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Man on Fire (2004 film) Quotes

Man on Fire (2004 film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Man on Fire ended its run in 1970.

It features Lucas Foster as producer, Harry Gregson-Williams in charge of musical score, and Paul Cameron (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Man on Fire (2004 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Man on Fire (2004 film) is 146 minutes long. Man on Fire (2004 film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Denzel Washington as Creasy, Christopher Walken as Rayburn, Dakota Fanning as Lisa, Dakota Fanning as Pita, Jesús Ochoa as Fuentes, Rachel Ticotin as Mariana, Marc Anthony as Samuel, Roberto Sosa as Daniel Sanchez, Denzel Washington as John Creasy, and Mickey Rourke as Jordan.

Man on Fire (2004 film) Quotes

Dakota Fanning as Pita

  • (Dakota Fanning) "That's "Bird." Emilio forgot to take him with when he left."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Who's Emilio?"
  • (Dakota Fanning) "My last bodyguard. He drove me to school in the morning and picked me up in the afternoon"
  • (Denzel Washington) "I'm here for you?"
  • (Dakota Fanning) "In between you can take Mum shopping and to lunch. Does that sound all right, Mr. Creasy?"
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Where are you from, Creasy?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "The United States."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "I know, but which state?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "No state in particular."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "My mom and me are from Houston, Texas. Have you been there?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "No."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "There are some good things in this world."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Oh yeah, like what?"
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Like meeting me."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "The gunshot holds no fear."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "I think he's been sick. He's all right now, but I think he's been very, very sick."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "You're late."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I'm sorry."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Where's my mother?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "I dropped her at home."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "It's no wonder you're late. Why didn't she just come with you?"
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Do you think my mom likes you?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "I think she's afraid of me. But not the same way most people are."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "I'm not afraid of you."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I know you're not."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Are you afraid of me?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "I used to be. At first. But not any more."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Good."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "She likes him"
  • (Marc Anthony) "Hm?"
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Creasy, Pita likes him."
  • (Marc Anthony) "Pita loves school. She'd like Count Dracula if he took her back there."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "What are you gonna do?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "What I do best. I'm gonna kill 'em. Anyone that was involved. Anybody who profited from it. Anybody who opens their eyes at me."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "You kill 'em all."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Dear God, I do not ask for health or wealth. People ask you so often that you can't have any left. Give me, God, what else you have. Give me what no-one else asks for. Amen."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Creasy"
  • (Dakota Fanning) "You're smiling."
  • (Denzel Washington) "What?"
  • (Dakota Fanning) "You were smiling."
  • (Denzel Washington) "No, I'm not."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "You were."
  • (Denzel Washington) "No, I was not."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "You're not now, but you were."
  • (Denzel Washington) "No, you were smiling, I wasn't smiling."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "You were."
  • (Denzel Washington) "When?"
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Like, five seconds ago."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I'm not smiling."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Well, a second ago you were."
  • (Denzel Washington) "No, you said five seconds ago, now that's six. Six seconds ago I was not smiling."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Okay, 10 seconds ago."
  • (Denzel Washington) "10 seconds ago, I was smiling. Okay, in the next 10 seconds let's see who smiles first."
  • (Denzel Washington) "You smiled already. See? You did."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Mmm."
  • (Denzel Washington) "No, that wasn't a; That was a smirk, that's not a smile. A smirk is different. They both start with "S," but they're not the same; Do your homework."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "You were."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "You read the Bible Mr. Creasy?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Yeah, sometimes."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Does it help?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Yeah, sometimes"
  • (Dakota Fanning) "I'll call you from Detroit, baby."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "You're going to miss Mexican Halloween. The day of the dead."
  • (Marc Anthony) "You enjoy it for us, Pita."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "What was your first girlfriends' name?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Nonya."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Nonya who?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Nonya business."

Roberto Sosa as Daniel Sanchez

  • (Roberto Sosa) "The most important thing in life, is family."

Christopher Walken as Rayburn

  • (Christopher Walken) "And they're gonna wish they never touched a hair on her head."
  • (Christopher Walken) "She showed him it was OK to live again."
  • (Christopher Walken) "A man can be an artist -- in anything, food, whatever. It depends on how good he is at it. Creasy's art is death. He's about to paint his masterpiece."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Mariana --. Obey me, and I will love you."
  • (Denzel Washington) "So that's how it works huh?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "That's how it works."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Does she have a sister?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "He'll deliver more justice in a weekend than ten years of your courts and tribunals."

Denzel Washington as Creasy

  • (Denzel Washington) "Revenge is a meal best served cold."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Okay, my friend. It's off to the next life for you. I guarantee you, you won't be lonely."
  • (Denzel Washington) "2.5 million, that's what Victor got, isn't it? 2.5 million to your lawyer Jordan Kalfus that he put in an account in the Cayman Islands, but he won't get a chance to spend it. What happened to the other five Sam? Huh? That's 2.5, 2.5. What is five from ten? That's five. What happened to the other five, Sam?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Did you say good bye to her? Say good bye now."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I'm gonna take your family apart piece by piece, you understand me? Piece by piece."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I am going to ask questions. If you don't answer fully and truthfully, you will suffer much more than you have to. I'm going to cut your fingers off. One by one, if I have to."
  • (Elderly Man) "In the church, they say to forgive."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Forgiveness is between them and God. It's my job to arrange the meeting."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Pita, do you have a pencil?"
  • (Dakota Fanning) "I go to school, don't I?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "There is no such thing as tough. There is trained and untrained. Now which are you?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "They'll be back in a week."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "They can stay for two weeks. I don't care."
  • (Denzel Washington) "The gunshot holds no fear, say it."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "The gunshot holds no fear."
  • (Denzel Washington) "You welcome the sound. In fact it's the sound that sets you free. You are a prisoner on this block until that sound sets you free."
  • (Sister Anna) "Do you ever see the Hand of God in what you do?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "No, not for a long time."
  • (Sister Anna) "The Bible says, "Do not be over come with evil, but overcome?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "But overcome evil with good.""
  • (Denzel Washington) "That's Romans Chapter 12 Verse 21."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I am the sheep that got lost, Madre."
  • (Denzel Washington) "PITA, RUN. RUN."
  • (Dakota Fanning) "Creasy."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Do you know what this is? It's a charger used by convicts to hide money and drugs they tuck it up their rectum. This is pencil detonator, timer, used as a receiver from the pager. This is C4 highly explosive; you put it all together you've got a bomb, not very sophisticated, but very powerful."
  • (Denzel Washington) "That's what you have in your ass right now. Don't move. Don't move."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I got all the time in the world. You don't, but I do."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Forgiveness is between them and God. It's my job to arrange the meeting."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Do you think God'll forgive us for what we've done?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "No."
  • (Manzano) "Do you recognize any of these men?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "No. That make me a suspect?"
  • (Manzano) "No. It would be convenient, but no."
  • (Denzel Washington) "I'm gonna ask your wife a couple of questions. You move -- you make one sound -- I'll snatch the life right outta you, understand?"

Jesús Ochoa as Fuentes

  • (Jesús Ochoa) "A last wish, please, please. Please."
  • (Denzel Washington) "Last wish? I wish you had more time."
  • (Jesús Ochoa) "You know, I-I'm a professional."
  • (Denzel Washington) "That's what everybody keeps saying. "I'm just a professional". Everybody keeps saying that to me. "I'm just a professional", "I'm just a professional". I'm getting sick and tired of hearing that."
  • (Jesús Ochoa) "The kidnapper will tell you to deliver the money alone. Por favor, don't do that or you will find your self in a real Mexican hell."

Marc Anthony as Samuel

  • (Marc Anthony) "So what happened?"
  • (Mickey Rourke) "Family paid the ransom. And they sent the kid home after a couple of days -- minus an ear, of course."
  • (Marc Anthony) "Your resume is quite impressive. 16 years of miltary experience, extensive counter-terrorism work. I'm surprised anyone could afford you, what's the catch?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "I drink."
  • (Marc Anthony) "How does that affect you?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "Coordination, reaction time. Top professionals try to kidnap your daughter I'll do the best I can but the service will be on par with the pay."
  • (Marc Anthony) "What if amateurs try?"
  • (Denzel Washington) "I'd probably kill 'em. That likely?"
  • (Marc Anthony) "No. No one is to know about your drinking. That includes my wife."

Rachel Ticotin as Mariana

  • (Rachel Ticotin) "He's protected better than our president."
  • (Denzel Washington) "He's gonna need it."
  • (Manzano) "Mariana?"
  • (Rachel Ticotin) "Sí."
  • (Manzano) "When do I get to sleep with you again?"
  • (Rachel Ticotin) "We never sleep. We f***."

Mickey Rourke as Jordan

  • (Mickey Rourke) "Look, Sammy, all my clients have, uh, kidnap and ransom insurance."
  • (Marc Anthony) "I have a policy. A.I.G. My dad gave it to me."
  • (Mickey Rourke) "Yeah, I know. I got it for your dad. But what are you gonna do in sixty days when you can't renew it? You can't, because you don't have a bodyguard."
  • (Marc Anthony) "I know, I had to let Emilio go."
  • (Mickey Rourke) "You gotta please Lisa. I mean, hey, ass like that's hard to find."

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