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Miami Blues Quotes

Miami Blues is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Miami Blues ended in 1970.

It features Fred Ward as producer, and Gary Chang in charge of musical score.

Miami Blues is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Miami Blues is 97 minutes long. Miami Blues is distributed by Orion Pictures.

The cast includes: Nora Dunn as Ellita Sanchez, Alec Baldwin as Frederick J. Frenger Jr., and Jennifer Jason Leigh as Susie Waggoner.

Miami Blues Quotes

Jennifer Jason Leigh as Susie Waggoner

  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "-- And you save your money -- and buy a nice little house, with a white picket fence, and live happily ever after."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Tell you what. Let's go straight to the "happily ever after" part, OK?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "So -- are you gonna tell me about it?"
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Yeah, I'm gonna tell you about it. This straight life we've been living gave me a false sense of security. For a second I thought I was some kind of solid citizen or something."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "All I wanna know is what happened to you."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Some guy in a blue Toyota pickup ran me over."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I thought it must've been something like that --"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. He always ate everything I ever gave him and he never hit me."
  • (Edna Damrosch) "I nursed my husband for three years before he died. But you're not gonna die."
  • (Edna Damrosch) "Here, drink this."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "It's gin, Junior."
  • (Edna Damrosch) "Drink it. Now you move and you're a blind man."
  • (Edna Damrosch) "Scissors."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "You're doing real good, Junior. I think I'm gonna lie down a little bit."
  • (Edna Damrosch) "There you go."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Your husband must've been glad to die --"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Thanks --"
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Yeah you got a real nice touch there lady."

Nora Dunn as Ellita Sanchez

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Alec Baldwin as Frederick J. Frenger Jr.

  • (Krishna Ravindra) "My name's Ravindra. What's yours?"
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Trouble."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Everything's turning -- all orange -- and silver."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Where IS the whipping cream?"
  • (Convenience Store Clerk) "We're out."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Do you know any married people today? They're a team. They pull together and they get rich. They got it all."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "I wrote two, heh."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Well, maybe I get extra credit."
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "Hey. Where did you get these?"
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Dumb question. Are you a nosy rosy?"
  • (Alec Baldwin) "What the hell was that man?"
  • (Jennifer Jason Leigh) "The doorbell. Talking about dumb questions."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Susie's gonna get you, Sarge."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "The first thing they shoulda told you at your hooker classes is that you shouldn't ask the client so many f***ing personal questions."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Now I'll tell you what. I want you to sew my eyebrow back on."

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