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Miracle Mile (film) Quotes

Miracle Mile (film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Miracle Mile completed its run in 1970.

It features John Daly as producer, Tangerine Dream in charge of musical score, and Theo van de Sande as head of cinematography.

Miracle Mile (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Miracle Mile (film) is 87 minutes long. Miracle Mile (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Mare Winningham as Julie Peters, Anthony Edwards as Harry Washello, Alan Rosenberg as Mike, Denise Crosby as Landa, Edward Bunker as Nightwatchman, Mykelti Williamson as Wilson, Lou Hancock as Lucy Peters, Kurt Fuller as Gerstead, Kelly Jo Minter as Charlotta, Raphael Sbarge as Chip, Diane Delano as Stewardess, Claude Earl Jones as Harlan, Jenette Goldstein as Beverly Hills Chick #1, and Jenette Goldstein as Beverly Hills Chick #2.

Miracle Mile (film) Quotes

Denise Crosby as Landa

  • (Denise Crosby) "Mike, I want you and Susie to make a list for me. People who we might want to bring along. Scientists, leaders, great minds. I want it in five minutes, okay?"
  • (Denise Crosby) "You must know some pilots, any charter lines?"
  • (Diane Delano) "Well actually, it's my sister's outfit."
  • (Fred the Cook) "Landa, you said we had to strike FIRST if it ever came down to it, remember you told me that? Do you remember?"
  • (Denise Crosby) "I remember, Fred."
  • (Fred the Cook) "Preemptive first strike."
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "s***."
  • (Waitress) "They have to evacuate us first, don't they?"
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "You tell me where to. When was the last time they told you what to do incase. There's no plan."
  • (Denise Crosby) "Mr. Sagan? Yes, I understand, I do apologize, but what I'm about to tell you is something quite horrific."
  • (Denise Crosby) "Tell her to break into the ski shop in Culver City, tell them to get all the down clothing he can. Down. Down. Yeah, like a duck, the super warm stuff, you know, all he can get."

Anthony Edwards as Harry Washello

  • (Anthony Edwards) "I was just wondering if you know if anyone here had a son named Chip."
  • (Diane Delano) "I had an uncle named Chett."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Hello what are the latest on the evacuation plans?"
  • (Unnamed) "Please identify yourself."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "This is Mr. Peters with the Atomic Energy Commission."
  • (Unnamed) "What?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "We have a Code Arthur situation, haven't you been informed?"
  • (Unnamed) "We have nothing at all in the headquarters, sir. What's the source of your information?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "They don't know yet."
  • (Mykelti Williamson) "Is that what it is? A meltdown?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Yeah, it is."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Hey. Hey, do you know anybody who can fly a --"
  • (Claude Earl Jones) "f*** you."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "I know how this sounds, but I answered the phone out there and the guy on the other end he was very, very frantic. He thought I was his dad fro a minute, I think he just had the wrong area code."
  • (Fred the Cook) "Yeah, so what?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "So he was calling from a missile silo. He said that they were locked in, 50 minutes and counting, to shoot off their nuclear wad. We would be getting it back in an hour and 10. I mean he meant that we're at war. Nuclear war."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Does she always sleep this deep?"
  • (Lou Hancock) "She took a Valium."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Okay, well I answered the phone because it was ringing, and the guy he just started yelling, 'Dad. Dad. It's happening. The Big One. We're locked in. Thor Arthur 66DDZ.'"
  • (Denise Crosby) "Wait a minute. Say that last part again."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "It's Thor, Arthur, 66DDZ. And then he started going on 'Oh my God. We shoot off our wad in 50 minutes, you're gonna get it back in an hour and ten.' And then I said something, and he realized I wasn't his dad. And so I asked him if it was a prank, and he went 'A prank? Oh God, a prank?' He was just trying to call his dad in Orange County. And then he said 'They see me on the monitor', and someone came in, and he started going 'yes sir, no sir', and they shot him. I heard gunshots, and then someone else got on the line and I said 'hey hey hey, is this a joke?', and all he said was 'Forget everything you've just heard, and go back to sleep'."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Who is this?"
  • (Raphael Sbarge) "Oh. Where's my dad? Go get my dad."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Your dad? T-t-there's nobody here. W-w-where is he supposed to be?"
  • (Raphael Sbarge) "How the hell would I know? You're in Orange County and I'm in North Dakota."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Hey, is this is some kind of a prank or something?"
  • (Raphael Sbarge) "A prank? A prank? Oh, God. Is this 254-9411?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, it is. But listen; it's just a phone booth. I-I-it's a phone booth in a coffee shop. I heard it ringing --"
  • (Raphael Sbarge) "Isn't this 714? Did I dial 213? s***."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Can anybody here fly a helicopter? Listen, it's an emergency, it's for a heart transplant. Can anybody fly a helicopter?"
  • (Power Lifter) "Hey, I can."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "You can fly a chopper?"
  • (Power Lifter) "Bell jets, Hueys, pretty rusty at comeback though, I'll need bucks."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Whatever you want, okay? But we gotta go now, it's not really for a transplant, alright? We'll all be dead if we don't get out of here, it's a matter of minutes."
  • (Power Lifter) "What's the problem?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Toxic fire, cyanide, the wind's starting to blow in this direction, a lot of people are going to die, we gotta go now."
  • (Power Lifter) "If s*** like that's coming down, I gotta bring somebody, okay?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Oh hey man, there's no time."
  • (Power Lifter) "Then shoot me."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Alright, go ahead, go, hurry."
  • (Power Lifter) "Leslie. Come on. We're going."
  • (Leslie) "What the hell's going on?"
  • (Power Lifter) "Any problem?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "No, no there's no problem."

Mare Winningham as Julie Peters

  • (Mare Winningham) "People are gonna help each other, aren't they? Rebuilding things?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "I think it's the insects's turn."
  • (Mare Winningham) "Third date, Harry, I'm gonna screw your eyes blue."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Yup. Just your basic old-fashioned girl."
  • (Mare Winningham) "Do you know what they're talking about, Harry? Do you? You and that kid didn't shoot somebody, did you?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "They were blinded, they just pulled their own trigger and then blew themselves up."
  • (Mare Winningham) "Hell, I'll write an article about all this for "Esquire." Someone'll probably make a TV movie out of it."

Mykelti Williamson as Wilson

  • (Mykelti Williamson) "What's the hurry, Harry?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "I gotta catch a plane."
  • (Mykelti Williamson) "The airport's the other way."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "I forgot something."

Kurt Fuller as Gerstead

  • (Kurt Fuller) "Pal, it's after four in the morning. All of the helicopter pilot bars are closed."

Alan Rosenberg as Mike

  • (Alan Rosenberg) "Where do you go so the radiation won't get us?"
  • (Waitress) "What about Mexico? Or Hawaii. Let's go to Hawaii."
  • (Denise Crosby) "No tropics."
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "Ocean clouds, rain, forget it. Got to be a desert, right? Like the Sahara or the Gobi, f*** the Gobi."
  • (Denise Crosby) "We're going to Antarctica if it's true."
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "Wait a minute, you said desert."
  • (Denise Crosby) "There's a valley there with zero rainfall, plenty of fresh water in the snow for generations if need be."
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "That Thor Arthur thing meant something to you, I know it did. Is that the code for it?"
  • (Denise Crosby) "It's possible."
  • (Claude Earl Jones) "How the hell would you know, lady?"
  • (Denise Crosby) "Because I used to date a guy who worked at the RAND Corporation. I've been trying to reach a few of our friends who could tell me if the unthinkable is being thought about in D.C. At this very moment, 4 out of 5 of them are in transit to the extreme Southern Hemisphere. I find that more than just very curious."
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "So what do we do?"
  • (Denise Crosby) "We have less than 46 minutes until we'll know, and then everyone will. I'd like a head start. The streets will be jammed. I'm ready to make a commitment to getting to the airport as fast as possible, flying out from there."
  • (Waitress) "What about Pat Riley?"
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "Pat Riley? Come on."
  • (Waitress) "She's a leader. My cousin knows --"
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "J-just write down what I say, okay? We're talking Mensa."
  • (Waitress) "Mensa."
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "That's not a person, that's an organization. People like Linus Pauling. Write this down. Jane and Tom. And Harry Belafonte."
  • (Waitress) "Ah, what about Joyce Brothers? She's smart."
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "f*** Joyce Brothers. Danny Berrigan, and his brother. Bobby Seale. Dick Gregory."
  • (Waitress) "You have these people's phone numbers?"
  • (Waitress) "Why would we be at war? There's no big crisis anywhere."
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "Not that we know about. There's never a good enough reason why."

Edward Bunker as Nightwatchman

  • (Edward Bunker) "I don't pump gas. You're gonna have to pump that yourself."
  • (Mykelti Williamson) "Y'all got the guns."

Jenette Goldstein as Beverly Hills Chick #2

  • (Jenette Goldstein) "Vitamins, Landa said lots of vitamins, penicillin -- condoms? s***, we don't need these, we have to repopulate a whole planet."
  • (Jenette Goldstein) "You could repopulate a whole planet."

Lou Hancock as Lucy Peters

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Kelly Jo Minter as Charlotta

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Diane Delano as Stewardess

  • (Diane Delano) "I hope this isn't happening, I've had real awful dreams about atom bombs."

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