, smut-mouth?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "What about me, s***-head?"
  • (Krista Errickson) "Are you into girls?"
  • (Krista Errickson) "She tried to grab my tit."

Simone Schachter as Carrots

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Matt Dillon as Randy

  • (Matt Dillon) "I want to talk to you."
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Long time, no see. How's Cinder?"
  • (Matt Dillon) "How much did you make? I know all about it. Why didn't you tell me it was a game? I would've went along with it. I mean, an easy lay is an easy lay, right?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "I lost. I didn't tell them, get it?"
  • (Matt Dillon) "You mean, you let yourself lose?"
  • (Kristy McNichol) "Yeah, I'm a loser."

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