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Lords of Dogtown Quotes

Lords of Dogtown is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Lords of Dogtown ended in 1970.

It features John Linson as producer, Mark Mothersbaugh in charge of musical score, and Elliot Davis (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Lords of Dogtown is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Lords of Dogtown is 107 minutes long. Lords of Dogtown is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Laura Ramsey as Gabrielle, Emile Hirsch as Jay, John Robinson as Stacy, Michael Angarano as Sid, Victor Rasuk as Tony, Mike Ogas as Bob Biniak, Nikki Reed as Kathy Alva, William Mapother as Donnie, Heath Ledger as Skip, Tony Hawk as Astronaut, Johnny Knoxville as Cop, and Vincent Laresca as Chino.

Lords of Dogtown Quotes

Nikki Reed as Kathy Alva

  • (Nikki Reed) "Should my weight be on my back foot?"
  • (John Robinson) "Yeah, well, that's how I do it. But it might be different, though, the whole center-of-gravity thing for girls."
  • (Nikki Reed) "Take your boxers off."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "No way."

Heath Ledger as Skip

  • (Heath Ledger) "Hey you guys made a mess at that contest today -- They look at you as the enemy now, right?"
  • (Unnamed) "But it's good to have enemies. A toast."
  • (Nikki Reed) "A toast."
  • (Unnamed) "To the boy kings -- You're all a bunch of filthy pillow biters."
  • (Heath Ledger) "Hey, I'm not bailing your asses out of jail."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, s***. Get the gate, get the gate."
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "Hey, get back here."
  • (Unnamed) "Close the door, come on. Quick."
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "Get back here."
  • (Heath Ledger) "It was supposed to keep them out of trouble, man."
  • (Heath Ledger) "He's not one of us, man. You know, he's not a pirate."
  • (Vincent Laresca) "Going to work, Peralta?"
  • (Heath Ledger) "Yeah, get a haircut, man."
  • (Heath Ledger) "You earned it, bro --"
  • (Michael Angarano) "Yeah, you're one of us now."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "That maggot has always been one of us."
  • (Heath Ledger) "Yeah, wear it with pride, man."
  • (John Robinson) "You know I will."
  • (Heath Ledger) "Hey, Stacey, that t-shirt will get you more titty than you ever dreamed of, man."
  • (Nikki Reed) "I got my boy covered, Skip."
  • (Heath Ledger) "Yeah, hi. This isn't a library -- so it's ten bucks to browse. You got ten bucks?"
  • (Customer) "Didn't bring any money today."
  • (Heath Ledger) "Yeah, well, why'd you come into my store, then, asshole?"
  • (Heath Ledger) "You gotta approach every day as if it's your last."
  • (Heath Ledger) "Oh, nice socks, man. Nice socks. Nice socks."
  • (Heath Ledger) "They wanted it gone, man, they wanted it gone."
  • (Heath Ledger) "Yeah, this is Skip Engblom and the Zephyr Skateboard Team. Here's our entry fees. Now where's our trophies?"

John Robinson as Stacy

  • (John Robinson) "Damn it, Jay. Do you know how much this is gonna cost me to fix? you're an idiot."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "Sorry --"
  • (John Robinson) "Skip called me ''bro''."
  • (Nikki Reed) "Skip called you ''bro''?"
  • (John Robinson) "Yeah, he said ''bro''."
  • (Nikki Reed) "No, he didn't."
  • (John Robinson) "Yes, he did. He said ''you look hungry, bro''."
  • (Nikki Reed) "He said ''you look hungry, bro''?"
  • (John Robinson) "Yes, totally."
  • (Nikki Reed) "Skip Engbloom doesn't call anybody ''bro''."
  • (John Robinson) "i already have a logo."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "A logo. Screw the team, I mean -- You got a logo."
  • (John Robinson) "So, what's up with Tony? You guys still skate with him?"
  • (Emile Hirsch) "He's competing with the sun for the center of the universe."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "Stacy looks like a stock car."

Emile Hirsch as Jay

  • (Emile Hirsch) "Sorry."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "What's that, huh?"
  • (Emile Hirsch) "dude, he's got that inner ear thing."
  • (Mike Ogas) "Suck my inner ear, Jay-Boy."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "Gimmie Kitty."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "I'll let you bang my mom."

Victor Rasuk as Tony

  • (Victor Rasuk) "What's wrong, Jayboy? Don't got no hair on your inch worm yet?"
  • (Victor Rasuk) "Dude, are you okay?"
  • (Michael Angarano) "I can't feel my feet."
  • (Michael Angarano) "But, then again, I can never feel my feet."
  • (Victor Rasuk) "This is our time, bros."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "That's bulls***, bro. We surf and we skate every day. We get to do whatever we want."
  • (Victor Rasuk) "Grab your pad and take notes, Peralta."
  • (Victor Rasuk) "I just wanted Dad to see the stupid trophy."
  • (Nikki Reed) "Who gives a s*** about Dad?"
  • (Heath Ledger) "Yeah, hey, man, listen. You stood up for your friend. We're proud of you."
  • (Victor Rasuk) "This contest don't mean s*** to me anyway."

William Mapother as Donnie

  • (William Mapother) "She's uh, she's crazy, Jay."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "That's why you love her -- Right?"

Michael Angarano as Sid

  • (Michael Angarano) "The, uh, doctor prescribes it now."
  • (Michael Angarano) "Heard you were sick, too."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "Hell, yeah."
  • (Michael Angarano) "There's a Mexican in my pool and he's not pushing a lawn mower."

Laura Ramsey as Gabrielle

  • (Laura Ramsey) "Hey. You totally blew me away."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "What? You wanna blow me?"
  • (Laura Ramsey) "Maybe."

Tony Hawk as Astronaut

  • (Tony Hawk) "Hey, can I try that?"
  • (John Robinson) "Sure."
  • (Tony Hawk) "It's the moon boots --"

Vincent Laresca as Chino

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