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Lost in Space (film) Quotes

Lost in Space (film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Lost in Space completed its run in 1970.

It features Mark W. Koch as producer, Bruce Broughton in charge of musical score, and Peter Levy (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Lost in Space (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Lost in Space (film) is 130 minutes long. Lost in Space (film) is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Gary Oldman as Dr. Zachary Smith, Lacey Chabert as Penny Robinson, Jack Johnson as Will Robinson, Heather Graham as Judy Robinson, William Hurt as John Robinson, Mimi Rogers as Maureen Robinson, and Jared Harris as Older Will.

Lost in Space (film) Quotes

Jack Johnson as Will Robinson

  • (Robot) "It sounds like old morse code."
  • (Jack Johnson) "What does it say?"
  • (Robot) "Danger, Will Robinson, danger."
  • (Robot) "Will Robinson. I will tell you a joke. Why did the robot cross the road? Because he was carbon bonded to the chicken."
  • (Jack Johnson) "We've got a lot of work to do."
  • (Jack Johnson) "Relax, Robot. I'm going to build you a new body. Mom always said I should make new friends."
  • (Robot) "Oh, ha ha."
  • (Jack Johnson) "Do they have a name for what's wrong with you?"
  • (Jack Johnson) "Mom says to get the hell outta there."
  • (Jack Johnson) "Oh s***."
  • (Gary Oldman) "A boy of your intelligence should never swear."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Oh s***. Indeed."
  • (Jack Johnson) "Eww. They eat their wounded."
  • (Jack Johnson) "Can we cut back on her air supply so she's not so annoying when she wakes up?"
  • (Lacey Chabert) "Does he have to wake up at all?"

William Hurt as John Robinson

  • (Major West) "It's working."
  • (William Hurt) "What?"
  • (Major West) "If we can't go around the Sun, then we go straight through it, using your hyperdrive."
  • (William Hurt) "If we engage the hyperdrive without a gate, we could be thrown anywhere in the galaxy."
  • (Major West) "Anywhere but here."
  • (William Hurt) "What are you doing?"
  • (Major West) "You never leave an enemy stronghold intact."
  • (William Hurt) "Major, stop."
  • (Major West) "One of your father's first rules of engagement."
  • (William Hurt) "That's a direct order."
  • (Major West) "I hate spiders."
  • (Major West) "I'm going to try to break us out of the atmosphere."
  • (William Hurt) "No, we don't have enough core material for that."
  • (Major West) "Well, maybe if we catch one of the thermal --"
  • (William Hurt) "No, it won't work. I know. We have to go -- down. Through the planet as she's breaking up. We can use the planet's gravity --"
  • (Major West) "What?"
  • (William Hurt) "To throw us ut the other side and back into space."
  • (Major West) "That's insane."
  • (William Hurt) "I don't have time to argue."
  • (William Hurt) "Have you noticed, you take to opposite position to whatever I say?"
  • (Mimi Rogers) "Of course I do, we're married."
  • (Monster Smith) "You should have killed me when you had the chance."
  • (William Hurt) "You know, you're right. I couldn't kill the man --"
  • (William Hurt) "But I can kill the monster."
  • (William Hurt) "We're caught in the sun's gravitational pull. We're headed straight for it."
  • (Major West) "Oh, really? Is that what the big round ball is?"
  • (William Hurt) "There's a lot of space out there to get lost in."
  • (William Hurt) "Initiate now."
  • (Jack Johnson) "Cool."
  • (Reporter #1) "Professor Robinson, how do your children feel about traveling into space for the next ten years?"
  • (William Hurt) "They couldn't be more excited."
  • (Lacey Chabert) "This mission sucks."

Lacey Chabert as Penny Robinson

  • (Lacey Chabert) "Let's see, do I spend my last night on Earth watching Mom and Dad pretend not to be fighting, or blow ten years worth of allowance at the mall? You do the math."
  • (Lacey Chabert) "On this eve before she is torn from all she knows, kidnapped, hurled into deep space against her will, what thoughts fill the mind of the young space captive?"
  • (Jack Johnson) "Will there be boys on Alpha Prime? Whatever will I wear?"
  • (Lacey Chabert) "This mission sucks. I don't wanna leave early. I don't wanna go at all."
  • (Mimi Rogers) "We will discuss this at dinner."
  • (Lacey Chabert) "For the last three years, I've missed everything. Training. So I can spend the next ten years missing everything else. I'm not staying home for dinner. I'm going out to see my friends."
  • (Mimi Rogers) "Penny."
  • (Lacey Chabert) "I'm going out to -- say good-bye to my entire life."
  • (Mimi Rogers) "Penny I need you here tonight."
  • (Lacey Chabert) "We're lost, aren't we?"

Gary Oldman as Dr. Zachary Smith

  • (Gary Oldman) "Like the drip, drip, drip of blood --"
  • (Major West) "You really need to shut up."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Major West, I highly recommend you never breed. That, by the way, is my medical opinion."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Black was always my colour."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Nothing good can come of this."
  • (Gary Oldman) "You can't do it can you? You can't kill the man without becoming the monster."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Trust me, Major. Evil knows evil."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Never fear, Smith is here."
  • (Gary Oldman) "I loathe children."
  • (Gary Oldman) "You'll forgive me if I forgo the kiss, my sleeping behemoth. But the time has come to awake."
  • (Robot) "Robot is on-line. Reviewing primary directives. One, preserve the Robinson Family. Two, Maintain ship systems. Three"
  • (Gary Oldman) "What noble charges my steely centurion. Sadly I fear you have far more dire deeds in store for you."
  • (Robot) "Robot is on-line. Reviewing primary directives. Two hours into mission destroy Robinson family. Destroy all systems."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Now that's more like it. Farewell my platinum-plated-pal. Give my regards to oblivion."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Let's try this again, shall we? You are the puppet, I am the puppeteer. Do try to get it right this time --"
  • (Gary Oldman) "Something you should abide by on this world or any other, never trust anyone. Especially me."
  • (Gary Oldman) "It's the world behind the world Dr. Robinson. Lie once, cheat twice, and everything becomes clear."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Oh, be still my foolish heart."
  • (Gary Oldman) "Unhand me, you mechanical moron."

Mimi Rogers as Maureen Robinson

  • (Mimi Rogers) "Get the hell out of there."
  • (Robot) "Mom says, get the hell out of there."
  • (Mimi Rogers) "Am I interrupting something? No really, I think you two should go ahead and slug it out. I mean, here we are on an alien world and you boys want to get into a pissing contest? Please, go for it. I'll have Judy down here in a heartbeat to declare you both unfit, and I'll take over this mission. Now I don't want to hear another word from either of you, is THAT clear?"
  • (Mimi Rogers) "NOT another word. Better. Now if you've finished hosing down the decks with testosterone, I suggest you come with me. I may have found a way to get us off this planet."
  • (Mimi Rogers) "Get the hell out of there."
  • (Jack Johnson) "Mom says to get the hell out of there."
  • (Mimi Rogers) "Good night, John."
  • (William Hurt) "Good night, Maureen."
  • (Jack Johnson) "Good night, Judy."
  • (Lacey Chabert) "Good night, Will."
  • (Heather Graham) "Good night, Penny."
  • (Major West) "You guys have got to be kidding."

Jared Harris as Older Will

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Heather Graham as Judy Robinson

  • (Major West) "What about you, Doc? Is there some lucky little nerd you left behind?"
  • (Heather Graham) "I've spent the last three years training for this mission. I'm trying to save the planet. I haven't had time for fun."
  • (Major West) "If there's no time for fun, Doc, then what are we saving the planet for?"
  • (Major West) "You know, I'm thinking this is your "kiss for luck" situation."
  • (Heather Graham) "Thinking. Not your strong point, is it?"
  • (Heather Graham) "Who was it that said, "Those who can't think, fight"? I think it was me."
  • (Major West) "That's one cold fish I'd like to thaw."
  • (Heather Graham) "Oh, I won't be home for dinner tonight, Dad."
  • (Major West) "It's gonna be a long flight."

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