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Loose Ankles Quotes

Loose Ankles is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Loose Ankles ended in 1970.

It features Cecil Copping (uncredited) in charge of musical score, and Arthur L. Todd as head of cinematography.

Loose Ankles is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Loose Ankles is 66-69 minutes long. Loose Ankles is distributed by First National Pictures.

The cast includes: Daphne Pollard as Agnes, Loretta Young as Ann Harper, Inez Courtney as Betty, Edward Nugent as Andy Martin, Otis Harlan as Maj. Rupert Harper, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. as Gil Hayden, Raymond Keane as Linton, Louise Fazenda as Sarah Harper, and Ethel Wales as Katherine Harper.

Loose Ankles Quotes

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. as Gil Hayden

  • (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) "What do I do next?"
  • (Loretta Young) "Why, I suppose you really ought to kiss me."

Edward Nugent as Andy Martin

  • (Edward Nugent) "This is pre-War stuff. It's so old, it's rotten."
  • (Terry Todd) "Let's get him a doctor."
  • (Edward Nugent) "Let's get him a drink."
  • (Edward Nugent) "I'll give you the real low down. This drugstore cowboy is trying to steal you away from a kid who really loves you. But, we're not going to let him get away with it."
  • (Edward Nugent) "Pardon my hasty exit. See you all of the sudden."
  • (Terry Todd) "Nah, you girls aren't nearly as bad as you look."
  • (Edward Nugent) "You couldn't be. Hahaha."
  • (Edward Nugent) "Sufferin' tadpoles uncles."
  • (Edward Nugent) "Where is Miss Berry?"
  • (Inez Courtney) "She's in there."
  • (Edward Nugent) "Alone?"
  • (Inez Courtney) "Oh, no. She's with a dark, handsome gentleman who's trying to talk her in or out of something."
  • (Edward Nugent) "Now, listen, Gilly, old kid, being a professional escort isn't such a bad business. Once you take one of these old battle axes for a whirl around the dance floor, you'll find that whatever they pay you, it's not enough."
  • (Edward Nugent) "Listen, Miss Berry, you're about to do something, I don't know what, but, whatever it is, don't do it."
  • (Edward Nugent) "Do you know these two flappers?"
  • (Otis Harlan) "These ladies, sir, are my sisters."
  • (Terry Todd) "Your sisters?"
  • (Otis Harlan) "Yes, sir."
  • (Terry Todd) "Well, that's just dandy."
  • (Edward Nugent) "There goes an example of what a college education'll do for you. Poor kid."
  • (Edward Nugent) "Sufferin' cats."

Daphne Pollard as Agnes

  • (Daphne Pollard) "You'll never get in the newspapers that way. You've got to take his clothes off."
  • (Loretta Young) "What?"
  • (Daphne Pollard) "His clothes off."
  • (Loretta Young) "Oh, Agnes. Do you mean -- do you mean all of them?"
  • (Daphne Pollard) "Well, as many as you can, Miss."
  • (Loretta Young) "Well, this is a new experience for me, but I'll try."
  • (Daphne Pollard) "Will you be late, Miss?"
  • (Inez Courtney) "You said it. We're going to the opening of the Circus Cafe and we're going to be wild, wicked and whoopee."
  • (Daphne Pollard) "My, ain't you the early bird this morning."
  • (Loretta Young) "Yes. I'm expecting a worm."
  • (Daphne Pollard) "A what, Miss?"
  • (Loretta Young) "A man, Agnes. Just a man."

Loretta Young as Ann Harper

  • (Loretta Young) "You don't mind being compromised?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) "Oh, no. No."
  • (Loretta Young) "Have you been compromised before?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) "Oh, of course."
  • (Loretta Young) "Well, what type of compromising do you specialize in? Plain or fancy?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) "Both.; Which do you prefer?"
  • (Loretta Young) "Well, the sort that would get into the newspapers. So they could have headlines, like this: "A Man of Mystery Compromises Debutante.""
  • (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) "You mean, to be caught in a; in a affectionate embrace?"
  • (Loretta Young) "Well, you know the old saying, "Where there's a will, there's a lot of relatives.""
  • (Loretta Young) "Good gracious. You must have a secret sorrow to speak that way of men."
  • (Daphne Pollard) "Well, it's not exactly a secret sorrow, Miss. I tell everybody about it."
  • (Loretta Young) "You don't mean to say that you've been in a compromising position?"
  • (Daphne Pollard) "Well, the position wasn't so bad; but, the circumstances were a-gin me."
  • (Loretta Young) "Wanted: One young man. Must be young and good looking, and scrupulous. No, no. Unscrupulous. Yes."
  • (Loretta Young) "I wonder if all the family is downstairs yet?"
  • (Inez Courtney) "Well, you know the old saying, "Were there's a will, there's a lot of relatives.""
  • (Unnamed) "The foot is finished, Madam."
  • (Loretta Young) "Thank you, Marcel. That looks wonderful. I could walk two miles for a cigarette, now."
  • (Loretta Young) "What'll I do next?"
  • (Daphne Pollard) "Take off those pants."
  • (Loretta Young) "Oh, I couldn't."
  • (Daphne Pollard) "Throw yourself in his arms, hang on tight, and leave the rest to me."

Inez Courtney as Betty

  • (Inez Courtney) "Oh. Pardon us for not knocking. Well, if it isn't Lindberg. The last time I saw you, you were flying out of a window. Have you still got your pants on backwards?"
  • (Inez Courtney) "Can I drive you two cupids home?"
  • (Edward Nugent) "If you promise to keep both hands on the wheel."
  • (Inez Courtney) "Waiter, what's all the commotion down there?"
  • (Circus Cafe Waiter) "Oh, just a couple of drunks trying to put on a wrestling match."
  • (Inez Courtney) "Oh, so that's the kind of a place this is."
  • (Circus Cafe Waiter) "You never can tell."
  • (Inez Courtney) "Says you."
  • (Circus Cafe Waiter) "Says I."
  • (Inez Courtney) "I'm feeling that I'm reeling, When they strike up a band, Each rhythm has me with 'em, And I'll say that it's grand, There's only one reason, My feet want to fly, All stepping, out stepping, I'm telling you why, When music's good and hot, I start to sway a lot, And all because I've got, Loose ankles --"

Raymond Keane as Linton

  • (Raymond Keane) "I'm sick of living in a dump like this and grafting my meals from a lot of cow-faced women."
  • (Edward Nugent) "Hey, what have you got against cows?"
  • (Raymond Keane) "Ah, bull."

Otis Harlan as Maj. Rupert Harper

  • (Otis Harlan) ""To my beloved granddaughter, Ann Harper Berry, I leave the Franklin-Berry Mansion in Westchester, my grandmother Flora's pearls, and securities to yield an annual income of $70,000.""

Louise Fazenda as Sarah Harper

  • (Louise Fazenda) "It tastes like sassafras."
  • (Ethel Wales) "It sort of tickles your teeth."

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