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Little Nikita Quotes

Little Nikita is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Little Nikita completed its run in 1970.

It features Harry Gittes as producer, Marvin Hamlisch in charge of musical score, and László Kovács (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Little Nikita is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Little Nikita is 98 minutes long. Little Nikita is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: River Phoenix as Jeff Grant, Sidney Poitier as Roy Parmenter, Richard Jenkins as Richard Grant, Richard Bradford as Konstantin Karpov, Loretta Devine as Verna McLaughlin, and Caroline Kava as Elizabeth Grant.

Little Nikita Quotes

Richard Bradford as Konstantin Karpov

  • (Richard Bradford) "You know Roy? Russians don't shoot their children."
  • (Richard Bradford) "Your discipline is sorely wanting. The Directorate will be most unhappy. You must go to work immediately."
  • (Richard Bradford) "The time has come."
  • (Richard Jenkins) "I told you, we're not ready."
  • (Richard Bradford) "You had 20 years to get ready."
  • (Richard Bradford) "I would never give up a man who killed my partner."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "You never had a partner."

River Phoenix as Jeff Grant

  • (River Phoenix) "Don't give me that crap. You're out for yourself. The big caller, the major bust, the two-bit g-man, well shove it up you're ass. You're not my father. You're not even my friend."
  • (River Phoenix) "Look Mr. F.B.I man, if you're so sure and if you're so right, why don't you just arrest them?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Well, because -- they haven't done anything yet."
  • (River Phoenix) "You manipulating son of a bitch."
  • (River Phoenix) "Ms. McLaughlin. Is this work experience?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Go out in the yard. I'll be out in a minute."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Life's little surprises --"
  • (Loretta Devine) "No problem. I'll just go topless for the rest of the student body."
  • (River Phoenix) "Shove this up your bladder Boris."
  • (River Phoenix) "What the hell kind of investigation is this, anyway? Are you going to tell me or aren't you?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "You're asking all the right questions, Jeff. Something big is coming down."
  • (River Phoenix) "Spy on my parents? You gotta be kidding me. You want me to help you put'em away? Never."
  • (River Phoenix) "What's my name? Come on dad, what could the head of the grandfamily have to hide from his first and oldest and only son?"
  • (Richard Jenkins) "Nika."
  • (River Phoenix) "J. Nicholas Grant. Nick."
  • (Richard Jenkins) "Nikita."

Loretta Devine as Verna McLaughlin

  • (Loretta Devine) "Were you troubled at home, Roy?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "I had a great home."
  • (Loretta Devine) "I can't imagine you as a kid --"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Oh, I was a wonderful kid."
  • (Loretta Devine) "What'd your father do?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Cop."
  • (Loretta Devine) "Good cop or bad cop?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Bad cop -- Wouldn't kiss ass. Good father."

Sidney Poitier as Roy Parmenter

  • (Sidney Poitier) "You gotta' be crazy to bring a child into this ugly world."
  • (River Phoenix) "What's so hard about it?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Making a buck. Raising a family. Keeping it all together takes talent. Love."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Sometimes I slip up and call her Corporal "Hogans.""
  • (Sidney Poitier) "You got a wet palm there, son. What's a matter? Nervous?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "How'd a pretty girl like you get mixed up in guidance counseling?"
  • (Loretta Devine) "How'd a nice guy like you get mixed up in the FBl?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "You ever guided any students towards the Bureau, Verna?"
  • (Loretta Devine) "l hope not."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "How about me guiding you towards dinner?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Jeffrey Nicholas Grant."
  • (River Phoenix) "Well, that sounds official."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Your parents are Russian spies. Your parents are KGB agents. "Sleepers," they're called."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Deep cover. They blend with the country they're assigned to. Own homes, hold jobs, raise families. They sleep for years. But when they awake, they're lethal."
  • (River Phoenix) "Let's go back to your Air Force Academy investigation. What happened to that?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "What about it?"
  • (River Phoenix) "What happened to your investigation?"
  • (Sidney Poitier) "There wasn't any."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Richard and Elizabeth Grant entered this country through Canada. Took their IDs off headstones in the Spokane Cemetery. Three years later, you were born. Wanna' see your birth certificate?"
  • (River Phoenix) "No, thanks."
  • (Sidney Poitier) "Sure you don't want some chips? I exist on corn chips and jalapeños. Not too swift around a stove."

Caroline Kava as Elizabeth Grant

  • (Caroline Kava) "What time will you be home?"
  • (River Phoenix) "5, 6 -- something like that."
  • (Caroline Kava) "Could you be a little more specific? I get tired of cooking dinner twice."

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