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Lupin the Third: Pilot Film Quotes

Lupin the Third: Pilot Film is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Lupin the Third: Pilot Film completed its run in 1970.

It features Yutaka Fujioka as producer, and Norio Maeda in charge of musical score.

Lupin the Third: Pilot Film is recorded in Japanese and originally aired in Japan. Each episode of Lupin the Third: Pilot Film is 12 minutes long.

Lupin the Third: Pilot Film Quotes

  • (Narrator) "Only great men can know what delights lie in the places Lupin targets."
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "Lupin. This is Zenigata. Give up, Lupin. We've already surrounded the place. Go."
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "There is no way you can win now."
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "Have you traced phone the call yet?"
  • (Akechi Kogoro - Cinemascope version) "This is a sight worth seeing --"
  • (Narrator) "Kogor Akechi: A famous detective who persists in the search for Lupin III, despite his old bones."
  • (Fujiko Mine) "I did not poison your drink, Lupin."
  • (Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version) "Then who did? Many people are out to get me --"
  • (Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version) "But I don't think HE would've done this --"
  • (Narrator) "Goemon Ishikawa XIII: a swordmaster. After training long and hard, he discovered the techniques for quick sword moves. Inspired by his great sword, he seeks to kill Lupin III. A lonely man who has devoted his life to killing Lupin III; such a man is Goemon Ishikawa."
  • (Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version) "What's the matter, Jigen?"
  • (Jigen Daisuke) "It's better if you don't drink that sake."
  • (Narrator) "Daisuke Jigen: Lupin's partner. His shooting speed is 0.3 seconds. His favourite gun is a.38 caliber Colt Executive, with double action."
  • (Narrator) "They live side by side with rampant panic --"
  • (Narrator) "Lupin's most reliable partner is Daisuke Jigen."
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "You got him?"
  • (Narrator) "Cool -- evil -- standard -- there are a number of specially-designed fashions worn by him according to the time, place and occasion. These are known as "Lupin's Fashion." This personality of custom looks has attacked the hearts of young people."
  • (Goemon Ishikawa XIII - Cinemascope version) "There you are, Lupin -- I will kill you today."
  • (Goemon Ishikawa XIII - Cinemascope version) "It was surely an effective attack -- but that was not Lupin."
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "Yes, this is Police Inspector Zenigata in the Investigation Department --"
  • (Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version) "Hello, Inspector. You sound carefree to me. Are you playing shogi by yourself? How AWFUL are you?"
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "Who is this?"
  • (Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version) "Do you mind if I play shogi with you, by phone?"
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "You can't be --."
  • (Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version) "Lupin III."
  • (Goemon Ishikawa XIII - Cinemascope version) "I regret this --"
  • (Narrator) "This model of car is one that used to be Hitler's favourite car: a Benz SSK with a 12-litre Ferrari V engine. Its maximum speed is over 300 km/h."
  • (Akechi Kogoro - Cinemascope version) "You're having a hard time arresting him, aren't you? Would you like me to try, for a change?"
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "Have you got any good ideas?"
  • (Akechi Kogoro - Cinemascope version) "You'll see -- first, I throw this rope into that window --"
  • (Akechi Kogoro - Cinemascope version) "Then, I tie this rope to the bumper --"
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "Aha? What's going to happen next?"
  • (Akechi Kogoro - Cinemascope version) "Next, I start the car's engine --"
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "And then? Then what?"
  • (Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version) "And then -- THIS."
  • (Narrator) "This is Lupin III, grandson of the great Arsène Lupin. He lives for genius action. The scale of his ability has given damage to the villains of the world."
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "What's the matter with you, Lupin? There is no way you can win now."
  • (Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version) "No, there is no way YOU can win now."
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "Hey, wait, I did that first."
  • (Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version) "No, you did it WRONG. There is a fake piece in front of you."
  • (Arsene Lupin III - Cinemascope version) "I replaced your piece with mine. I've won this game."
  • (Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Cinemascope version) "DAMN LUPIN."
  • (Narrator) "This man is Police Inspector Zenigata, the seventh-generation descendant of Heiji Zenigata. He devotes his all in his pursuit of Lupin III."
  • (Narrator) "When Lupin is targeted, a pacific feeling comes to those people who do so, a feeling felt only by those who have crossed the point of no return."
  • (Narrator) "But once he aims at a target, he never misses it. With accurate programs and perfect operations, his brain challenges the best computers. The word "impossible" does not exist in his vocabulary."
  • (Narrator) "From the mini-look to maximum, this is her looks a la carte, decorating gorgeous adventure. Her clothing deceives the enemy. But there is always the shadow of men that sneaks up on her --"
  • (Narrator) "Fujiko Mine is such a woman."

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