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Max Keeble's Big Move Quotes

Max Keeble's Big Move is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Max Keeble's Big Move ended its run in 1970.

It features Mike Karz as producer, Michael Wandmacher in charge of musical score, and Arthur Albert as head of cinematography.

Max Keeble's Big Move is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Max Keeble's Big Move is 86 minutes long. Max Keeble's Big Move is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Zena Grey as Megan, Josh Peck as Robe, Alex D. Linz as Max, Larry Miller as Principal Jindraike, Noel Fisher as Troy McGinty, Clifton Davis as Supt. Bobby 'Crazy Legs' Knebworth, Brooke Anne Smith as Jenna, and Orlando Brown as Dobbs.

Max Keeble's Big Move Quotes

Zena Grey as Megan

  • (Zena Grey) "He did it."
  • (Josh Peck) "All right, Max."
  • (Alex D. Linz) "Yep, I did it. The animal shelter was safe; the bullies were cooked, and Jindraike got fired for fiddling with the budget. As for me and my friends, well, we were just happy the first week of school was over, now we could chill for the rest of the year."
  • (Evil Ice Cream Man) "I'll get you, Paper Boy."
  • (Alex D. Linz) "Oh, man."

Alex D. Linz as Max

  • (Alex D. Linz) "I'll see you, uh, bassoon."
  • (Evil Ice Cream Man) "I will defeat you, with my complicated fighting move."
  • (Alex D. Linz) "We shall see whose kung fu is superior. HAH."
  • (Alex D. Linz) "Do you mind if I hang here for a while, because there's some people after me. I did some stuff. Yeah, you probably -- Yeah I'm really sorry about the cafeteria. But Jindraike has no right to do what he's doing, and now my friends are gonna get whaled on because of me, and I can't do anything about it."
  • (Janitor) "Any kid can make a mess. Takes a man to clean it up."
  • (Alex D. Linz) "It took a man with a plunger to make me realize that I had to do something. I thought I'd stood up to the bullies, but all I'd really done was hit and run. That's not courage. That's ex-courage."
  • (Evil Ice Cream Man) "We meet again paperboy."
  • (Alex D. Linz) "Okay, Evil Ice Cream man, me; You're wondering why, right?"
  • (Alex D. Linz) "Well, I found a cockroach in my snowcone, my Mom called the Health department and he got nailed. He's been trying to nail me ever since."
  • (Evil Ice Cream Man) "Dang, the Fuzz. This isn't over, paperboy."
  • (Evil Ice Cream Man) "Hello officer -- Snow doodle?"
  • (Alex D. Linz) "Wait. Friday was the day I was moving. And this teacher was mean. She let Dobbs steal my money. She wanted to punish me when it wasn't my fault. But if I wasn't gonna be here, what could she really do to me, right? It was time to take a stand."

Larry Miller as Principal Jindraike

  • (Larry Miller) "Come on, you idiot."
  • (Larry Miller) "He's coming. He's coming."
  • (Larry Miller) "Straighten up, straighten up. Better. Ready? And --"
  • (Clifton Davis) "Oh, at last. At last. The moment we've all been waiting for. Crazy Legs. You look fit."
  • (Clifton Davis) "Elliot. It's been too long."
  • (Larry Miller) "I agree completely. Slip me that biscuit. Ooh, that's a hot one. OK, smile."
  • (Larry Miller) "Stop smiling. This isn't a happy place."
  • (Larry Miller) "You may be under the impression that I encourage horseplay and malarkey, you're wrong, I don't encourage it, I excourage it."
  • (Alex D. Linz) "Excourage?"
  • (Larry Miller) "It means the opposite of encourage, look it up."
  • (Larry Miller) "Please believe me when I tell you -- this is my gift to you."
  • (Larry Miller) "Cease."
  • (Larry Miller) "Sir, I assure you, this behavior -- is utterly without precedent. Plus, it never happened before. Who? Who started this? If the culprit does not step forward -- this instant -- swift and horrible retribution -- awaits each and every one of you."
  • (Clifton Davis) "This place is nuts."
  • (Larry Miller) "Crazy Legs. Wait."
  • (Larry Miller) "You're a smart little boy, but so am I."
  • (Larry Miller) "Attention, students."
  • (Larry Miller) "It's because of yesterday's crimes against the school, instigated by your former classmate Max Keeble. The following extracurricular activities are now suspended: art, music, P.E -- fun. Suspended, discontinued, defunct."
  • (Unnamed) "Great. Your boyfriend Max Keeble just got us hosed."
  • (Brooke Anne Smith) "He's just my paperboy. I never really liked him."
  • (Larry Miller) "Keeble."
  • (Larry Miller) "What is the meaning of this?"

Orlando Brown as Dobbs

  • (Unnamed) "Now can you tell me what came between McGoogles and your fears? Is it something from your past or somebody?"
  • (Orlando Brown) "Keeble."
  • (Larry Miller) "Keeble."
  • (Noel Fisher) "-- Keeble."
  • (Orlando Brown) "You know how doctors say, "This isn't gonna hurt a bit"? Well, I'm not a doctor, and neither is McGinty here."
  • (Noel Fisher) "He's right."
  • (Noel Fisher) "I'm not a doctor."
  • (Orlando Brown) "Yeeah."

Noel Fisher as Troy McGinty

  • (Noel Fisher) "I'm so scared."
  • (Zena Grey) "You should be. We're taking back our school."
  • (Josh Peck) "Yeah. No more being pushed around. No more being stepped on. No more Mr. Not-Nice-Guy."
  • (Slav #1) "Your reign of terror over the student body has come to an abrupt halt."
  • (Slav #1) "Yes, please."
  • (Noel Fisher) "I pound on kids. That's what I do, that's what I do. You know what they call me up there?"
  • (Noel Fisher) "The MacGoogler."
  • (Unnamed) "Troy, easy. Now, I'd like to take you through a childhood regression process. It may bring up some unpleasant memories -- but I think you'll find it helpful in the end. All righty?"
  • (Noel Fisher) "Mmm-hmm."
  • (Unnamed) "Now, give Mr. MacGoogles a hug."
  • (Noel Fisher) "Aah. Aah. He's gonna eat me."
  • (Unnamed) "We've got some work to do."

Josh Peck as Robe

  • (Unnamed) "Freak with Robe?"
  • (Josh Peck) "Help. Help. Let me out. let me out."
  • (Alex D. Linz) "Now, he's a little claustrophobic, so he might --"
  • (Alex D. Linz) "Hurl."
  • (Josh Peck) "What a waste of a perfectly good chili omelet --"
  • (Josh Peck) "Hey, can I try the soup?"

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