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Lonesome Jim Quotes

Lonesome Jim is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Lonesome Jim ended its run in 1970.

It features Jake Abraham, as producer, Evan Lurie in charge of musical score, and Phil Parmet as head of cinematography.

Lonesome Jim is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Lonesome Jim is 91 minutes long. Lonesome Jim is distributed by United States.

The cast includes: Casey Affleck as Jim, Jack Rovello as Ben, Mary Kay Place as Sally, and Liv Tyler as Anika.

Lonesome Jim Quotes

Casey Affleck as Jim

  • (Casey Affleck) "I mean, I'm a f***-up, but you're a goddam tragedy."
  • (Casey Affleck) ""Dear Mum, I don't know where to start so I'll just begin with the end and work my way back. I came home because I ran out of money and nowhere else to go. If I had any other option I would have taken it. I did not consider having a place to come home to a blessing. Instead, I thought of it as a burden and a symbol of failure. I'm ashamed to admit that growing up I pitied you and what I thought was your naive belief that our dreams could come true, simply by virtue of having them. Because the truth, as I witnessed it, was completely different. The truth actually was that nothing worked out, and no-one anywhere lived a life they wanted. But I see now that it was me with the naive belief. I thought if I resigned myself to disappointment at least I'd be better off than those people that tried and failed. And I hate myself for realising this now, and for taking and taking from you without giving anything back. You're one of the few good peaches in a world full of rotten fruit, Mum. I promise not to waste anymore time or take your love for granted ever again. I love you so much. Jim.""
  • (Casey Affleck) "Mom. You're home."
  • (Mary Kay Place) "Yep."
  • (Casey Affleck) "How?"
  • (Mary Kay Place) "Something called bail. One of the girls in prison told me about it. Apparently your father never realized it was an option."
  • (Casey Affleck) "There's so many fun and cheery people in the world. Don't you think you'd be better off with one of them? Someone more like yourself?"
  • (Liv Tyler) "You think I'm fun and cheery?"
  • (Casey Affleck) "Of course you are."
  • (Evil) "Come on. There's not a jury in the world that's gonna believe that that woman is sellin' drugs. But they will believe a guy like me does."
  • (Casey Affleck) "You do, Evil."
  • (Evil) "See."
  • (Casey Affleck) "What's your problem Anika?"
  • (Liv Tyler) "Nothing JIm."
  • (Liv Tyler) "Just, you can't ask a girl to move one thousand and eighty-two miles with you unless you're really going to follow through."
  • (Casey Affleck) "Why wouldn't I follow through?"
  • (Liv Tyler) "Because, you don't know what it would be like."
  • (Casey Affleck) "What would it be like?"
  • (Liv Tyler) "Difficult. Very Difficult."
  • (Casey Affleck) "Well, great. I'm used to challenges."
  • (Liv Tyler) "You're used to avoiding them."
  • (Evil) "What do you think of that weed?"
  • (Casey Affleck) "It's a little strong."
  • (Evil) "Yeah, I put a little crack in it."

Jack Rovello as Ben

  • (Jack Rovello) "I thought you never ran."

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