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Ma vie en rose Quotes

Ma vie en rose is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Ma vie en rose ended its run in 1970.

It features Carole Scotta as producer, Dominique Dalcan in charge of musical score, and Yves Cape as head of cinematography.

Ma vie en rose is recorded in French and originally aired in France. Each episode of Ma vie en rose is 89 minutes long. Ma vie en rose is distributed by Haut et Court (France).

Ma vie en rose Quotes

  • (Jérôme) "Can I have another seat?"
  • (Teacher) "May I ask why?"
  • (Jérôme) "If I sit next to Ludo, I'll go to hell."
  • (Élisabeth) "I still I were still as slim as her. But in that dress at my age, I would look awful."
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "No, you wouldn't. You would be beautiful."
  • (Élisabeth) "Thank you. But we all have to face reality."
  • (Hanna Fabre) "Boy or girl, you will always be my child."
  • (Pierre Fabre) "Our child."
  • (Pierre Fabre) "We've decided to take Ludo to a psychologist. That will fix him."
  • (Hanna Fabre) "Boys cannot marry other boys."
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "I know that."
  • (Élisabeth) "Your parents want what's best for you."
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "They don't know what's best for me."
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "You dropped something."
  • (Jérôme) "So did you."
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "Keep it. My mom thinks she lost it."
  • (Sophie) "Jerome, come and play with me."
  • (Jérôme) "I'm busy."
  • (Teacher) "I see Pam and Ben are very popular. But Ludo, you want to be like Ben, right?"
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "Mommy, my tummy hurts. It's my period."
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "One day I'll marry Jerome."
  • (Hanna Fabre) "I told you, boys never marry boys. Or very rarely."
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "But I'll be a girl."
  • (Hanna Fabre) "You are a boy and you always will be."
  • (Hanna Fabre) "Ludo, you're seven. You're too old to keep dressing like a girl."
  • (Élisabeth) "Does he do it often?"
  • (Pierre Fabre) "Every so often."
  • (Hanna Fabre) "We search for our identity until we are seven. I read it in "Marie Claire.""
  • (Pierre Fabre) "Couldn't we cut his hair?"
  • (Hanna Fabre) "Yes. We could also crucify him."
  • (Hanna Fabre) "Ludo, have I ever broken a promise?"
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "No."
  • (Hanna Fabre) "All right. Then sit still. Ludo, don't you want to be like your brothers and your father?"
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "No."
  • (Hanna Fabre) "I like long hair. And people who know what they want."
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "I'm a girlboy."
  • (Jérôme) "A girlboy?"
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "To make a baby, parents play tic-tac-toe. When one wins, God sends Xs and Ys. XX for a girl, and XY for a boy. But my X for a girl fell in the trash, and I got a Y instead. See? A scientific error. But God will fix it and send me an X and make me a girl and then we'll get married, okay?"
  • (Jérôme) "That will depend on what kind of girl you are."
  • (Élisabeth) "Is that your dad's boss's son you are playing with?"
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "Yes."
  • (Élisabeth) "You two are pals?"
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "Yes. We're going to get married once I'm not a boy."
  • (Élisabeth) "Once you're not a boy."
  • (Jérôme) "And this is our bathroom, and this is my bedroom."
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "What's in there?"
  • (Jérôme) "It's out-of-bounds."
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "But what's in there?"
  • (Jérôme) "My sister's bedroom."
  • (Ludovic Fabre) "Where is she?"
  • (Jérôme) "She's gone away."
  • (Pierre Fabre) "Jerome is Albert's son, and Albert is Daddy's boss, so I don't want you dressing like a girl with Jerome or anyone."
  • (Hanna Fabre) "We love our little boy. We want him to be happy."

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