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Me and You and Everyone We Know Quotes

Me and You and Everyone We Know is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Me and You and Everyone We Know ended in 1970.

It features Gina Kwon as producer, Michael Andrews (musician) in charge of musical score, and Chuy Chavez as head of cinematography.

Me and You and Everyone We Know is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Me and You and Everyone We Know is 91 minutes long. Me and You and Everyone We Know is distributed by IFC Films.

The cast includes: Brandon Ratcliff as Robby, Miranda July as Christine Jesperson, John Hawkes as Richard Swersey, Brad William Henke as Andrew, Hector Elias as Michael, Carlie Westerman as Sylvie, Tracy Wright as Nancy, Natasha Slayton as Heather, Miles Thompson as Peter Swersey, and Najarra Townsend as Rebecca.

Me and You and Everyone We Know Quotes

Hector Elias as Michael

  • (Hector Elias) "So tell Ellen about the shoe guy. Did you go back to the store?"
  • (Miranda July) "Yeah. And turns out he's a killer of children."
  • (Miranda July) "So, oh well."
  • (Hector Elias) "I just wish I had met her 50 years sooner."
  • (Miranda July) "Yeah."
  • (Hector Elias) "But then maybe I needed 70 years of life to be ready for a woman like Ellen."
  • (Hector Elias) "Ellen broke up with me."
  • (Miranda July) "What? Why?"
  • (Hector Elias) "She thinks she's gonna die this week."
  • (Miranda July) "No. Out of everyone at Saint Tod, she is the least likely person to die."
  • (Hector Elias) "Well, she's usually right. She's been right about everyone else. I lived a whole life with a woman I didn't even really like. We traveled all over the world together. And Ellen and I never even left the grounds."
  • (Miranda July) "Well, actually I took you to the IMAX that one time."
  • (Hector Elias) "Yeah, but I wanted to take her to the Mayan ruins in Guatemala. She really wanted to see those."
  • (Miranda July) "Yeah, that just seems weird that she wouldn't want to be with you- you know, if; her time was coming."
  • (Hector Elias) "I've long since stopped trying to make people; do things they don't want to do."
  • (Miranda July) "But she's the love of your life. You're just gonna let her go?"
  • (Hector Elias) "No. She's just; Going."

Miranda July as Christine Jesperson

  • (Miranda July) "If you really love me, let's make a vow; right here, together -- right now."
  • (Miranda July) "Oh, God, the little girl is going to have to watch it."
  • (Hector Elias) "At least they know. At least we're all together in this."
  • (Miranda July) "Whoa, what happened?"
  • (John Hawkes) "You want the short version or the long one?"
  • (Miranda July) "The long one."
  • (John Hawkes) "I tried to save my life but it didn't work."
  • (Miranda July) "Wow. What's the short one?"
  • (John Hawkes) "I burned it."
  • (Miranda July) "Call me, if you ever feel too old to drive."
  • (Miranda July) "But she's the love of your life, You're just going to let her go?"
  • (Hector Elias) "No, she's just going --"
  • (Miranda July) "We have a whole life to live together you f***er, but it can't start until you call."
  • (Miranda July) "f***. f*** you. f*** me. f*** old people. f*** children. f*** peace. f*** peace --"
  • (Miranda July) "I mean, they kind of rub my ankles, but all shoes does that. I have low ankles."
  • (John Hawkes) "You think you deserve that pain, but you don't."
  • (Miranda July) "I don't think I deserve it."
  • (John Hawkes) "Well, not consciously maybe."
  • (Miranda July) "My ankles are just low --"
  • (John Hawkes) "People think that foot pain is a fact of life, but life is actually better than that."
  • (Hector Elias) "I'll say. You should get some. Your whole life could be better. Just starting right now."
  • (Miranda July) "If you really love me, then let's make a vow. Right here -- together -- right now. Ok ?; Ok --; All right, repeat after me -- I'm gonna be free.; I'm gonna be free.; And I'm gonna be brave --; I'm gonna be brave.; Good -- I'm gonna live each day as if it were my last.; Oh that's good --; You like that ?; Yeah --; Say it.; I'm gonna live each day as it were my last --; Fantastically --; Fantastically.; Courageously --; Courageously.; With grace --; With grace.; And in the dark of the night,and it does get dark, when I call a name --; When I call a name --; It' ll be your name -- What's your name ?"
  • (Miranda July) "Nevermind -- let's go -- say it.; Let's go --; Everywhere --; Everywhere --; Even though --; Even though --; We're scared --; We're scared --; Cause it's life --; It's life --; and it's happening, it's really really happening -- RIGHT NOW --"

John Hawkes as Richard Swersey

  • (John Hawkes) "We will never touch your foot with our hands. Now i'll tell you what I can do, I can press on the shoe to see if it fits. I can go like this."
  • (John Hawkes) "I don't want to have to do this living. I just walk around. I want to be swept off my feet, you know? I want my children to have magical powers. I am prepared for amazing things to happen. I can handle it."
  • (John Hawkes) "In some cultures, when you burn yourself, it's a ceremony. It's called self-immolation. My uncle used to do it all the time. It was a great trick. He'd put the stuff on it, light it, and it would just go out when he went like this."
  • (John Hawkes) "After I lit it, I suddenly remembered: It's alcohol that burns, but doesn't burn up. Lighter fluid just burns -- and then I thought, "It's okay. It's better this way.""
  • (John Hawkes) "You know some kids don't even have one home and now you get to have two. Think about that."
  • (John Hawkes) "When me and Pam were first in love, we hated to be apart even for an hour."
  • (Brad William Henke) "Oh yeah, I had something like that once. A real f***-athon."
  • (John Hawkes) "No, we just slept. We loved to sleep when it was time to sleep. Not sex- we had sex, but what we really loved was to sleep like babies all day long."
  • (Brad William Henke) "That sounds perfect."
  • (John Hawkes) "You think you deserve that pain but you don't."
  • (John Hawkes) "Yeah, the "Ice Land" sign is halfway. It's the halfway point."
  • (Miranda July) "Ice Land is; It's kind of like that point in a relationship, you know, where you suddenly realize it's not going to last forever. You know, you can see the end in sight. Tyrone Street."
  • (John Hawkes) "Yeah, but we're not even there yet. We're still at the good part. We're not even sick of each other yet."
  • (Miranda July) "I'm not sick of you at all."

Carlie Westerman as Sylvie

  • (Housewares Saleswoman) "I think everything's gonna be computerized in twenty years."
  • (Carlie Westerman) "Soup won't be computerized."
  • (Housewares Saleswoman) "Why not?"
  • (Carlie Westerman) "It's a liquid."
  • (Sylvie's Mom) "Kids are so adaptable."
  • (Carlie Westerman) "Am I adaptable?"
  • (Sylvie's Mom) "Yes."
  • (John Hawkes) "Yes, well, they have absolutely no control over their lives, so -- But if things were reversed; you know, like that movie Freaky Friday; you can be sure Pam and I would be sent to our rooms for all our Friday. Yes, they would give us a time-out and tell us we could not come out until we had really thought about what we had done."
  • (John Hawkes) "What have we done?"
  • (John Hawkes) "But -- there are no time-outs, there's not enough time for -- time-out."

Miles Thompson as Peter Swersey

  • (Miles Thompson) "So, do you have anything new in the chest? You know, the hope chest."
  • (Miles Thompson) "I'd live up there if I could, if there was no gravity"
  • (Carlie Westerman) "Yeah, but if you lived up there, all the stuff in my room would fall on you and crush you and you'd die"

Tracy Wright as Nancy

  • (Tracy Wright) "Macaroni."
  • (Tracy Wright) "Email wouldn't even exist if it weren't for AIDS."

Natasha Slayton as Heather

  • (Natasha Slayton) "Hey Peter, Peter Swersey. We're going to give you a -- Jimmy ha ha."
  • (Najarra Townsend) "Do you know what that is?"
  • (Miles Thompson) "Yeah."
  • (Natasha Slayton) "No you don't 'cause I just made it up."
  • (Natasha Slayton) "But this is better 'cause it won't matter if we mess up. And we'll be together."

Brad William Henke as Andrew

  • (Brad William Henke) "Dude, did you just give her the family discount?"
  • (John Hawkes) "Yeah. She's my neighbor, and I'm trying to work on my karma. Do you know what karma means?"
  • (Brad William Henke) "Yeah."
  • (John Hawkes) "It means that she owes me one."

Brandon Ratcliff as Robby

  • (Brandon Ratcliff) "Ask her if she likes baloney."
  • (Brandon Ratcliff) "Say, "You poop into my butt hole and I poop into your butt hole -- back and forth -- forever.""
  • (Brandon Ratcliff) "Mom says we have a chore wheel."
  • (John Hawkes) "What?"
  • (Miles Thompson) "Nothing."
  • (Brandon Ratcliff) "A chore wheel. You put chores on it and then you can spin it. There's this metal thing and it helps it to spin. It's spinning from the metal."

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