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Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Quotes

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence ended in 1970.

It features Jeremy Thomas as producer, Ryuichi Sakamoto in charge of musical score, and Toichiro Narushima as head of cinematography.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence is 123 minutes long. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence is distributed by Palace Pictures (UK).

The cast includes: Takeshi Kitano as Sgt. Gengo Hara, David Bowie as Maj. Jack 'Strafer' Celliers, Kan Mikami as Lt. Ito, and Jack Thompson as Group Capt. Hicksley.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Quotes

Takeshi Kitano as Sgt. Gengo Hara

  • (Takeshi Kitano) "Wake up, Lawrence."
  • (Colonel Lawrence) "What is it? Why so early, Sergeant Hara?"
  • (Takeshi Kitano) "Hurry up."
  • (Jack Thompson) "What does he want?"
  • (Colonel Lawrence) "I'll find out?"
  • (Takeshi Kitano) "What?"
  • (Jack Thompson) "You don't have to take orders from this man, you know, Lawrence."
  • (Colonel Lawrence) "Well, I'm the liaison officer, so I'm liaising."
  • (Takeshi Kitano) "What did he say?"
  • (Jack Thompson) "You're sure you know what you're doing, old man?"
  • (Colonel Lawrence) "Yes, and whatever this is, it's important to him that I see it."
  • (Colonel Lawrence) "Let's go, Sergeant."
  • (Takeshi Kitano) "You don't understand. Only Lawrence understands."
  • (Unnamed) "I'll keep an eye on them, sir."
  • (Jack Thompson) "Very good."
  • (Jack Thompson) "Bastards."
  • (Takeshi Kitano) "Today, I am Father Christmas."
  • (Takeshi Kitano) "Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence."

Jack Thompson as Group Capt. Hicksley

  • (Jack Thompson) "You know you don't have to obey this man, Lawrence."
  • (Colonel Lawrence) "Well, I'm the liaison officer, so I'm liaising."
  • (Jack Thompson) "What the hell's Gyo?"
  • (Colonel Lawrence) "Uh -- It's a Japanese word for laziness."
  • (Jack Thompson) "Laziness. Jesus Christ, what makes he --"
  • (Colonel Lawrence) "Why don't you listen? He means spiritual laziness, and he believes that if he takes away the food and the water, then he also takes away the nourishment of laziness."
  • (Jack Thompson) "You don't believe this bull s***."
  • (Colonel Lawrence) "I don't f***ing know. Sir, I will tell you something that may surprise you. If we'll do it, he'll do it."

David Bowie as Maj. Jack 'Strafer' Celliers

  • (David Bowie) "Good day for it, sir."
  • (David Bowie) "Yes -- You have family waiting for you, corporal?"
  • (David Bowie) "Wife and two kids, sir. One with and one without. How's about yourself, sir?"
  • (David Bowie) "Tea?"
  • (David Bowie) "Yes, I'd like that."
  • (David Bowie) "Well I've tried the Manju, and I've tried the flowers, and I think the flowers taste better."
  • (David Bowie) "Look, why don't I have a defense council? Excactly what kind of trial are you giving me? This whole thing's a bloody farce."
  • (President of the Court) "The previous comments are to be struck from the protocol."
  • (Colonel John Lawrence) "You should have joined the Foreign Legion, Jack. It would have been an easier life."
  • (David Bowie) "That's the last thing I want."
  • (Colonel John Lawrence) "Ah, here comes the milkman now."
  • (David Bowie) "Two pints?"
  • (Colonel John Lawrence) "Shouldn't we order an extra one? It's Christmas, remember?"
  • (David Bowie) "Heavens, Christmas already. Well, it was lovely chatting but I really must fly."
  • (Colonel John Lawrence) "It's not you. They've come for me."
  • (David Bowie) "How is it John you're always wrong?"
  • (David Bowie) "Lawrence -- We're going walkies."
  • (Colonel John Lawrence) "Jack --"
  • (David Bowie) "Now listen, we're getting out of here. You're going over my shoulder."
  • (Colonel John Lawrence) "We can't, Jack. The tube line doesn't come out this far."
  • (David Bowie) "It's okay. Everything's all right. Captain Yonoi gave me a Persian rug."

Kan Mikami as Lt. Ito

  • (Kan Mikami) "Can you guess what I'm thinking?"
  • (David Bowie) "Yes, I think so. Can you?"

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